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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Behind These Eyes

The eyes! they have often been referred to as " the window to the soul or the mirror of the soul." There are even those who dedicate themselves to the study and practice of reading the iris. I do believe the eyes can reveal personality as they exude excitement, sadness, fear, comfort and much more. Can we identify our soul mate simply by gazing into each others eyes? Not sure about the possibility of a soul mate but the obvious can be read through the fire of the eye. There are many things that surface when we find ourselves attracted to another person, the happiness and the warmth as well a sense of essence that excites and unites one soul to another. The affirmation is form of approval that what you feel is indeed what you see.
Most people view the outer being and rarely get a glimpse of the heart and soul or to summarize it the spiritual being. In all reality when we stand on a plateau of faith and trust we have already found the common ground in which strengthens our friendship. Love is basically the will to please and the need to be pleased. How simple the actions that are easily overlooked, but crucial in the necessary bonding of souls. I always believed if you have to think about your actions it can't possible be love, for love in its most beautiful and natural form is easily shared and reveals it self through the actions of the soul and the openess of the heart. My eyes speak the truth that my heart holds so dear.

What is behind the eyes?
My hopes and dreams,
the faith in all you bring,
the love in which we share,
the knowing that you care.

You'll see the magic as it
happens, the tomorrows
not just another day, the fire
you ignited and the happiness
that with you is here to stay.

The peace and contentment,
the desire to hold your hand,
the journey that is in store
and a world of love where
you and I command.

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