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Monday, July 01, 2013

Ya Gotta Hate Those Fairy tales...No Castle , No King!

My daughter was watching an old Marilyn Monroe Movie. After the movie ended she said" I just don't get it!" Times have changed since the late fifties and early sixties and yet movies and fairytales are still told of the prince and princess who live happily after. Does happily ever after even exist? I would think not because the mind has the ability to complicate even the simplest of moments and upon second thought with the right person maybe happily ever can be forever.
 We all have goals that we wish to attain both personally and professionally, if by attaining those goals would we than achieve happiness?   Personally the greatest accomplishment is to love and be loved and professionally it would be to reach a financial comfort zone.

My sweet love the day has just begun
and soon the moon shall rule the sky
and all would be so meaningless if
it were not for the love of  you and I.

The morning comes with sunshine
and the afternoon a sky of gray,
reminders of what we have and
how quickly it can pass away.

The stroll along the shoreline,
feeding ducks  each day,
while holding hands forever
brings happiness our way.

Run Rabbit Run

Fear not rabbit
though the fox
has you on the
run, around and
around circles
the day will
soon be done.

The sun will soon
set, the stars will
take to the sky
and you will
rest another
night till you
run rabbit run

If I had the strength at this very moment I would...

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