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Pictorial Prose
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Sunday, October 05, 2008

Thank You Lord...

The tears fall for a moment which hasn't transpired, a walk in the park or sitting by the fire. Melancholy is the feeling which blankets over me, for God has placed you in my heart, but separates us by a sea.

Silence masters the eve, it takes all the sounds bounces them from the heavens and blurs them to the ground. The echo's no longer return, the tears no longer cry, the sadness of yesterday no longer controls my mind.

Here are my arms, to hold you tight,
here is my love, to cradle you through the night.

This is the warmth that you love brings, remembering
the first moment you came to me.

Love meets the challenge of a day, bringing sunshine like
in the month of may.

Here are my arms, for you my love,
to tenderly caress in the stars above.

All tht I want is for you to see, how important you are to me,
dancing in the shadows of yesterday, I'm holding you darling
till the clouds all fade.

What is scary... is that you understand, when no one else does, from the center of my soul to the core of my being.

...when in doubt... I remember these words, " I asked the Lord that I be loved as I love and the Lord sent me you"

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