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Pictorial Prose
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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Exploring the magic of love

The weather today is absolutely extraordinary. Early spring? Or a bit of mother natures deception. Daffodils absorbing the light are already approximately eight inches above the ground and where there is still snow a crocus shares its early bloom. I couldn't help but feel the awakening like the various gardens as they show new signs of life.
As we do yard work cleaning and burning the trees and branches that have fallen, I am reminded of the storms and the struggles through each one. All storms are not the kind that weather brings, what is the reward for such a sacrifice? Children aren't likely to give parents compliments or a thank you often. It wasn't like I was really listening in on a conversation but it was really difficult not to hear the discussion. My son was speaking to his girlfriend, talking about her parents and how they are so prim and proper and than this is the part that makes all the years of parenting worth it. He said " my mom is crazy, far from prim and proper, she laughs, she is silly and that is why I love her so much. " There have been a lot of issues, many struggles and still I have a good bit to work through, but nothing can be more rewarding or wonderful as to know that you are appreciated and loved in such away.
The storms of life, I have never been really sure why we journey as we do, though I do believe everything that happens surely was meant to be a lesson on the path to self discovery. When I think of all that I have done and all that still remains, I am not as overwhelmed simply knowing that I have had richest beyond any amount of silver and gold. The ability to experience the gifts and appreciate them is worth the long haul. If today I was summoned and my time on earth was complete, I know that I have succeeded in away that cannot be humanly possible to measure.
Its been repeatedly said that " Life is short" as I look back and than forward I come to some peaceful agreement with my soul that all that happened was simply knocks at the door. I knocked and many stepped forward and opened the door.
The blessing is not in looking back but looking forward, each day brings with it new gifts, treasures of love and life. I sit here in celebration of spring, of a new day and the tomorrows that await. When two people come together morally and in a loving direction, only positive can surface and only goodness shall lead. I don't worry what tomorrow brings, I know the day has been sanctioned and happiness curtails any negatively allowing like a beautiful sun filled day the warmth of love to fill the heart.

Spinning around in circles,
gazing at the blue of the sky,
in awe of the moment,
I know you are by my side.

Speaking the truth, revealing
what love has to say,
traveling on a journey,
we're charting our own way.

Honesty takes the lead and
encompasses all we do, the
accomplishments are many
and the rewards more then a few.

Our abilities once sheltered,
shine likes stars above,
granting us an advantage,
the journey one to one.

Experience the treasure,
the lessons of life apply
and our inner strength
reflects loves great design.

The source of the diversion,
the sun shining bright and
the secrets that are exposed,
through heart, soul and mind.

Mastering the moment, the day
we now control, as your memory
is a blessing for which I give
my deepest gratitude.

I see no performance, no puppet
on display for it is the want of you
that teases in the most outrageous

I yearn to give you pleasure, to see
the smile upon your face, the
satisfaction quite soothing in
the dreams that love parades.

Confident that happiness is
truly our greatest reward for
you my love are with me, the
one whom I adore.


Margie said...

Always so love to read your writings, Rachel.

Margie :)

Mark said...

I love the energy that comes from you this time of year. You radiate the Spring, the newness, the warmth and the easiness of it. It is going to be a great weekend in PA, enjoy all of it!