Pictorial Prose

Pictorial Prose
Indulging my most lucid daydreams

Monday, March 29, 2010

I'm Lost in the Moment,Caught up in the Dream

Each morning I watch as the sun comes up over the hills and I celebrate in the beauty of life and all that it reveals. I see it in the magic of love, the joy of the moment and the tomorrows that await us. In a mere glimpse of the still leaveless trees, I view a day in the making, the faith that assures me that which is meant to be, will be. Call it passion or the spirit now set free, but as I watch the sunrise, I view your love and the joy it brings to me. I feel the love inside and the love returned ten fold and in the most auspicous ways, I feel the promise of love that has a hold.

Each morning I watch as the sun comes up over the hills and I celebrate in the beauty of life and all that it reveals. The fern which stood green through the hardest winter storms, a reminder of our strength which is at the center of our core. We're the stream, the mountains and the blue of the sky and there is simply no doubt that we are all of heart, soul and mind. Mesmerized by the light and all that I now can see, as the golden flinches flutter at a mere foot from me.

Each morning I watch as the sun comes up over the hills and I celebrate in the beauty of life and all that it reveals. There is always the obvious that anyone can see, but if you take a second look you'll see what you mean to me. You're the flower in bloom a gift uncompared, you're the laugther of the mornning, the joy in my heart that beats so and if you take another look your rain, sun and snow.

Take my hand and hold on tight.
walk with me both day and night,
on a journey that time holds the key.
We can take those silly mountains
and each grain make it disappear,
like a fish who swims the ocean,
we can make it if we dare.

I couldn't wait till night fall, till the moon was shining bright, to lay my head upon the pillow and visualize you by myside. The obvious had happened and the night declared it so, that with you I am stronger, as our love just grows and grows. The reality is simple, the twine of heart and soul, placed you in my arms, in the most delicate of hold. My senses all gathered and I imagined how it would be, to taste the sweetness of your lips and a embrace beyond the dreams. I couldn't wait till night fall, till the moon was shining bright, to lay my head upon the pillow and visualize you by myside.

Sings>I'm lost in the moment,
caught up in the dream,
living with your memory.

In your arms I rest,
in your heart each night,
leaving behind the kiss
of sweet delight.

I' m lost in the moment,
caught up in the dream,
living with your memory.

The rain is falling and
comforting so, each
drop in the wind a
note blows.

I'm lost in the moment,
caught up in the dream,
living with your memory.

Distance is no long there,
when you awake you'll
find I've alway been here.

I'm lost in the moment,
caught up in the dream,
living with your memory.

Feel the tenderness of
embrace, your heart to
mine in our own place.

I'm lost in the moment,
caught up in the dream,
living with your memory.
Love...I believe love is the only alternative to the sorrows which are deeply engrained in our experiences. For love has the ability to cleanse the spirit, comfort the heart and soothe the soul.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Good Morning Sunshine!

Happiness comes with finding your place in the world
via the doorway of the heart.
I rejoice for success is in the ability
to identify love, explore it and
share it in all that we do.
I am who I have always been...

Hold me, Thrill me, Kiss me

I LOVE YOU! I am in love with Love!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Magic of Love

When you begin to search out your own identity and feel the power of your own spirit are you than able to share in the magic of love. Walk with me on the journey, where we travel from near and far and pleasure the gifts of life both in the sun lit mornings and under the midnight stars. Something deep inside me believes this all to be true, I know that I have found, found the magic of love in you.

Behind These Eyes

The eyes! they have often been referred to as " the window to the soul or the mirror of the soul." There are even those who dedicate themselves to the study and practice of reading the iris. I do believe the eyes can reveal personality as they exude excitement, sadness, fear, comfort and much more. Can we identify our soul mate simply by gazing into each others eyes? Not sure about the possibility of a soul mate but the obvious can be read through the fire of the eye. There are many things that surface when we find ourselves attracted to another person, the happiness and the warmth as well a sense of essence that excites and unites one soul to another. The affirmation is form of approval that what you feel is indeed what you see.
Most people view the outer being and rarely get a glimpse of the heart and soul or to summarize it the spiritual being. In all reality when we stand on a plateau of faith and trust we have already found the common ground in which strengthens our friendship. Love is basically the will to please and the need to be pleased. How simple the actions that are easily overlooked, but crucial in the necessary bonding of souls. I always believed if you have to think about your actions it can't possible be love, for love in its most beautiful and natural form is easily shared and reveals it self through the actions of the soul and the openess of the heart. My eyes speak the truth that my heart holds so dear.

What is behind the eyes?
My hopes and dreams,
the faith in all you bring,
the love in which we share,
the knowing that you care.

You'll see the magic as it
happens, the tomorrows
not just another day, the fire
you ignited and the happiness
that with you is here to stay.

The peace and contentment,
the desire to hold your hand,
the journey that is in store
and a world of love where
you and I command.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I shall sing a lullaby

That which flows from the heart to embrace the
soul leads us through the gates of truth.
I have gained knowledge through experience,
and strength through the will of the heart.
Character is like radiaton,
it accumulates and strengthens along the journey.

If you dare to look inside my heart you will surely see the gift of love blooming like the first flowers in spring. The more I think about it, the more wonderful life can be, as the warmth between us equals the passion of eternity. When all is said and done and our life but a memory, the world will know the truth, our love the magic that makes the heavens sing. You are my everything, all that matters to me, you're the dreams of my tomorrow, my hearts priority. If you dare to look inside my heart you will surely see, our souls merged together to create the most powerful source of energy.
I live to share the dreams of the heart
and embrace the magic of life.

Sings>I shall sing a lullaby,
words of sweet to rest your mind.
From my heart I select for you,
the smiles and dreams of heavens blue.

I shall sing a lullaby,
words of sweet to rest your mind.
Arms open, gentle and wide
so you may rest here by my side.

I shall sing a lullaby,
words of sweet to rest your mind.
Feel the comfort of embrace and
know that you my love are safe.

I shall sing a lullaby,
words of sweet to rest your mind.
I will lull you to sleep and with
faith in the night we''ll live the dreams.

I shall sing a lullaby,
words of sweet to rest your mind.
Tender and with utmost grace,
my love in you I'll place.

I shall sing a lullaby,
words of sweet to rest your mind.
Each moment a treasure full,
with richest beyond our earthly hold.

I shall sing a lullaby,
words of sweet to rest your mind.
Imagine all we can do and close
your eyes as it all comes true.
He who follows the path through the heart,
questions neither the journey nor the destination.
I once thought that to journey successfully one would need a plan, not of conjecture or theory, but a written text of evidence based on a realistic outcome. I have come to realize that the path was created well before our birth and the correct course can change momentarily. It would be safe to say life is most effective when you allow yourself to react spontaneously to every turn in a bend and each struggle over the hills. It is up to the soul to redirect and the heart to follow.
I am what I have always been a spirit in the wind...
We are responsible for our own journey,
it is up to each of us to open our hearts
to live, love and share in the dreams.
To love is to share the heart, to be loved is to see the reflection
of your own heart within your lovers soul.
With each experience my love grows stronger...is that possible?

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Beat of Your Heart

Sings> I find myself both morning and night, lying here dreaming of holding you tight. Like a curtain that opens wide, the moon and stars rule the sky. I know the stars shining bright are blanketing over you and I tonight. Cradled under blue skies, the moment is perfect in my eyes.

Sings in a whisper> In the night when Oh! so dark, all I hear is the beat of your heart. Something happens I can't explain, the call of love drives me totally insane.

In the night when Oh! so dark, all I hear is the beat of your heart. Your lips of sweet a taste divine, in my dreams it's like honey in brine.

In the night when Oh! so dark, all I hear is the beat of your heart. Reaching out I feel you here, my angel, my love, my darling dear.

In the night when Oh! so dark, all I hear is the beat of your heart. Captured by surprise, the feeling of love ya just can't deny.

In the night when Oh! Oh! so dark, all I hear, all I hear is the beat of your hearttt. Something happens I can't explain, the call of love drives totally insane.

The inscription on my heart clearly reads, "dedicated to you my darling who challenges all my dreams." The words were written and all can see, the reflection of your love as it shines through me. Love has surfaced and its wonderful to see, it brought laughter to the mornings and holds me each night peacefully. The inscription on my heart clearly reads, " dedicated to you my darling who challenges all my dreams."

Monday, March 22, 2010

Sprig of Willow

Whispering Soul

I love the feel of soft cotton gentle against my skin
reminds me how gently I was touched from within.
Listen with your heart, watch out and you will surely see, love is the answer to all our dreams. I heard the music playing, the song for you and I and when I opened my heart I found you were there inside. Yearning to hold you, to feel your hand in mine and walk through life under blue skies. Listen with your, watch out and you will surely see, love is the answer to all our dreams.
My heart is an agreement, it recognized the smiles,
it led me to you from across the miles.
What are tears made of? Tears are the emotion love creates, generated by the heart to flood the gates. Filled with happiness and joy and occasionally sorrow is suddenly employed. The passion flows from the soul, where the dreams take a hold. The memories both warm and cold are like a river of new and old. Tears are made of blue skies and gray and they are able to wash the pain away.
The dreams are necessary to take flight,
empowered by the soul they give the heart sight.
You don't need a trained eye to see beyond the mountains high,
the view is best seen if first you believe. From the heart you''ll find,
that love leaves little signs of all my love for you.
I feel the energy as it empowers my soul
and shares the beauty of your heartfelt hold.
You are the magic that only life can bring,
you are the sunshine, you are my everything.
Faith... the gift of love bestowed upon the soul as it guides it blindly to your arms.
Take my hand and hold it tight,
my love is yours each and every night.
Allow it to freely flow and to bring you
happiness as our friendship grows.

An Everlasting Bloom


I give to you a rainbow from the heavens high, so that I can slide down each morning to be there by your side. I give to you the sunshine, the rays warm and bright as an early reminder that you are always on my mind. I give to you the wind to brush up against your cheek and leave behind my kisses and hugs as a daily treat. I give to you my dreams to hold in your heart, so when you take my hand we'll journey near and far. I give to you a rainbow from the heavens high, so that I can slide down each morning to be there by your side.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Exploring the magic of love

The weather today is absolutely extraordinary. Early spring? Or a bit of mother natures deception. Daffodils absorbing the light are already approximately eight inches above the ground and where there is still snow a crocus shares its early bloom. I couldn't help but feel the awakening like the various gardens as they show new signs of life.
As we do yard work cleaning and burning the trees and branches that have fallen, I am reminded of the storms and the struggles through each one. All storms are not the kind that weather brings, what is the reward for such a sacrifice? Children aren't likely to give parents compliments or a thank you often. It wasn't like I was really listening in on a conversation but it was really difficult not to hear the discussion. My son was speaking to his girlfriend, talking about her parents and how they are so prim and proper and than this is the part that makes all the years of parenting worth it. He said " my mom is crazy, far from prim and proper, she laughs, she is silly and that is why I love her so much. " There have been a lot of issues, many struggles and still I have a good bit to work through, but nothing can be more rewarding or wonderful as to know that you are appreciated and loved in such away.
The storms of life, I have never been really sure why we journey as we do, though I do believe everything that happens surely was meant to be a lesson on the path to self discovery. When I think of all that I have done and all that still remains, I am not as overwhelmed simply knowing that I have had richest beyond any amount of silver and gold. The ability to experience the gifts and appreciate them is worth the long haul. If today I was summoned and my time on earth was complete, I know that I have succeeded in away that cannot be humanly possible to measure.
Its been repeatedly said that " Life is short" as I look back and than forward I come to some peaceful agreement with my soul that all that happened was simply knocks at the door. I knocked and many stepped forward and opened the door.
The blessing is not in looking back but looking forward, each day brings with it new gifts, treasures of love and life. I sit here in celebration of spring, of a new day and the tomorrows that await. When two people come together morally and in a loving direction, only positive can surface and only goodness shall lead. I don't worry what tomorrow brings, I know the day has been sanctioned and happiness curtails any negatively allowing like a beautiful sun filled day the warmth of love to fill the heart.

Spinning around in circles,
gazing at the blue of the sky,
in awe of the moment,
I know you are by my side.

Speaking the truth, revealing
what love has to say,
traveling on a journey,
we're charting our own way.

Honesty takes the lead and
encompasses all we do, the
accomplishments are many
and the rewards more then a few.

Our abilities once sheltered,
shine likes stars above,
granting us an advantage,
the journey one to one.

Experience the treasure,
the lessons of life apply
and our inner strength
reflects loves great design.

The source of the diversion,
the sun shining bright and
the secrets that are exposed,
through heart, soul and mind.

Mastering the moment, the day
we now control, as your memory
is a blessing for which I give
my deepest gratitude.

I see no performance, no puppet
on display for it is the want of you
that teases in the most outrageous

I yearn to give you pleasure, to see
the smile upon your face, the
satisfaction quite soothing in
the dreams that love parades.

Confident that happiness is
truly our greatest reward for
you my love are with me, the
one whom I adore.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


It is amazing how you can close your eyes and fill the darkness with the beauty of your love, sense the magic of your spirit and feel the warmth of your passion and desire. The night no longer has the power to distance as we have broken the barriers of time and space to allow our souls to entwine in a bond that strengthens with each moment. Good Night My Love!


Hold me in your arms baby, squeeze me oh so tight, baby. I love you so much.

Monday, March 15, 2010

No Greater Love

It was Longfellow who said that" into each life a little rain will fall". I listened as the rain was steadily falling down, each drop that hit the window made a comforting sound. No sadness, nor tears, no chill in the rain, for you my love placed on my heart a warm and loving claim. I kept my eyes closed and all that I could see, was sunhine off the moutains and below a field of dreams.

We are touched from deep inside in ways that truly blow the mind. As times goes on and life reveals, all that is love curtailed. Intricate a silken weave which entwines your soul to me. Time goes on and this I know that true love continues to grow.

In reality I reached out my hand,
to find you were reaching back.
Opened my heart to feel your heart
cradled peacefully within.
I dared to love to find that love
returned in the most amazing way.
In the dream truth responded to
my wishes and in your arms tongiht I lay.
In reality I reached out my hand,
to find our journey follows plan.
No greater love than that whichs hold me in the night
and through the morning brings such delight.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

My Undying Love

You are my love...

You opened the door and I walked on in, you took my hand and held it while my heart set to spin. Like a child I wait anxiously to share a day with you, to make our dreams for once come true. You believe that all is meant to be, our souls didn't cross the mountains, to turn around and retreat. You opened the door and I walked on in and this is where our story begins.

You gave to me the most amazing smile, I wear it every day and at night it shines like a meteor shower. It's impossible to contain your love in me, like the sunshine it glows for everyone to see.

Happiness is the sharing of love,
the wanting to please, the magic
of life which led you to me.

It is the warmth of spirit,
the visions that dare to
cast you my love and in
the dreams that we share.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Butterfly kiss

The Imagery of Love
So vivid the notion,
passionate the desire,
to lock in a tender kiss,
the moment empower.
Pleasant the imagery,
a dream quickly set a fire,
a bond of the souls and
harmony inspired.
Generated excitement,
unexpected calm,
mystical infusion
locked in your arms.

Apple Blossom

I am the depth of your thoughts, the dreams that have yet to occur and when you listen to the wind to see what it has in store, you'll hear the trashing about of branches bracing in a storm. Know that no matter what happens, as times takes a hold ,our love rushes like an ocean as kisses the shore. Exciting and a bit magical, wonderful as can be, it doesn't just embrace the good times, it's there in the dark of night and in your morning dreams.

Sing, heart, sing,
Erase those skies of gray,
and with the love inside you,
utter the sweet joy of spring.

Melody of happiness,
joyously acclaim the love ,
and declare the bonding,
which makes sunshine out of rain.

Sing, heart, sing,
allow everyone to hear,
that something special happened,
when our love first appeared.


Oh the pleasure, so wonderful, so filled with delight,

the magic of our love which nothing can divide.

Like dew in the morning upon the petals lay,

appears without warning each and everyday.

I treasure so the images that embrace the mind,

a journey over mountains that ends the rule of time.


Wondrous the story, the words a meticulous braid, one by one they twine and the work of art is laid. I really can't explain it, though I'll give my best a try, barter with the heart and soul to whisper to the mind. Our paths were redirected, a collision some will say and the story of love came to life that day. I saw it every morning when my eyes first opened wide, the visions repainted the hills and gave the blue to the sky. Something was happening, I felt it deep inside, it took my heart and held it and it caught me by surprise. It had nothing to do with yesterday, no tomorrows were in the script, the love that founds its way on in was a treasure whose gems can't be missed. I found the love so amazing that in my heart I placed and I held it there for safe keeping for eternity plus a day. Unconditional acceptance, beauty in his eyes, for I the queen of hearts and he the king of all time. I wanted nothing spectacular, simplicity the game, just to make him happy and all the sorrow fades. Music took to playing, morning, noon and night and the melody was stroking gingerly the soul with such delight. Breath taking each moment, capturing every smile and the bond of hearts that broke down the barriers crossed the many miles. The seasons traced by memory and to this very day, I can look into a rose and the petals reveal what the soul has to say. Life is unpredictable, we know not if rain or snow, but when the sun comes shining down it gives magic to the day. Valuable the lessons, the impression has yet to fade, a quick reminder that love is here to stay. It embraces reality and through my veins it flows, flushing out the chill and allowing peace a field to grow. No one can take away nor break the spell of time, that redirected our path and collided your heart with mine.

I want to feel your kisses,to love you each and everyday.and to hold your hand in whatever comes our way.

Step on in and you will see how life responds to the dreams. The soul felt it, the heart knew and like a flower the love just grew. I beg you to listen, it must be real, the way my heart and soul feel. Step on in and you will see how life responds to the dreams.

Each moment is eternal,
for in my heart I hold,
so precious a love, the
tenderness continuously

It gives life to the seasons,
happiness to the day, the
love we share, makes all
the sadness fade.

Each moment is eternal,
for in my heart I hold,
so precious a love, the
tenderness continuously

Butterfly Kiss

If I could travel like the butterfly and soar the mountains high, I'd land within your arms far
beyond the fantasy of the mind. To the wind I'd whisper, the sun I'd shout your name and when the day is ended and the stars take to the sky, butterfly kisses will remain in your heart for all of time.


Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Springs Arrrival

Respect for nature is as crucial to our well being as
our enjoyment. Mother nature's gifts toy with the
extremes for her wrath is furious and
her love empowering.

Observe the moment, view the heart,
the words of love, darkness departs.
I had not searched the earth to find nor did I seek your heart the brine. To infuse sweet love and overflow with happiness in heavens mode. To please you and make you smile, to embrace love all the while. I had not searched the earth to find, nor did I seek your heart the brine. But there you are and here am I and in time the truth will stand in pride. Approve the moment, pleasure the day, our love for life is here to stay.

The simplicity of life is as simple as our needs to survive, as we seek to fill the hunger and allow love in our hearts.It is not through self-gratification that we find happiness but through the sharing of our souls. It is more important in how we give love, not how or where it is returned. The truth of our reality will lead us down the path of happiness.

I spent the last few days starting my herbs from seed. I added a few floral like the fragrant Acacia shrubs and the passionate Jasmine to my traditional lavender,etc. Even though I grew up as a child in the city, gardening was always a part of my life. My grandmother had a big backyard which was filled with the most beautiful flowers and some that were a bit more heirloom such as the lilac and Ruta bushes. It was a tradition every spring to cut lilac and place a vase of them in the bedrooms, to open the windows and allow springs introduction into the stale rooms of winter.
March has always been a fickle month, we are never sure if we are going to receive more winter like weather, high winds or a preview of the upcoming months. Though the long days with the light make us aware that no matter what the weather decided to do, spring will arrive.
I have always had a sense of peace gardening, you can't lie to plants, if you don't water them, balance the heat and light, you will not succeed in either germinating or nourishing the plants to their full growth. I like to think the plants know me as well as I know them. You don't have to speak or perform because there is an unconditional acceptance, of course to culture the plants, they need us as much from us I believe we receive from the plants.
I find the end of the season and the start of a new one to be a bit troubling. It reminds me of life where a goodbye is never as pleasant as a hello. It's the ironic March 21st that plays on my mind, I think to my self, what did I overlook or not recognize at all. Can you imagine if you could take each person and turn them inside out and see all their thoughts, the truth of their actions and the reality of their being. How different might the outer shell appear? It's been said that " mans worst enemy is man" he can complicate a moment with a thought, one emotion and a action or the lack of one.
Gazing out the window, mesmerized as if I were caught in the spell of the sun and the blue of the sky as they embrace the heavy snow that still blankets the hills. Nature is rather amazing in the lessons she shares about life, she teaches patience, endurance, tolerance and a sheds bit of insight to our vulnerabilities. We know the sorrow that comes from the storms of life and the faith in tomorrow provides us a view of the many gifts bestowed upon us. This is love, pure and absolute, unconditional without the restraint of limitation.
I woke early to watch as the sun took it's place in the northern sky. Grateful for the break in the weather and a glimpse of what spring will entail. I lay there as I remember sharing that " silence indeed begins to chatter" It is amazing how quickly the mind can scan the years and surface in the now, almost on a united front. I am not sure what mellows, the heart, soul or the inner ability of the mind to bring at best a blanket of comfort to the moment.

I like the sun it's warmth against my cheek, the miracle of a season that allows the soul to breathe. I like the birds in a colorful array, golden finches, the cardinals in red and the blue bird who' s early return is not something anyone would dread. I like the memories, especially the ones so sweet that allow me to feel as I was living in a dream. I like the happiness that exudes from the soul, at the mere thought of our hands together, one to one as kindred souls. I like the preview of spring in song, the music to the heart that whispers where I belong.

I found no tears were waiting, no laughter upon the scene, silence had spoken, the master of all my dreams. No game of chute and ladders, no sliding back for me nor am I climbing mountains, I'm the sail out to sea. No longer restless, I know what I believe and so today I took the step and listened to me.

In the storms of life, the ones sent our way, I'll be your rainbow, as your the sunshine in my day. Hold my hand and follow me, I know that we will be, the beauty of tomorrow, the happiness love brings.

Sing my darling, sing to me, open up your heart and allow our love to be free, to kiss you each morning, to hold you in the night, to whisper words of love that makes each moment right.

Sing my darling , sing to me, open up your heart and allow our love to be free, to kiss you each morning, to hold you in the night, to whisper words of love that makes each moment right.


Saturday, March 06, 2010

My heart rambles, my soul speaks the truth!

I recognized your heart,
which led me to your soul,
thus revealing the beauty of love.
I chose the perfect place, above the valley high, from a top the mountain, I gaze deep into your eyes. This place a slice of heaven, where mountain laurel bloom and I would have no fear, as I feel your arms and love so true. I think about it daily, I yearn to make it so, to hold your love forever and never let it go. Beautiful the moment that I beg to make come true, where heart connects with heart and soul entwines with soul, like Brier wood through the mountains and the clouds above the blue. Vivid the images, intense the desire, to create the moment that to the day empowers. Every open minute is filled with thoughts love inspire, of a lifetime of loving that becomes better with each hour. I chose the perfect place, I documented it so, where our flesh will come together and insure that our love is so. Our hearts met the first day, our souls many years ago, while tomorrow unveils the treasure of a love that continues to grow. The precious gem that all will get to see, is the beauty of a lifetime, I in you and you in me.


It is my want of you which motivates my spirit to reach
beyond the barriers of time and space to hold you close at heart.
It is the stroll above and beyond the path of destiny,
which unlocks the gates of love to reveal the truth.
It took the simplicity of the moment,
where hearts came together and souls entwined,
to realize that happiness is our sole existence.
I want to be for you everything you are for me,
the dreams that are waiting to happen.
I have felt more love in the breath of the wind
and the merging of souls into one, then I
ever felt with the embrace of flesh.
It may not be the easiest road to journey on, but most
definitely the most rewarding, listen to your heart and follow your soul.
I didn't look to find such a love,
but I knew it was possible
such a love existed.
I can't stop from thinking of all that we have yet to share.Each moment that we have yet to embrace is the dreams of tomorrow that await the birth of happiness.
If I listen to my heart as it speaks of love,
it leads me directly into your arms.
It is in your absence that I find the hunger
for your love is incredibly overwhelming.
Ah, how is it that the heart speaks so loudly
in the company of silence? My heart
responded" The only true silence is a
soul that fails to listen, for the song of
love that flows from the heavens, engages
with the moment to express the truth of
I pledge all my love as a reminder
that we shall overcome all obstacles.
There is such a thing as a perfect fit and as I close my eyes
and imagine your arms holding me so gently, I know that
I am where love would have me.
If I listen to my heart as it speaks honestly of true love,
there is no doubt in my mind, where I belong and who
I belong with.
I know that love as love would have it
is incredibly resilient.
I closed my eyes to feel closer to you and
I scripted the words of love upon the
heavens to secure our place for all eternity.
I have given you my heart and all of my dreams
and you have given me the happiness that makes
the soul sing. I have given you love and in return
you have charmed my spirit and entwined so
the heart and the soul in a lovers bow.
There is no judgement for you are pure at heart
and love inspired, the dreams of life which unlock the hour.
How is that I see your reflection within in my very soul and my reflection within yours? I looked into the mirror and my eyes revealed depth of our being and I looked at the flesh and I knew that distance was only a barrier to this earthly form and that we had traveled a distance to where our love was born. Once more I stared into the mirror and it was as if my soul spoke to me and this is what I heard and this is what I believe. That we have come together beyond the time of day and that our love which is so wonderful makes blue skies out of gray. I listened with my heart, I gathered all with my mind and as my soul spoke, heaven left its design. " You are worthy, a high price you paid, but this was meant to be the journey which would lead you to a new day. You deserve the tenderness, the kindness of his touch, the magic of his lips that leave upon you the passion of his kiss. The love that God intended, the road more level and stone free, for the time is now and to your heart you have been given the gift where your heart now can see. Love that is unconditional, wonderful as can be, simmering becomes hotter, but does it gently. "
I ask the Lord that I may stand stronger as one to serve him in away that will blanket the earth with love and as time would have it and as the dreams are spun, we will be stronger, two into one... I love you.
I shall not take grant for granted such a love, I shall not...
You are the Oak tree, rooted strong, standing tall..
I have found shelter, peace and content, your branches strong, never waivered, standing tall they never bent. They stood the test of seasons, blocked the rain and snow and let just enough sunshine in to warm the spirit so. I found I could lean and no judgement made, as I felt your leaves create a little shade, I knew I would make it to share with you another day. Oh! the days of winter, trying and long, the darkness overwhelming, and yet I heard the wind between your branches and the music a love song.

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

In the light of the Moon

The visions seen within each dream explains the magic of love and life and the power which is bestowed upon the soul. The beating of the heart as it encases the moment with an embrace that can be felt at a distance. The laboring of breath and the silence of the night unite to bring about both a feeling of excitement and a calm that teases the spirit into a state of ecstasy. I glanced into the mirror and I was mesmerized by my own reflection, for my eyes spoke of your love and a smile emerged at the mere thought of your presence. There was an eeriness to the room as I felt a breeze brush against my soul, I quickly looked behind to a realization that I was not alone and that you were indeed behind me, beside me, in my heart and my soul. Once again I closed my eyes and prepared to lay my head down upon the pillow, I felt such a joy explode from within and the excitement was impossible to hold back as tears of happiness flowed gently down my cheek. Feeling ever so grateful for a love that is so kind and passionate, warm and wonderful, I now experienced heaven here on earth. It was not an end to the day but a start that would lead us down the path of tomorrow.


It wasn't the love songs that played all night long or the visions I dreamt of that placed me in your arms. My soul embracing, my heart knew the scene well, I repeat it each morning, one kiss to the one who I adore. Wake up! my love, stay close to me, I'm loving you more then it was possible to believe.
The Words of Love

I know the snow will melt, it will never see July, each day a little brighter, with you in my life. You are my sunshine, you warm my heart so, your love the rays of happiness, that just grow and grow and grow.

Outside it's bitter cold, the ice mountain high, but the only chill I feel is the one where you caught me by surprise. You're in all my thoughts and in all that I see and do, you're the whisper of the morning and stars of night blue.

I would simply say I love you though it barely seems enough, so my soul took on the heavens to script the words above. You can read them in the blue sky,on each cloud that passes by, in the rays of the morning and in the night where dreams make you mine.
I wasn't aware so many different kind of song birds stayed the winter, until I refilled the bird feeder with various seeds. From the striking red of the Cardinal to the to the Golden finch they all came together in their quest for food on the trail of survival.
Though snow blankets the hills and alayer of ice eight inches thick or more covers anything flat, winter still seemed relatively short this year. Maybe it is the brighter days that reminds us spring is indeed approaching and no amount of winter scenery can prevent the inevitable changing of the seasons.
I realized more with each day that passes, that it's not about good or bad times. Love, full and complete, is an unmeasurable amount of respect that is capable of standing tall through all that life sends our way.
In the silence of the morning ,
the heart now speaks, gingerly kissing,
I stand in disbelief. The words of love from
your heart to mine, whispers of happiness
in a paradise divine.