Pictorial Prose

Pictorial Prose
Indulging my most lucid daydreams

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Bridge of Love

Delicate as silk woven into lace and as durable as titanium formed to make a brace. The bridge of love built by you and I, leads us beyond the rivers which flow through the out the mind. Crystal like reflections on the water down below, meet with the summer time dreams that just won't let us go. The view of heaven is seen through the heart, it was created out of love and rid the world of the dark. Delicate as silk woven into lace and as durable as titanium formed to make a brace.

Love that forms from opposite sides but meets in the middle
creates a stronger foundation.

It didn't cross the river nor bridge the deepest sea, but when I walked on over, I found you were waiting there for me. This is our connection like stars to the sky, we are bonded through the heart, to embrace the soul and infuse the mind. Gaze into the water and in the reflection you will see how wonderful and strong our love is, it spans eternity.

Pledge of Honor

When darkness falls upon the day,
I shall send my love your way.
In the winds my kiss you'll find,
gentle, sweet this breath of mine.

When days are long and we must part,
your love I'll hold within my heart.
Warm and wonderful magical as
can be, you are now and forever
a part of me.

When time the master takes control,
and all that is left are memories of old.
I shall pleasure one by one all that
surfaced from our love.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Take My Hand

I need that little extra push to get motivated this morning, it's not that there isn't anything to do, quite on the contrary there is more than enough that needs done. As I looked over at the clock and realized I spent a couple of hours listening to the falling rain, snuggled under the blankets, day dreaming and wondering what if. What if we had come together sooner? What if I had made another choice? What if you would have seen me from across the room? What if we were walking down the street in opposite directions? What if we never met?

I can't imagine my life with out you,
I couldn't dare wake up without your smile.
The darkness would rule the moment and
loneliness would surely bring me down.

The rambling of a brier,
thorny and overgrown,
creates a barrier to challenge
what we still don't know.

I feel a wee bit cheated and most definitely a little bit sad
that it took so many years for our meeting and that the
road was paved with broken glass.

I feel like the little choo choo this morning believing that I can climb the mountain, I think I can, I think I can I think I can. Running out of a fuel , the motor is a little warn and I am at the top of the mountain...TAKE MY HAND!!!!!!!!!

I Love how you love me

... but darling most of all I love how you love me.

Sealed with a kiss

i'll send all my dreams...

Tears of Joy

The sun has failed to rise early in the morn and the
darkness seems to hover like a night newly reborn.

The mountains appear to separate and the stream
is awfully dry and  as I close my eyes once again I
 find you by my side.

Your the cause of each smile that widens on my face, 
the tears of joy streaming and  the kiss of  that only you
could have placed.
Simple Words

Simple words, a few sweet memories, and it placed
 me in your arms to be held tenderly. 

This happy filled moment cast you here with me and
there is no doubt that this is how love is meant to be. 

Singing every morning, kissing you good night and 
dancing like the angels on the clouds up high. 

Simple words, sweet memories and it placed 
me in your arms held tenderly. 


Sunday, September 27, 2009

Good Night

The dreams so vivid,
you'd think they were real,
to wake up and touch
what only my soul can feel.

So precious a love to bridge
a sea, sculpt with stardust
and breathe life into me.

I am happiest when I feel the infusion of your
love overflow to secure the bond of our souls.

My head is on the pillow,my heart is next to yours
and as I close my eyes to sleep I thank the Lord,
that he would send so great a love, that he would
send me yours.

Alternate Endings

I remember the first time I read a book which had alternate endings, I thought it was fascinating by taking another route you could alter the outcome or the final chapter. I was resting after a long weekend of work and my mind drifted back and I pleasured the moment with a memory. I then reviewed the same memory like a book with alternate endings. If I had said or done the opposite where now might the path lead? My imagination creatively working overtime, I found a certain amount of joy in recreating a time of the past. I guess you could say it was a spin on the old adage " if I had it to do over again" .

Sings>I'd take you in my arms and whisper words of love, dance in a crowded room like the dance on our clouds. I'd kiss you sweet and feel your heart beat next to mine, if I could live this dream again for sure you would be mine....if I could live this dream again for sure you would be mine.

The lake is drained and there's no water to be seen, the cattail now replace the once ice skaters dream. People gathered and the the music was well played and despite the raindrops we all laughed just the same. In the hills of Greene, nestled underneath the trees, we celebrated life as we created new memories. La la la la la la la my heart sings, la la la la sings out to you, la la la la la la my heart sings, la la la la I love you.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Tenacious Elements

Adhering to the moment, a silhouette I believe was dancing in the flames of my midnight dreams. I felt a tug, it pulled on the inside, leaving passion and love not far behind. Filtering my memories, I left the good fall through and tucked them in my heart as a reminder of how much I love you. Pretty petals, soft and white, I placed them on my pillow and I wished you a good night.

Voglio Vederti Stasera

Voglio vederti stasera,
I want to hold you close,
whisper words of love
and never ever let you go.

Voglio verderti stasera,
to make our dreams come
true, embrace forever as
I make love to you.

Voglio verderti stasera,
to feel the closeness of
our hearts, to love like
no other from earth to
the stars.

Voglio verderti stasera,
if only in my dreams, I'll
close my eyes and dance
to memory.

Voglio verderti, stasera,
beyond the clouds on our
star, where the heaven has
cast, you the king of my

Voglio verderti, stasera,
I want to hold you tight,
rearrange the shadows
and reveal the passion
of the night.

Threads of a friendship woven of gold,
resilient and beautiful a magical hold.

October Air

Rain in the morning, fog is everywhere, we are getting a glimpse, of October air. You can taste the change as the season moves on in and feel the spirit lift high with the wind. Leaves spun of many shades of gold, speckled through the hills as the story unfolds. Reminders of yesterday are found everywhere but I'm holding to the moment that brings your love near.

My heart whispered, my soul acclaimed
and the heavens rejoice as
love reigns.

Dishes and laundry, soap on the stove, ordering, labeling I'm here all alone. Sink overflowing the soap now set so I took a few moments and I went to my bed. My pillow inviting as daydreams began and I pulled over the blanket and I tucked myself in. Distance had vanished, no mountains or plains, the images of love are all that now reign.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I'd Choose Them All

My heart whispered words of love, my soul shouted from the heavens high, the words in repetition escaped from deep inside...I love you, I love you, I love you and the winds gathered all I was feeling from inside and sent to you my love the words that make angels cry.

Perfection is rather simple,
a day with you, in a picnic
on the hillside under skies of blue.

You can bring the blanket and I'll
order us the sun as I lay in your
arms and dream my love.

Spring or summer and maybe
even fall, if I had a choice I'd
choose them all.

Silly like children, embraced
souls of two rolling down the
hill I'm holding on to you.

The last of the strawberries are
ready to be picked, let me dip
them in some chocolate and
tease you with a kiss.

Smiling at the thought of me
laying under the blue, made me
realize all I need is you.

I have envisioned our picnic,
I am excited as can be, at
the thought of your flesh
breaking through my

Sings> One look into your eyes and I know that it's true, your heart inviting but it was your eyes that said I love you. I could stay forever in your trance, your eyes like magic caught me with one glance.

To hold you would be so amazing, wonderful as can be it would be like moving mountains to reach out from the dream. Gaze unto the heavens the stars all shining down, a reminder of the magic as love comes showering down.

Your smile has captured me and mesmerized am I at the warmth of your heart when our souls reached the ground. I repeat it over and over again, I love you my darling, I'll love you till the heavens come to and end.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sings>I don't write for angels...

I don't write for angels nor for the world wide, the words on this page are from my soul and not my mind. I document my emotions, I give them credibility and release them to the heavens to mist like star dust in your dreams.

I don't sing great melodies nor do I harmonize, but I certainly sing of love, enough to fill the blue skies. No music to accompany me, no whispers by the wind, the only sounds you'll hear my love is from my heart deep within.

I don't cry of sorrow, no sadness on this lane, where you and I journey the path is awfully quaint. We travel through each morning and over mountains high and I can't wait each night to have you by my side.

I don't dance with anyone, they don't know the steps, but you my love are wonderful and you're the very best. You hold me tenderly, close and a far and kiss me so sweetly on our very own star.

I don't keep it secret, how much I love you, so I'll stand upon the clouds and shout once more, I LOVE YOU SO!!! I'll stand upon the clouds and shout once more I LOVE YOU So!!!

My heart has spoken

Reading through the pages written by the heart,

I stopped where only lovers go, to those which

gave my soul a spark.

The fire miraculously a blaze caught the attention

from afar and from the onset of love placed

us high above the stars.

Some see such beauty to which I deny, but as

I looked into the mirror the reflection didn't lie.

There was a sparkle in the eyes, a joy from the

smiling lips and as I looked a little closer I saw

what others didn't miss.

Men have dared to document from a time of

long ago, the happiness of love and how

through the spirit it continues to grow.

Memories enhanced it , dreams just

made it glow, and I wake each morning,

to a reminder of how I love him so.

I never felt the glory and in loving I saw no

shame, because it was time that chose the

moment and documented it just the same.

Embers of kisses felt upon my lips, like a

king to a queen, the dreams of subtle bliss.

Happiness had surfaced and could be seen

all around and as I reached to pull you

close my feet quickly touched the ground.

I didn't understand it, though the world

knows I tried, that the Lord would place

such distance and time would boggle the


Love indeed has surfaced and not everyone

is filled with delight, but the angels are the

ones to reckon with and they showed me

the light.

No ending to the story, I shall never let it

go, for there is no greater love my darling

and you helped to define it so.

There will be no time of reckoning, no secrets

tossed to bay, I shall not violate the heavens

who directed your love my way.

I watched the petals of a rose unfold before my eyes,
soft, silky and fragrant sweet it revealed through
much surprise, the mystical beauty of our love which
conquers all of time.
Moments rushed to hours and hours embraced each day
and as the heavens cast their approval I felt the sun
shine through the thunder and the rain.
My heart begged to hold you, my soul cried out from
the first day, as there was something quite unique
about the way you hindered the dark of day.
There are many elements caught with in a storm,
just like the cast that was created the day we were born.

Dancing on Clouds

Sings>Just the two of us and everything fades into the dark, just the two of us and nothing else matters but the love within our hearts. Images of me holding you and you holding me, loving and happy as happy can be. Just the two of us and everything fades into the dark, just the two of us and nothing else matters but the love within our hearts. Loving me, loving you, happiness the whole day as we embrace for the rest of our life. Whispers... just the two of us, it was how it was meant to be, just the two of us resting peacefully.

Higher and higher, how much further can we go?
Sharing our hearts, made my soul dance so.

High in the clouds where we meet face to face
and deep our hearts in a loving embrace.
Hold me darling, don't let me go, I need you so badly, it must surely show. I was feeling lost, lonely and blue, until your hello came shining on through.

Hold me darling, don't let me go, I want you so badly, I need you know. The sun shines on days of rain and twenty four seven your there on my brain. I can' t stop thinking, of how much we share and how wonderful life is when you are here.

Hold me darling, don't let me go, I've written to the heavens and they responded just so. Live and be happy, dance and be free, embrace all of life for eternity.

Hold me darling, don't let me go, are the words of the hollow that echo so. I love you, you know this is true and we'll take each day and see it through.


I believe this song says it best by Roberta Flack

The closer I get to you
The more you make me see
By giving me all you've got
Your love has captured me

Over and over again
I tried to tell myself that we
Could never be more than friends
And all the while inside
I knew it was real
The way you make me feel

Lying here next to you
Time just seems to fly
Needing you more and more
Let's give love a try

Ooooh-ooh-ooh, whoa-oooooh
Sweeter and sweeter love grows
And Heaven's there for those
Who fooled the tricks of time
With the hearts of love they find
True love in a special way

The closer I get to you
The more you make me see

Every rain drop falling, every smile upon your face, don't cry my darling, let me wipe those tears from your face. We are one with the moment, walking side by side, you rescued me from the darkness now it's my turn to free your love and send it soaring high.

The more I think about our connection, about the inner workings of the soul, the more I understand the beauty of your love and the magic of its hold. Call it a delayed reaction, or the barriers of the mind, but your determination broke any walls built by distance and time. Tears of happiness, memories of gold, you are more than a friend you are the one within my soul.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Summer is Officially Over

The Un-Birthday

I looked back over the last eight years at the remarkable lessons that were revealed throughout that time period. There was an on going conflict between what my heart felt and what my mind actually knew and a certain amount of extremes and various signs that I refused to acknowledge. I constantly told myself that the little impropriety that exposed itself was nothing more than human denial.
There are times throughout your life you just need to be in someone's light absorbing their energy and because of that you overlook the negativity and hold onto the positive. I remind myself every so often that " silence speaks volumes" it is whats not been said that is even more important than that which has been conversed.
The Un- Birthday, this particular day has various meanings, one was a new beginning, another deceit and they straddle between fantasy and reality. I want to believe and to remember all the strides that were made by allowing one soul to touch another.
Like the erogenous zone that performs from stimulation, the mind also responds to the arousal of the spirit. I was given a necklace sealed and enclosed inside is a daisy. One of the petals is missing and it reminds me of the child like game we use to play ' he loves me, he loves me not. " I would like to think the one petal missing represents that he loves me, but all I can be sure of is that I loved.
In a game of ping pong, the ball is hit back and forth across the table, this is how my emotions very much felt. I realized how I allowed my emotions to be toyed with and how I accepted so little when I needed so much. My hopes and dreams and reality all seemed up for grab as I wanted to believe in the beautiful magic of life and love.
Over the years I tried desperately to find my place to where I belong and it wasn't till recently that I understood that I didn't fit in anyone else's world that they needed to fit in mine. My exposed thoughts revealed the extremes of existence through life and death and our very weakness which sheds light on our vulnerabilities.

So close and so distant..

Did my heart conform to my souls desire or was I
led by the notion that only love builds a fire?

From Earth to the Heavens

The sun was quickly setting behind the Allegheny mountains and the reflection of the rays toyed with the blue of the sky. Like an artist who rules the canvas, the sun brushed shades in soft blends of cream, mauve and dark pink with a hint of the usual blues. There was a limited amount of time to get a glimpse of the ever changing scenery, as the evening progressed the green of the mountains went from a ruffled silhouette against the edge of the darkening sky to a darkness that seemed more like an abyss without depth of beginning nor and end.
The darkness redirected my sight from the sky and the mass of mountains to the oncoming lights from the train of cars that were quickly passing by. It was difficult at best to keep my mind from drifting, eight hours of driving gives you way to much time to think. Through the peace of nature I absorbed your love, as the memories embraced with such beauty and thus united my desire and my dreams. Consumed by the scroll of the heavens which retained every word you ever spoke, I reviewed all that was written as the spoken words of love.
There is a closeness beyond voice and it speaks from the heart to unite the souls and yet a distance remains, one that knows little of how to feed the hunger of our earthly form. The soul reveals the truth, the heart reacts and still turmoil can be found when we lose sight of the direction in which our spirit leads us.

Confusion is a man made energy created to block the reality.

Desperate persuasion

Unable to fall back to sleep I lay here in a restless state, as my mind scurries over a lifetime of wrongs in an attempt to rewrite the current script. In many ways the recoiling of the past left a sense of the many achievements and the disappointments that have become a part of life itself. Daring to gage or at least determine the meaning of the various milestones that have documented the highs and lows of what now feels like a long and treacherous journey. Allowing my mind to escape the confinement of the moment, I closed my eyes and imagined the embrace of love with out the ugliness of the web which is created from past experiences.

Some say attractive, but what do I see? Pigtails and freckles, braces and dreams, of the child inside who in silence screams. One by one battles to conquer and fight, to clear the darkness and bring on the light. Some say the eyes are the windows of the soul, revealing the warmth of compassion hold or the harsh intolerance that seeps in deep of the cold.

Your love has overshadowed any imperfection
that may exist, as only love can see the soul.

Each segment of life reveals a different perspective on love and hate.

I recognized love by the warmth of its embrace.

There are no entitlements to achieve,
with love and life we must
first believe...

Love said the heart,
believe said the soul,
confused said the mind
of yesterdays hold

Friday, September 18, 2009

I love you and you.....


It's as if every song written was for you and I
and every dream cast us dancing on clouds high.
Rays of sunlight shining through the leaves, birds in migration gathering high above the trees. The stream through the hollow is moving quietly along and the only sounds I hear are from my heart a song. Singing of happiness and memories of glee, singing of rainbows, blue skies and dreams. Sent down from the heavens, it's in everything I see, the gift of love surrounds me.
La la la la la ,
no words do
I need,
la la la la la,
you're the best
part of me
la la la la la ,
my heart sings
la la la la la
I love you and
you love me.
Rays of sunlight shining through the leaves, birds in migration gathering high above the trees. The stream through the hollow is moving quietly along and the only sounds I hear are from heart a song. Singing of happiness and memories of glee, singing of rainbows, blue skies and dreams. Sent down from the heavens, it's in everything I see, the gift o flove surrounds me.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Soul Searching

The sun has made its way into a new position in the sky and if the hollow rarely enjoyed the warmth of the rays, that statement is even more so now. Sometimes it isn't till I leave the hollow that I realize how warm and sunny it is beyond the perimeters of the hollow. I was laying here in the darkness and my mind drifted to the first time I legally was behind the wheel of a car. I felt like the oldest teenager ever to get a drivers license. It was the unlocking of one barrier and yet as I drove that first day with tear filled eyes, I realized that I really didn't know where to go or where the road ahead would lead. I drove into town, stopped at the bank, walked through a few stores and visited a local restaurant for lunch. Independence, it is as if I had to rebuild my life all over again. There are many emotional challenges as well as understanding my own place in this world.
What is the importance of our life and where do all the experiences lead us? I looked at a handful or a list of my "first" I learned about our wants and needs and that loneliness is a sickness that eats away at the spirit. That kindred spirits do exist and that soul mates isn't a loosely and overused term, that there is a connection between people that clarifies who we are and where we belong. I have experienced a variety of friendships and found that each came with its only lesson. Even in light of the moment it didn't turn out like a well written romance book, but I did gain a tremendous amount of knowledge. I know that we can't dictate our emotions upon another, that we can't change who people are. I also learned that expectation only leads to disappointment and that taught me how to hold on and how to let go.
Friendship, as I close my eyes and look into the darkness a sense of peace is captured. With my mind I can not only sense your warmth, but feel it inside me. I have learned that there is a major difference between lust and love and love with lust is exciting and fun and lust without love is less than fulfilling.
Determined to continue to move foreword I took that which I committed to memory and as if consummating the chapters of and unfinished book I held tightly on to your hand and embraced what is. I still find a twinge to my heart that awakens me from the comfort mode. Why so restless I ask my soul? The images of a new born child within my arms created a vision as long as life itself. There is a certain amount of fear in not knowing what tomorrow brings and where it will lead us next.
Intricately woven with loose threads all around, it is the complication of our desires, dreams, needs and wants and the reality of the possibilities that are complicated by our thoughts. Simplicity appears as an image of peace, lying in your arms, kissing you good morning, a walk along the shore. The ability to love and be loved, to follow the dreams is the next chapter waiting to be written.

Declaration of my gratitude

It is most certain and very
clear that you were right
and I need not fear.

That time reveals all
that shall be and
choices and decisions
are all that lead.

That hearts do heal,
but not necessarily
fade the memories
of yesterday.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Je ne sais quoi

Je ne sais quoi -Indescribable or literally inexpressible.

Our Bed

If we spend aproximately a third of our life dreaming and the other two thirds daydreaming, that means I am in your arms twenty four hours a day for life.

Wake up my darling and roll on over here. I'm waiting just to hold you, good morning my dear. My arms are open and they await your embrace, roll over my darling we are now face to face. I saved all my kisses and all my love for you, as a morning reminder my darling of how much I love you. I thank the heavens every morning and night for the magic of the moment which I surely can't fight.

Sings>I don’t wanna open my eyes this morning, I don’t wanna stop the dream. I just wanna hold you close my darling and allow our hearts to sing.

In the hollow there’s little sunshine until you appear. You are my heaven and I am happiest when you are here. You are my heaven and I am happiest when you are here.

I don’t wanna open my eyes this morning, I don’t wanna stop the dream. I just wanna hold yo close my darling and allow our hearts to sing.

Our Bed

Created by love,
it's where I hold,
all of the memories,
yet to be told.

Kisses from heaven,
passion deploys
and that is what
brings so much

Sharing the moment,
making dreams
come true, with
three words, I
love you.

It is not one
moment, nor
a matter of time
you are forever mine.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Taught the Blue Bird to Sing!

The hollow no longer stands in silence as the season begins the change. I see happiness and sorrow, sunshine and rain. I see all of our accomplishments and all we still have to do, it would taken several thousand lifetimes to share all I want to share with you. We've climbed the many mountains, we swam the deepest sea, we taught the blue bird of happiness how to softly sing. Had it not been for your companionship and your ability to believe, I would not have learned to dance upon the clouds through my nightly dream. Smiling at the memories, laughing through the heart, singing the words of love underneath the stars.

The greatest love is that which
bridges earth and
the heavens.

Heart and Soul

You embrace my being to the extent
that my heart continously feels your love .
You can allow many people into your heart,
but only one can touch the soul in such
a way as to embrace immortality.
When the soul speaks and the
heart listens... anything is possible.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Bobby Darin - More Lyrics

The words in the song are powerful and
yet they lack the emotion that can only
be found if sung through the soul.
So takes a break from filling jars of facial
cream and thinks of you and sings......
More, a little slower, a little deeper
and a lot more meaningful, I love you more.

Sings> More than the greatest love the world has known.
This is the love that I give to you alone, more than the simple
words I try to say, I only live to love you more each day. More
than you'll ever know, my arms long to hold you so, my life
will be in your keeping, waking, sleeping, laughing weeping.
Longer that always is a long, long time, but far beyond forever,
you'll be mine, I know I never lived before and my heart is very
sure, No one else could love you more.

Nat King Cole - More


Cara Mia...

I really believe that if we look at life in the various perspectives as our heart, soul and mind would have us view, we would see an alternate ending through various means. The soul speaks of freedom, it is honest and true and if you listen real close it will tell you exactly what you should do. The heart leads with compassion and denies all facts, looks for the good and under the carpet with the bad. The mind the great mediator interpets both heart and the soul , weighing out the difference and complicating all that it's been told. Trying to get all three to agree is confusing at best, when we doubt our beliefs. Sometimes its a word, a moment or a thought, a memory unspoken a song that won't stop. All rely on the emotions at hand to bring it all together and lead on stable land. To see, feel and understand, make it all that much clearer when your holding my hand.

If I fall will you catch me?

Sings>Hold me darling, don't let me go, without your love, I'd be stumbling so. Each beat of our hearts, a story tells, of how true our love, from the heavens fell. Hold me darling, don't let me go, without your love, I'd be stumbling so.

You are the smiles in the early morn, when I open my eyes, I feel like I've been reborn. Like a flower in bloom on a summer day or the first snow fall that makes you wanna to go out and play.You are the dream that tickles my mind, touches my heart and leaves on my soul a sign.

Hold me darling, don't let me go, without your love, I'd be stumblign so. Each bet of our hearts, a story tells, of how ture our love, from the heavens fell. Hold me darling , don't let me go, without your love, I'd be stumbling so.

No yesterdays, no tomorrows only the peace of the moment that
can be attained through the power of love.
I didn't search to feel the emptiness, nor did I know the distance or the time. How long the journey and how deep the rivers and how many mountains I would still have to climb. It wasn't until I felt the magic of love and its embrace, that I quickly realized what had never truly taken place. Simple pleasures as powerful as can be as they doused me a view that few have ever seen. I stumbled through my emotions and I learned a thing or two, one was how lonely life can be with out the merging of kindred spirits like that when I first met up with you.The sharing of a moment, like the waves rolling out to sea and the sweetness of your kiss which is apart of my daily dream. The beauty which unfolds before our very eyes, like the touch to my heart which was the first surprise.
Greed complicates life...but I can't help wanting more of you.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Angels Working Overtime

If we followed our heart and we allowed it to see, imagine how beautiful life would truly be. No lonely people nor sadness to be found, no broken hearts nor sorrow to hold us down. If we followed our heart and we allowed it to see, imagine how beautiful life would truly be.

The music played softly in the background,but the words had and incredible abilility to bring to the forefront the magic of dreams and the reality of the moment. It seemed almost surreal and yet I gave into the moment and found myself in the dance with the embrace of your love. Like the flame of the candle reaching for the heavens, I danced as if my feet no longer touched the ground as my soul entwined literally with yours. Spiraling in circles I felt the magic of your love pull me close and within a moments time I knew that I was feeling the infusion of love take hold of my soul.

Coopers rock is cut through the hills of West Virgina. There is a peace that comes only by becoming one with the mysterious yet beautiful mountains. Nothing can compare to the serenity which is created from the blue of the sky and the gifts of mother earth as she creates an ever changing canvas. Follow me as once again as we explore the simplicity of nature on a path cut through the heavens.

To wake up in the morning and lay there face to face,
sends chills through the body and to my heart an ache.

Dreams embrace all that we can be, they can take the
mountains and grain by grain wash it out to sea.

Blue birds return to him my love, sing it in the morning
and in the night from the heavens above.

I'm holding you close, I'll never let you go. I'm keeping your
love within me, from spring through the winters snows.

To wake up in the moring and lay there face to face,
sends chills through the body and to my heart an ache.

Sings>I'll Take Your Love My Darling

I'll take your love my darling, kisses and hugs my darling.
I'll take the dreams my darling to keep you close to me.

Sunshine and blue skies, happiness and you and I,
that's what happens when two souls happily collide.

Celebrating all life brings, hand in hand with two
hearts that sing, divulging all you mean to me.

I'll take your love my darling, kisses and hugs my darling.
I'll take the dreams my darling to keep you close to me.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

In My Arms

Whispered to the angels to send
you my love and the angels sang
back from the heavens above.

Good night my sweetheart, rest
peacefully now, I'm hear waiting
with a silly smile.

Whispered to the angels to send
you my love and the angels sang
back from the heavens above.

My pillow awaits you, so close
your eyes and allow your love
to infuse.

Whispered to the angels to send
you my love and the angels sang
back from the heavens above.

My heart beat, your heart beat
rythimically as one, while we
embrace with kisses and hugs.

Whispered to the angels to send
you my love and the angel sang
back from the heavens above.

Sweet dreams, moon beams
are waiting for us, so close
your eyes and feel my love.

Whispered to the angels to send
you my love and the angel sang
back from the heavens above.

September is a rather peculiar month, it is definetly a month of change. The cold nights have encouraged the northern trees to begin the transformation from summer to the season of autumn. The colors of the leaves already range from bold orange, firey reds to an array of yellow and browns. In my personal life September always had a special celebration, it was the month that began a spiritual reformation or the introduction to my self awareness. In many instances I found over the years a lapse in time where I lost the spiritual freedom necessary to bring a self fulfilment.
Expectation, I always thought that expectation was a word of trickery. The anctipation or the predeterimination of what time offers can be quite dissappointing. Yet we can't go through life without personal goals nor a certain amount of determination. Throughout my life I had one set of demands which seemed to fall short of my request. I ask only for a state of normalcy. But I soon realized normal was differet to different people. We would end up in a heavy discussion of what was normal. I considered it to a be walk through life through the middle of the road, no extremes on one end or the other. In this state of normal I expected that which I had given. It wasn't as if I was asking those around me to conform to the common thought, but I had hoped for what my mind saw as a state of sanity.
I felt many times pulled in and weighted down by the a heaviness of spirit. Some how I tried to balance it all, by taking the positive and using it as the ground work for survival and working through the negativity. It wasn't a sense of right and wrong, but a variation of dreams and desire for all that we can be. For the past two weeks I screamed in silence as I dealt with an entanglement with the people who surround me.
I realized I was set on a teeter tot where the strenght of the opposite became my weakness. My strength was in my ability to set my soul free and yet I felt smothered as if those who ruled the darkness also controlled my soul. I felt a sickness take hold and my mind toyed with me as if I had given in and no longer could battle that which I did not believe in. Like a infectious disease gone array I grasped to find a cure. How could those who claim to love manipulate the ugliness so that it may prevail.
Overwhelmed by my responsibilities I began to remove the weight one by one and still I felt like a train that had become derailed. Nothing about the last few weeks felt natural, for every step forward I took, I felt as I were being pushed twice as far back. It wasn't a day in the making it was years and years. I felt for the first time hate inside of me, hate of the limitations placed upon my soul. As I began to write the words they seem to be nothing other than my spirits out cry for one moment of peace.
September it was the month that unlocked the gates of despair and gave to life a new meaning. I fought the battle of time to keep close that which didn't belong to me. I am not sure what was heavier the tears of my heart or those of my soul. Draw the curtains and you'll see revealed a lifetime of heartache which still had not healed.

I don't think life is meant to be this hard.

The walk along the river with you by myside gives to me a gift for both the heart and mind. The images vivid as the sunlight on the shore and still I find each moment has me begging for more.

Sings>In my arms rest an angel, in my heart I hold the dreams ,
from the moment you said hello
and gave your love to me.

My soul was desperate and
it almost gave on in, until
we collided in the heavens
where our life again begins.

In my arms rest an angel,
in my heart I hold the dreams,
from the moment you said hello
and gave your love to me.

I wasn't looking and it was all
by surprise that I had met you
my love as you took the reigns
of time.

In my arms rest an angel,
in my heart I hold the dreams,
from the moment you said hello
and gave your love to me.

Days feel like minutes and the
years are quickly passing by,
and had it not been for your
love, I would have gone out
of my mind.

In my arms rest and angel,
in my heart I hold the dreams,
from the moment you said hello
and gave your love to me.

Winter feels like spring time
as you devour the storms of
life and replace them with the
sunshine that gives to my soul
the sight.

In my arms rest and angel,
in my heart I hold the dreams,
from the moment you said hello
and gave your love to me.

Kisses sweet as honey are always in
my dreams and the magic of the
moment brought you to me.

In my arms rest and angel,
in my heart I hold the dreams,
from the moment you said hello
and gave your love to me.


Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Love Infused Poetry

What makes you so wonderful, beautiful and kind? It is that never once did you darken the soul and place a heavy on the mind. You accepted so graciously, you encouraged through time, building the bridges you joined your heart with mine.
Love's Creation
Love was working overtime, a talent indeed, it built a paradise of love to foster all our dreams. Took them to the waters edge and blew them out to sea, to find that only true love returns to wash upon the shore and allow our love to seed.

It is for the sake of validity
that I document each emotion.

I do believe it was part of God's greater plan,
as I have felt the daggers that pierced my very soul
and now nothing compares to the love that erased
the darkest of hold.

I stood alone for many a years, strangers, sorrow, infused in tears in a crowded room, heavy with fear. Separate, different, lonely and blue, I laughed and I giggled but no love came through. Time was passing, the seasons flew and lost was I till I met you. The angels spoke, they knew just what to do, they cast a reflection in the sky of blue. They guided my spirit, they led me strong, no stumbling, no falling, I'm where I belong. You're arms are different they are so tender and kind, they embrace the spirit and comfort the mind. Kisses sweet and kisses fine, from soul to soul throughout all time.

The many threads woven into one
represents the strength of our bond.

The evening sky was filled with colors in every shade and hue, from soft and luscious pink to a variety of blazing orange and icy blue. The heavens invitation sent out to me and you in a dusting of dreams to warm our hearts through and through. I felt the moment from the time it first took hold, pleasuring the flesh as we entwined soul to soul. I could hardly catch my breath, the images surreal, placed you in my arms and your love was all that I could feel.

Over powering forces reached on out to you and me, creating a stage where our hearts ruled through memory. The music from the heavens sweet and softly played and I felt your loves embrace in the most amazing way. My feet began dancing and I knew on this very day, our love surpassed the bond beyond the ordinary ways. We bridged the many rivers, turned mountains to sand and explored the heavens in a way that only lovers can.

The seduction was quite incredible, it took the world at large, from the people and the scenery, to the heavens filled with stars and made it all disappear as it replaced it with two hearts. I gathered all my emotions and gave to them a song and as I held your love in me I transferred what to you now belongs.

Hand in Hand

You walk each day hand in hand with me,
as we take our love and set it all free.

Sing of happiness, sing of joy and sing as
if I were your Helen of Troy.

The sun rising in the east, reminds me
darling how love feels when it meets.

Hot like the rays that warm the flesh,
is the kiss of your love to my tender breast.

You walk each day hand in hand with me,
as we take our love and set it all free.

Santa Esmeralda You're my Everything

You're my everything ....

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Simple Pleasures

The truth reveals itself through the actions of the spirit, for love is greater than the rigid walls which are built by those who dare not explore beyond the moment. Taking a deep breath and allowing the infusion of your love to feed my soul.

Water Hyacinths

Uncontrolled Water Hyacinths may become invasive as they unbalance the ecosystem with in the various bodies of water. The beauty of their blossoms erode quickly on several levels and through various studies and yet there is another side to this exotic plant. What seems to be a water weed takes on a different perspective as we open our eyes to not only the beauty of its petals but its ability to flourish as it cleans the waters of heavy metals and also its aid as food source for aquatic life. Ironically it reminds me of the adage" two sides to every story." Simply because we do not know all the many uses of that which surrounds us does not necessarily make it useless. Life is pretty much the same way, we try to understand the depth of the journey and yet we find that it takes sometimes years before the moral of a lesson is revealed.

My emotions are quite scattered, they span from comfort to an excitement and a ache to a level of happiness I had yet not experienced. The last few nights my dreams were quite vivid. In reviewing them in my mind, I saw the importance of the various characters and the truth that lay hidden within the walls of my mind.

I realized more than ever how possession is so meaningless and that it is the free will of the soul which takes flight to examine the heavens. Happiness is crucial on all levels of the journey and yet the happiness we choose to claim may not always include those whom we would expect. To cage the heart is to kill the soul and the tears of the spirit shall never fade as they leave behind reminders of yesterday.

Time seems to pass like that of the water hyacinth as is it quickly takes on over a pond. I grasp at the memories and hold close that which cleansed my soul, removing the toxicity of the past and replacing it with the purity of the moment. Smiling, I gathered my memories, dreams and added it to the faith in the future. I wrapped my emotions in a bow of passion to display a bouquet of all my love. I felt at first a chill and than a subtle, warm feeling came over me. The blanket of calm from the magic of your embrace, shared both in the your strength to stand beside me without judgement and the beauty of your love which allowed my soul the freedom to soar.

No longer to the tears puddle behind the eyes, you have given to each new day the gift of surprise. It is felt in the morning when the sun first crest the hills and again through out the day as your love is what encouraged the soul to heal.

I write for no other approval than that of my own soul, in validating all my emotions I set free that which was kept silently imprisoned in the very depth of my own being. Unlike a chameleon that morphs to its surroundings, my heart and soul stands to blaze in the colors of passion.

Once loved, always loved.

Skeptical of the outcome of the intended journey,
I brace firmly to support not the dreams of tomorrow,
but the beauty that rest in the visions of today.


Love needs no forgiveness...

It is not the words of a stranger whose convictions claim to support the reality of true love, it is the whispers of the heart which sing to the soul that so emphasizes the power of its existence.


Endless possibilities, magical desire and warm and wonderful welcomes that set my heart a fire. The dreams were filled with messages, some I'd rather not see and others whispered of the tomorrows unlocking all my memories.


Little bits of comfort from the visions that appear, once my head upon a pillow,now the sand and waves are near. I sense your being and I feel it without fear, as the warmth of your embrace is what makes all the images so clear.

What is it I wish for?

Simple little pleasures, wonderful as can be, as it doused me with your friendship and made my heart believe. My head upon your chest is music to my ears and the warmth of your embrace is like snuggling with my teddy bear. Crackling of the sap as the wood burns through the night and the images of loving to my soul such delight. From the mountains to the valleys, from earth to the star lit sky all seems a little mystical when you are by myside. I wish for nothing less than what God deems to be the truth, that we were sent on this journey to collide high above the blue as we create a dynasty where only love shines through.

I believe God made the heart ache, so that when the magic and warmth appeared there would be no denying the existence of true love.

There is no call to judgement as only
the soul can speak to the heart.

Loving you is only one part of the equation...

If God wanted to punish me
he would let me out live you.