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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

We Need A Little Sunshine

I sat down to write my daughter a letter. It was a case of misinterpreting body language. Mothers and teenage daughters always seem to find conflict where there is none. But I thought about that a little more, how we interpret what someone writes with out physically seeing an action and a reaction. My children always felt that they could pick up on my mood easily by looking at my facial reaction. Sometimes I felt they were far from the truth and other times I wonder if I was reacting to a situation without actually realizing it. Kind of like the statement  "we'll see." Nine out of ten times "we'll see" means no or at least that you are weighing heavily in that direction. 
When I first began to write years ago, it was an outlet and escape and a form of expression of love. It was in all truth the voice of my heart that spoke through my words. So as I sat down to day to hopefully guide her, to teach her that her action will cause a reaction and her choices will be life long. I wanted her to know one thing that I love her and I always will no matter what path she chooses. Childhood is the shortest period of our lives and yet leaves the most drastic lessons that last a lifetime. Childhood creates a foundation in which all the elements of emotion rise and to which we turn to often throughout our adult life.

We need a little sunshine,
we need a little rain,
we need a little loving
to get us through the day.

We need a little laughter,
we need to compromise,
we need those little dreams
to escape with the mind.

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