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Pictorial Prose
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Thursday, October 30, 2008

I love you

Sings>Every song I sing has the words" I love you." Every dance, is always meant just for two. Up on the stars each night or right there in your heart, shining bright, I left the words I love you.

Every song I sing has the words " I Love you" Every dance, is always meant just for two. Down where the stream flows or up on the clouds where the dreams go, I left the words I love you.

I left the words I love you... from my heart to you. I left the words I love you... from my heart to you.

Embrace it we will...

Responsible, Involving responsibility; involving a degree of accountability on the part of the person concerned; I looked back at life and the choices I had made and to whom my responsibilities had lay. No where in the whole frame work of things did I consider myself. The closer you look, the bigger the picture. I found that no matter how I viewed life, it was not singular, one or alone, my decisions were based on many factors of what was best for everyone. I don't remember ever looking at what was best for self. Somehow this muddles the senses, is it truth to the spirit of thinking if we put ourselves last on the list? Selfishness is the devotion to caring for oneself , making priority of ones owns welfare regardless of everyone else. There is a certain amount of pleasure which comes from helping those around us, but it isn't necessarily bad to pleasure self? Where is the balance, who draws the guide lines? I thought again but decisions that are made based on helping those around us and yet holding down one's own spirit. So heavy are the weights which are tied down by the cords of guilt? Guilt holds the moral ties to emotion, leading the heart to weigh all concerned. hmmm I have been at the crossroads and each path directed down various roads. I felt myself circle around and around, traveling the same path and leading back to the same place. Misguided or led a stray, who decides? Ultimately the decision is up to each individual as long as they are capable of not falling into preset traps. It has been quoted" real happiness doth not consist in riches, it doth not consist in pleasures. " It is the governing of our passions where we display our virtues thus leading us down the path of contentment. "In taking all thought and placing the sequence of events in order, I found it was the lacking of truth to place self last in the filing of emotion. In the feeding of the hunger with love, strength had surfaced, thus is the consumption of all desire.No, no, no I say and as I stood tall , I felt my soul crumble beneath me. Who lead me down this path and what it is I was to gain? Again like clouds dissipating and a clearing in the sky, I saw the gained knowledge, experience, many forms of wisdom and the needed growth, which is necessary to again stand at the crossroads and come to terms with the question, "which direction shall I take and where shall it lead me? Confidence now stood in the forefront, a missing component which was necessary but lacking in my youth. Courage also made way and yet I still had a problem with distinguishing between the right and wrong of my decisions. I briefly looked away and than back again and I saw a clearing an opening in the path, one which seemed almost impossible now truly had direction. It is the heart which teeters on expectation, the soul is free at all times to respond to the beauty in all of life, "unlock thy spirit and set it free. " Where had this unusual strength come from? I again reviewed all of life,the strength which had been there since the very beginning of the journey, it was divided amongst those who found them self somehow along side me. Timing has much to do with contentment and happiness; lead with the spirit and allow truth to direct your heart and your mind. In retrospect it was not in loving self less, but in the sharing of self with those around us that both opened and closed doors. One person's steps forward does not mean another person steps back. Each journey has a time table of events waiting to happen, we have to be prepared to embrace it when it does.

One fallen leaf

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Heart Found Passion

Passion is a powerful emotion which finds it start in the heart and impels with love and desire to leave a mark upon the world. Such experiences are so diverse and yet so similar, as it takes the freedom of spirit to look beyond the walls built of weakness of many kinds, including those of insecurity and doubt. What ignites such enthusiasm for life? Each answer is as unique as each individual. The blend of internal and external happenings is like striking flint and creating a spark, which flames and grows wildly with each captured moment.

Love Me With All Your Heart - Jerry Vale (Audio)


Engelbert Humperdinck - Love Me With All Your Heart KARAOKE

Love me with all your heart,
That's all I want love,
Love me with all your heart,
Or not at all...
Just promise me this,
That you'll give me, all your kisses,
Every Winter, every
Summer, every Fall...
When we are far apart,
Or when you're near me,
Love me with all your heart,
As I love you,
Don't give me your love,
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For a moment, or an hour,
Love me always, as you loved me,
From the start..
With every beat of your heart...
Just promise me this,
That you'll give me, all your kisses,
Every Winter, every
Summer, every Fall...
When we are far apart, or
when your near me,
Love me with all your heart,
As I love you,
Don't give me your love,
For a moment, or an hour,
Love me always, as you loved me,
From the start....
With every beat of your heart !

Monday, October 27, 2008

If not love...

In my dreams the gentleness of your embrace
comforts not only body but my soul.
In reality the embrace of my soul causes
my body to quiver from the touch.

and the page is turned.

One Story with many chapters, one day with many moments in time, the leaves have fallen and the season is like wine.

A Moment In Time

No looking back, no standing still,
dancing in the wind like a windmill.

Circling the blue, spinning all
around and I'm not stopping till
your arms are found.

No looking back, no standing still,
dancing in the wind like a windmill.

Time it documents a moment, captures the spirit in motion and magically embraces the dream. The visual of the hourglass is used as a reminder of time elapsed and time yet not spent and the somewhere in between which is the restlessness of the present. The structure of time is a metaphor of thought, for the present will concrete the memory of yesterday and leave a foundation for tomorrow, which builds walls and moves mountains. My mine traced the many moments of my yesteryear's and tried to file them accordingly. Somehow I didn't see nor feel each experience separate from one another and unlike the wind touching down and blowing forward, each experience seem to compile to form a collage of life. Each visual so compelling that I could not help but see how one moment enhanced the other in the most ultimate of experience. I realized why my heart had not allowed any image to soften or fade, as the script which time itself had written was indelibly secured to my soul. Like the surreal steps to heaven, I embarked upon the journey of life with the embrace of love. Climbing one step upon the other and in doing so, I knew that I had experienced what was already written in the heavens. Destiny lay a path, but it is each individual choice which creates a sequence of events, as we follow our destined course. As the grains of sand fall I cannot and will not envision the lapse of time with any form of regret, as without each cobble in the path, the journey will not become complete.
Love is the gateway of an everlasting journey.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Meet You In the Blue

In a smile

Your arms bring comfort, your love touches with joy and your smile holds the secret of the little inner boy. When the sadness takes it reign and clouds darken to gray that is when I reach on out to you to make my own hell fade.

Your arms bring comfort, your love touches with joy and your smile holds the secret of the little inner boy. When melancholy thoughts are what my heart has to stop, all I need is to envision my love with you.

Your arms bring comfort, your love touches with joy and your smile holds the secret of the little inner boy. When dreams guide the way to the heavens each day, I thank the lord he led our souls to embrace in this most magnificent of way.

There is so much unexplainable in this world, but one thing I am sure of is that the magic of life is where hearts meet and souls embrace, meet you in the blue.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Love sustained, hunger driven

Angels of heaven hear my plea,
my heart and soul dance restlessly.

Guide his hands to gently trace,
the love of life within him placed.

Allow his lips to feel my kiss and
taste the sweetness of honey bliss.

When his eyes begin to close,
whisper softly of how I love him so.

As the darkness drapes the night,
keep him safe and give him sight.

My arms open, my spirit free,
awaits his return for all eternity.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

With you I am the blue of the sky...

Without you I am a lonely soul lost in darkness.


The Hearts Eye

One flower blooms many dreams...

Energy on Display

When love paints the sky blue,
its displays the soul in a brighter hue.

A Clear Vision

I climbed to the top, to be closer to your love. The colors more vivid, the sky more blue and another look at the heavens reflected my love back to you.

Follow me

Follow me under the rays of the morning sun, follow me under the stars where our dreams are one. Through the leaves in the hollow, down the valley of life, through good times and bad times with you by my side.

The Fire of Autumn

Autumn in its majestic display of an amazing flame of color set fire to the surrounding hills creating a scene that both stood still and yet raced with the moment. A documentation set to nature reveals itself in a succession of accomplishments and failures. The measurement of time in essence becomes a combinational lock with a limit on how many turns to the wheel.
Confusion, it is what surfaces when the heart and mind battle to separate the emotions which flow from the deepest part of my soul. Brazen like the flame of the hills is the love that rages from my very being to embrace the beauty of the two entwined souls. The hills are encapsulating, almost as if the volume of trees held tight our spirits. I stood for a brief second, took a deep breath and absorbed the vision. Here is where the gateway is unlocked, but where it leads is still in question. My mind grasped at all that I had encompassed, my yesterdays which led me to this very moment in time, my today’s which keep me strong as they lead me down the path of tomorrow.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Embrace the night, embrace my soul

I wanted to know, I wanted to see,
beyond all the mountains and
through thick of the trees.

I wanted to feel, I wanted to taste,
to experience the joy, face to face.

I wanted to hear, I wanted to sing,
the words of love you had given to

I wanted to live and never to die,
to laugh and to love without the
tears in my eyes.

I must be tired as I feel the pull at my soul, a measure of happiness and a feeling of joy, and yet the sorrow surfaces in my spirit to toy. Roads traveled through many a barracade and still I feel tethered in many away.

In the heart of a season...

Tranquil the moment,
peaceful the day,
when you're in my arms,
for forever and a day.

Extraordinary the vision,
incredible they say, when a
soul bonds with a soul in a
life saying way.

Breathe deep, feel the moment
allow your heart to revive and
feel my love for all of time.

...of you.

Feel my love, I sent it in the blue,
held the reigns of the wind,
to direct a kiss or two.

Taste sweet desire,
every minute of the hour,
it lights the soul a fire to
give passion the power.

...in my every morning dreams of you.


Widen the view through the window of your soul.

...one love

Whisper Soul Whisper

Whisper soul whisper of the song in my heart,
with the words of love which bind two from afar.

Feel the warmth like the sun to your face,
a kiss which I sent to forever embrace.

Whisper soul whisper of the song in my heart,
with the words of love which bind two from afar.

The sweet invite to share in my life, with you my
darling the darkness has light.

Whisper soul whisper of the song in my heart, with
the words of love which bind two from afar.
Step Away

Step away from the mountains, back off from the sea and look to the clouds and you'll see you and me. Take my hand, take my heart and dance with me, on the clouds of happiness where we begin each new dream.

Step away from the heartache, remove all the tears, we are not in yesterday with saddled down fears. Take my hand, take my heart and dance with me, in th clouds of happiness where we begin each new dream.

Friday, October 10, 2008

A merge with nature

Wake up to my kiss upon your soul...

My fingers gently felt the breath of love, as the whisper of your name quivered from my lips. The embrace of a lifetime is placed before thee, sent in my every morning kiss.

Awaken to the dark of the morning, when the sun is yet to rise, hold closed your eyes and feel the implosion of my heart, soul and mind.

The tears still fall with a chill, trembling I know not what this game, as the Lord sent your love to me and distances it, so the hunger remains.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

shhh.... whispers of love!

As the water mirrors the reflections of a season,
so mirrors your love upon my soul .

The bridge of love cannot be broken,
as it is connected by the bond of two hearts.
The hum of the tracks, cling clang of its wheels,
comforts the mind and to the heart heals.
A childs tears, a womans dreams, yesterdays
hope todays memories.
To hold your hand is exciting,
the embrace of your soul amazing.

Autumn Leaves

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

The beauty of life...

I cannot change the years of my yesterdays,
but I can allow my heart and soul to guide me forward.
For one moment I sat in the drivers seat of rebellion to find it only created new walls.
I am happiest living in the moment... the moment is now!

The beginning of Autumn

The more I see, the more I know,
the more I know , the more I realize,
the more I realize, the more I understand.
There is sadness in every goodbye,
but the magic is in every hello.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

...sings a song from memory

Dance maiden dance upon the green,
Autumn sings a song from memory.

Tenacious winds stand high, rip and
roar through the mind, to bring the
magic of your love to me.

Dance maiden dance upon the green,
Autumn sings a song from memory.

Stars grace the dark of night, twinkling
like fire flies in the sky. Visions appear
like sparkles everywhere, charging
your love in me.

Dance maiden dance upon the green,
Autumn sings a song from memory.

Lay your head upon the pillow and
you’ll find, the silk, soft locks this
moment in time.

Dance maiden dance upon the green,
Autumn sings a song from memory.

Words etched to describe the dream,
is placed in your heart for safe keeping.

Dance maiden dance upon the green,
Autumn sings a song from memory.

Cara Mia, tia voglio bene

Free upon the skies of blue, where love birds join one from two.

Monday, October 06, 2008

...drive down the road with me.

Though the morning is introduced with a brisk cool air creating a seasonal chill , the afternoon warmed up to become a pleasant autumn day. Driving down the road the moment seemed almost perfect, except for the fact that the seat was empty beside me. The sun lit the sky so that the blue of the heavens appeared with an almost iridescent quality, so much so that the sky framed the hills in a surreal image which stood still like a glass painting on a wall. The early frost from the night before encouraged the leaves of the trees to stand in display with the most beautiful of colors. Calm behind the wheel of the car, I felt as if the road before me was magnetized and pulling me forward. Perfection, this was perfection, nothing compared to the scene, to the feeling of tranquility that can only be found in the hills of Greene. My desire to share in the splendor of the surrounding mountains found me lost in the moment as I gazed off into the sky, wondering where you were and what you were doing. There was no emerging of yesterday and tomorrow, all that appeared was what came with the moment. Feel the sun against your face, warm and bright, it holds in the rays, the spirit of my love, allow the wind to take your hand and dance as your soul partners with mine upon the clouds. Dream as only lovers dream in the beauty of the moment where the bonding of hearts can be found displayed in all that surrounds us.

...all for the love of you!

Sings> In the presence of your love

You can take yesterday and make it feel like a dream,
take tomorrow and make it feel like spring.

My heart would surely feel the pain, if it weren't for you,
for you can take the heartache and turn it in to skies of blue.

I faced the sorrow of the distance miles wide, I stood tall against
the mountains and the rivers rough and high. I cried like a storm
at sea, but with you beside it faded again into spring.

You can take yesterday and make it feel like a dream,
take tomorrow and make it feel like spring.

My heart would surely feel the pain, if it weren't for you,
for you can take the heartache and turn it into skies of blue.

Put Your Head On My Shoulders- Michael buble

Gloria Estefan - Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me


It takes one smile to erase all the tears, one mountain to remove all the fear. Each moment I share with you replaces the darkness with new shades of blue.

It takes the love of a friend to place the heart on the road and amend. No sorrow, no sadness nor darkness at bay, some how your love repaired what time couldn't fade.

Waiting on the sun with you...

It's a sunless morning, until I met up with you
and I quite can't explain it, your warmth was
still remaining from yesterday's smile.

I was still waiting for the sunrise, until I heard
from you, and deep down inside it was to my
surprise, the sun light came shining through.

...your hand.

The magic begins the moment I close my eyes... High over mountains, across the sea and back to the shore you're hand and hand with me. From earth we travel to the skies of blue, giggling and smiling the whole time through.

You are the king of this magical land and bowing your queen takes your hand. The dance in the heavens, in the blue you'll see, the silhoutte swaying is beautifully free. My heart calms to the song sung in the breeze, from my heart to your heart cast new memories.

The clouds a dance floor make and your love a sweet forever embrace. With my eyes shut tightly, a vision I trace, my soul and your soul a bond which time can't erase. Dance, dance my love with me, we are happy, wonderful and forever free.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Thank You Lord...

The tears fall for a moment which hasn't transpired, a walk in the park or sitting by the fire. Melancholy is the feeling which blankets over me, for God has placed you in my heart, but separates us by a sea.

Silence masters the eve, it takes all the sounds bounces them from the heavens and blurs them to the ground. The echo's no longer return, the tears no longer cry, the sadness of yesterday no longer controls my mind.

Here are my arms, to hold you tight,
here is my love, to cradle you through the night.

This is the warmth that you love brings, remembering
the first moment you came to me.

Love meets the challenge of a day, bringing sunshine like
in the month of may.

Here are my arms, for you my love,
to tenderly caress in the stars above.

All tht I want is for you to see, how important you are to me,
dancing in the shadows of yesterday, I'm holding you darling
till the clouds all fade.

What is scary... is that you understand, when no one else does, from the center of my soul to the core of my being.

...when in doubt... I remember these words, " I asked the Lord that I be loved as I love and the Lord sent me you"

and the blue bird sings his song...

The autumn chill reminds, a season is here and gone, and another awaits the challenge, to see where we belong. Deceiving sun light shines, brightly in the dawn, rays of warmth coyly reflect and the blue bird sings his song.

Filing my emotions, trying to rearrange and bring some organization to the memories I've gained. A few distant, note a time, when everything seemed so simple and messed less with my mind.

My hands began to shiver, cold as ice, but the thought of you warmed my soul with such delight. Love so wonderful, the mystic of life brought you to me and it feel so awfully right.

My Plans

To transcend all earthly barriers and in the blue reside,
a dance upon the mystic your heart next to mine.
Tearing down all barriers, except for that of time,
it defines each moment and cast darkness in the path of tomorrow.


Desire created hunger, your love fed the fire and all seemed quite simple as each moment we devoured. Barriers set limitations, predestined of time, dissipated with the power of the mind.

Our souls nurtured daily with the ultimate of joy, the pleasure of sharing heart to heart removed the void. The union of two spirits, from earth to heaven’s blue, reminds me how wonderful my life is with you.

Saturday, October 04, 2008

I can only be responsible for the actions of one,
mind, heart and soul.
Big question on everyone's mind is why? Why we do what we do! Are we guided intuitively, by some variable insight or lack of it? How we percieve an experience, our reasoning all comes about because of how we calculate the moment and explore our own emotions. If I chose to respond to life based on how another person responds to the exact situation in life, I may find myself faltering sheepishly in their shadow. I place my heart and soul into the hands of faith and allow the inner strength that is gained to lead me. I have loved and I have had love returned, I rejoice that in the world over. I have been granted such an experience that blooms beautifully within my heart. I have been given vision to see beyond the darkness of the day and to absorb the light of a thousand sun's.
Early the evening, darkness of day, a season has ended and another one sways. I feel the coolness settling in, the leaves falling to the ground and autumn is spinning all around.
I am frightened...

Friday, October 03, 2008


Instrumental are the words, heart and soul the elements of life,
each combination sets free, unleashed by memory, the fire
that burns deep within me.

I can’t explain all the mysteries of life, like a puzzle which early
on sheds very little light, the story still untold as the pages one
by one unfold of the love you brought to life.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Hold me ...now!

The hemlock took on a different hue and each rock raised above the waters became the stepping stones of life. Beside you there was comfort, following you a challenge, holding your hand and allowing the moment to guide us, powerful.
Each piece of a puzzle is meaningless until locked one into another,
like the emptiness of my soul until interwoven with faith and love.
As I tried to make sense of all the experiences that I had encountered, I felt the blend of emotions as they all joined to create and document a moment in time. To separate all that was is to diminish all that is, for in the internal depth of my spirit I have found love in its varied forms.
Sings >Your love within me, your tenderness of touch,
and the whispers of I love you, mean so very much.
The stars blanket the sky, the river still yet high,
the magic of the mind, holds still the memories with time.
The days without you long, the heart knows somethings
wrong, when life goes on, I feel the emptiness of song.
Your love within me, your tenderness of touch,
and the whispers of I love you, mean so very much.
I feel only sorrow for those who allow the lock upon their heart
, for when the day is ended is when the dreams of love start.
Instructions are easy, simplicity divine, just open your arms and allow me by your side. Pleasure the moment, subtly so, with a kiss of a lifetime as the stormy wind blows.
Welcome aboard my dream...
Turn down the blankets, puff the pillow so, I'm gonna lay my head down and allow the seasons to flow. I remember spring, rejuvenating and bright, whispering words of love which gave meaning to this life. We jumped on in to summer, like a antelope set free and before we even knew it, autumn redid the trees. Orange, pink and yellow, cast under the sun lit rays, preparing for winter, the utmost season of change. Rough winds, rain turning to snow, dark in the morning, darker in the night,leaving little vision except for where your heart had left the light.
It's okay, close your eyes, I promise I'll be there, my arms will assure you, there is nothing for you to fear.
Hold me!