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Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Springs Arrrival

Respect for nature is as crucial to our well being as
our enjoyment. Mother nature's gifts toy with the
extremes for her wrath is furious and
her love empowering.

Observe the moment, view the heart,
the words of love, darkness departs.
I had not searched the earth to find nor did I seek your heart the brine. To infuse sweet love and overflow with happiness in heavens mode. To please you and make you smile, to embrace love all the while. I had not searched the earth to find, nor did I seek your heart the brine. But there you are and here am I and in time the truth will stand in pride. Approve the moment, pleasure the day, our love for life is here to stay.

The simplicity of life is as simple as our needs to survive, as we seek to fill the hunger and allow love in our hearts.It is not through self-gratification that we find happiness but through the sharing of our souls. It is more important in how we give love, not how or where it is returned. The truth of our reality will lead us down the path of happiness.

I spent the last few days starting my herbs from seed. I added a few floral like the fragrant Acacia shrubs and the passionate Jasmine to my traditional lavender,etc. Even though I grew up as a child in the city, gardening was always a part of my life. My grandmother had a big backyard which was filled with the most beautiful flowers and some that were a bit more heirloom such as the lilac and Ruta bushes. It was a tradition every spring to cut lilac and place a vase of them in the bedrooms, to open the windows and allow springs introduction into the stale rooms of winter.
March has always been a fickle month, we are never sure if we are going to receive more winter like weather, high winds or a preview of the upcoming months. Though the long days with the light make us aware that no matter what the weather decided to do, spring will arrive.
I have always had a sense of peace gardening, you can't lie to plants, if you don't water them, balance the heat and light, you will not succeed in either germinating or nourishing the plants to their full growth. I like to think the plants know me as well as I know them. You don't have to speak or perform because there is an unconditional acceptance, of course to culture the plants, they need us as much from us I believe we receive from the plants.
I find the end of the season and the start of a new one to be a bit troubling. It reminds me of life where a goodbye is never as pleasant as a hello. It's the ironic March 21st that plays on my mind, I think to my self, what did I overlook or not recognize at all. Can you imagine if you could take each person and turn them inside out and see all their thoughts, the truth of their actions and the reality of their being. How different might the outer shell appear? It's been said that " mans worst enemy is man" he can complicate a moment with a thought, one emotion and a action or the lack of one.
Gazing out the window, mesmerized as if I were caught in the spell of the sun and the blue of the sky as they embrace the heavy snow that still blankets the hills. Nature is rather amazing in the lessons she shares about life, she teaches patience, endurance, tolerance and a sheds bit of insight to our vulnerabilities. We know the sorrow that comes from the storms of life and the faith in tomorrow provides us a view of the many gifts bestowed upon us. This is love, pure and absolute, unconditional without the restraint of limitation.
I woke early to watch as the sun took it's place in the northern sky. Grateful for the break in the weather and a glimpse of what spring will entail. I lay there as I remember sharing that " silence indeed begins to chatter" It is amazing how quickly the mind can scan the years and surface in the now, almost on a united front. I am not sure what mellows, the heart, soul or the inner ability of the mind to bring at best a blanket of comfort to the moment.

I like the sun it's warmth against my cheek, the miracle of a season that allows the soul to breathe. I like the birds in a colorful array, golden finches, the cardinals in red and the blue bird who' s early return is not something anyone would dread. I like the memories, especially the ones so sweet that allow me to feel as I was living in a dream. I like the happiness that exudes from the soul, at the mere thought of our hands together, one to one as kindred souls. I like the preview of spring in song, the music to the heart that whispers where I belong.

I found no tears were waiting, no laughter upon the scene, silence had spoken, the master of all my dreams. No game of chute and ladders, no sliding back for me nor am I climbing mountains, I'm the sail out to sea. No longer restless, I know what I believe and so today I took the step and listened to me.

In the storms of life, the ones sent our way, I'll be your rainbow, as your the sunshine in my day. Hold my hand and follow me, I know that we will be, the beauty of tomorrow, the happiness love brings.

Sing my darling, sing to me, open up your heart and allow our love to be free, to kiss you each morning, to hold you in the night, to whisper words of love that makes each moment right.

Sing my darling , sing to me, open up your heart and allow our love to be free, to kiss you each morning, to hold you in the night, to whisper words of love that makes each moment right.


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Margie said...

Nature is truly amazing!
I do believe that most of my poetry comes from nature.

I love to garden and cannot wait!

This is one of my most favorite of your writings.
Thanks, Rachel.

Margie :)