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Pictorial Prose
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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Butterfly kiss

The Imagery of Love
So vivid the notion,
passionate the desire,
to lock in a tender kiss,
the moment empower.
Pleasant the imagery,
a dream quickly set a fire,
a bond of the souls and
harmony inspired.
Generated excitement,
unexpected calm,
mystical infusion
locked in your arms.

Apple Blossom

I am the depth of your thoughts, the dreams that have yet to occur and when you listen to the wind to see what it has in store, you'll hear the trashing about of branches bracing in a storm. Know that no matter what happens, as times takes a hold ,our love rushes like an ocean as kisses the shore. Exciting and a bit magical, wonderful as can be, it doesn't just embrace the good times, it's there in the dark of night and in your morning dreams.

Sing, heart, sing,
Erase those skies of gray,
and with the love inside you,
utter the sweet joy of spring.

Melody of happiness,
joyously acclaim the love ,
and declare the bonding,
which makes sunshine out of rain.

Sing, heart, sing,
allow everyone to hear,
that something special happened,
when our love first appeared.


Oh the pleasure, so wonderful, so filled with delight,

the magic of our love which nothing can divide.

Like dew in the morning upon the petals lay,

appears without warning each and everyday.

I treasure so the images that embrace the mind,

a journey over mountains that ends the rule of time.


Wondrous the story, the words a meticulous braid, one by one they twine and the work of art is laid. I really can't explain it, though I'll give my best a try, barter with the heart and soul to whisper to the mind. Our paths were redirected, a collision some will say and the story of love came to life that day. I saw it every morning when my eyes first opened wide, the visions repainted the hills and gave the blue to the sky. Something was happening, I felt it deep inside, it took my heart and held it and it caught me by surprise. It had nothing to do with yesterday, no tomorrows were in the script, the love that founds its way on in was a treasure whose gems can't be missed. I found the love so amazing that in my heart I placed and I held it there for safe keeping for eternity plus a day. Unconditional acceptance, beauty in his eyes, for I the queen of hearts and he the king of all time. I wanted nothing spectacular, simplicity the game, just to make him happy and all the sorrow fades. Music took to playing, morning, noon and night and the melody was stroking gingerly the soul with such delight. Breath taking each moment, capturing every smile and the bond of hearts that broke down the barriers crossed the many miles. The seasons traced by memory and to this very day, I can look into a rose and the petals reveal what the soul has to say. Life is unpredictable, we know not if rain or snow, but when the sun comes shining down it gives magic to the day. Valuable the lessons, the impression has yet to fade, a quick reminder that love is here to stay. It embraces reality and through my veins it flows, flushing out the chill and allowing peace a field to grow. No one can take away nor break the spell of time, that redirected our path and collided your heart with mine.

I want to feel your kisses,to love you each and everyday.and to hold your hand in whatever comes our way.

Step on in and you will see how life responds to the dreams. The soul felt it, the heart knew and like a flower the love just grew. I beg you to listen, it must be real, the way my heart and soul feel. Step on in and you will see how life responds to the dreams.

Each moment is eternal,
for in my heart I hold,
so precious a love, the
tenderness continuously

It gives life to the seasons,
happiness to the day, the
love we share, makes all
the sadness fade.

Each moment is eternal,
for in my heart I hold,
so precious a love, the
tenderness continuously

Butterfly Kiss

If I could travel like the butterfly and soar the mountains high, I'd land within your arms far
beyond the fantasy of the mind. To the wind I'd whisper, the sun I'd shout your name and when the day is ended and the stars take to the sky, butterfly kisses will remain in your heart for all of time.


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