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Pictorial Prose
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Saturday, March 06, 2010

My heart rambles, my soul speaks the truth!

I recognized your heart,
which led me to your soul,
thus revealing the beauty of love.
I chose the perfect place, above the valley high, from a top the mountain, I gaze deep into your eyes. This place a slice of heaven, where mountain laurel bloom and I would have no fear, as I feel your arms and love so true. I think about it daily, I yearn to make it so, to hold your love forever and never let it go. Beautiful the moment that I beg to make come true, where heart connects with heart and soul entwines with soul, like Brier wood through the mountains and the clouds above the blue. Vivid the images, intense the desire, to create the moment that to the day empowers. Every open minute is filled with thoughts love inspire, of a lifetime of loving that becomes better with each hour. I chose the perfect place, I documented it so, where our flesh will come together and insure that our love is so. Our hearts met the first day, our souls many years ago, while tomorrow unveils the treasure of a love that continues to grow. The precious gem that all will get to see, is the beauty of a lifetime, I in you and you in me.


It is my want of you which motivates my spirit to reach
beyond the barriers of time and space to hold you close at heart.
It is the stroll above and beyond the path of destiny,
which unlocks the gates of love to reveal the truth.
It took the simplicity of the moment,
where hearts came together and souls entwined,
to realize that happiness is our sole existence.
I want to be for you everything you are for me,
the dreams that are waiting to happen.
I have felt more love in the breath of the wind
and the merging of souls into one, then I
ever felt with the embrace of flesh.
It may not be the easiest road to journey on, but most
definitely the most rewarding, listen to your heart and follow your soul.
I didn't look to find such a love,
but I knew it was possible
such a love existed.
I can't stop from thinking of all that we have yet to share.Each moment that we have yet to embrace is the dreams of tomorrow that await the birth of happiness.
If I listen to my heart as it speaks of love,
it leads me directly into your arms.
It is in your absence that I find the hunger
for your love is incredibly overwhelming.
Ah, how is it that the heart speaks so loudly
in the company of silence? My heart
responded" The only true silence is a
soul that fails to listen, for the song of
love that flows from the heavens, engages
with the moment to express the truth of
I pledge all my love as a reminder
that we shall overcome all obstacles.
There is such a thing as a perfect fit and as I close my eyes
and imagine your arms holding me so gently, I know that
I am where love would have me.
If I listen to my heart as it speaks honestly of true love,
there is no doubt in my mind, where I belong and who
I belong with.
I know that love as love would have it
is incredibly resilient.
I closed my eyes to feel closer to you and
I scripted the words of love upon the
heavens to secure our place for all eternity.
I have given you my heart and all of my dreams
and you have given me the happiness that makes
the soul sing. I have given you love and in return
you have charmed my spirit and entwined so
the heart and the soul in a lovers bow.
There is no judgement for you are pure at heart
and love inspired, the dreams of life which unlock the hour.
How is that I see your reflection within in my very soul and my reflection within yours? I looked into the mirror and my eyes revealed depth of our being and I looked at the flesh and I knew that distance was only a barrier to this earthly form and that we had traveled a distance to where our love was born. Once more I stared into the mirror and it was as if my soul spoke to me and this is what I heard and this is what I believe. That we have come together beyond the time of day and that our love which is so wonderful makes blue skies out of gray. I listened with my heart, I gathered all with my mind and as my soul spoke, heaven left its design. " You are worthy, a high price you paid, but this was meant to be the journey which would lead you to a new day. You deserve the tenderness, the kindness of his touch, the magic of his lips that leave upon you the passion of his kiss. The love that God intended, the road more level and stone free, for the time is now and to your heart you have been given the gift where your heart now can see. Love that is unconditional, wonderful as can be, simmering becomes hotter, but does it gently. "
I ask the Lord that I may stand stronger as one to serve him in away that will blanket the earth with love and as time would have it and as the dreams are spun, we will be stronger, two into one... I love you.
I shall not take grant for granted such a love, I shall not...
You are the Oak tree, rooted strong, standing tall..
I have found shelter, peace and content, your branches strong, never waivered, standing tall they never bent. They stood the test of seasons, blocked the rain and snow and let just enough sunshine in to warm the spirit so. I found I could lean and no judgement made, as I felt your leaves create a little shade, I knew I would make it to share with you another day. Oh! the days of winter, trying and long, the darkness overwhelming, and yet I heard the wind between your branches and the music a love song.

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Mark said...

You love overflows!