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Pictorial Prose
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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sings>I don't write for angels...

I don't write for angels nor for the world wide, the words on this page are from my soul and not my mind. I document my emotions, I give them credibility and release them to the heavens to mist like star dust in your dreams.

I don't sing great melodies nor do I harmonize, but I certainly sing of love, enough to fill the blue skies. No music to accompany me, no whispers by the wind, the only sounds you'll hear my love is from my heart deep within.

I don't cry of sorrow, no sadness on this lane, where you and I journey the path is awfully quaint. We travel through each morning and over mountains high and I can't wait each night to have you by my side.

I don't dance with anyone, they don't know the steps, but you my love are wonderful and you're the very best. You hold me tenderly, close and a far and kiss me so sweetly on our very own star.

I don't keep it secret, how much I love you, so I'll stand upon the clouds and shout once more, I LOVE YOU SO!!! I'll stand upon the clouds and shout once more I LOVE YOU So!!!

My heart has spoken

Reading through the pages written by the heart,

I stopped where only lovers go, to those which

gave my soul a spark.

The fire miraculously a blaze caught the attention

from afar and from the onset of love placed

us high above the stars.

Some see such beauty to which I deny, but as

I looked into the mirror the reflection didn't lie.

There was a sparkle in the eyes, a joy from the

smiling lips and as I looked a little closer I saw

what others didn't miss.

Men have dared to document from a time of

long ago, the happiness of love and how

through the spirit it continues to grow.

Memories enhanced it , dreams just

made it glow, and I wake each morning,

to a reminder of how I love him so.

I never felt the glory and in loving I saw no

shame, because it was time that chose the

moment and documented it just the same.

Embers of kisses felt upon my lips, like a

king to a queen, the dreams of subtle bliss.

Happiness had surfaced and could be seen

all around and as I reached to pull you

close my feet quickly touched the ground.

I didn't understand it, though the world

knows I tried, that the Lord would place

such distance and time would boggle the


Love indeed has surfaced and not everyone

is filled with delight, but the angels are the

ones to reckon with and they showed me

the light.

No ending to the story, I shall never let it

go, for there is no greater love my darling

and you helped to define it so.

There will be no time of reckoning, no secrets

tossed to bay, I shall not violate the heavens

who directed your love my way.

I watched the petals of a rose unfold before my eyes,
soft, silky and fragrant sweet it revealed through
much surprise, the mystical beauty of our love which
conquers all of time.
Moments rushed to hours and hours embraced each day
and as the heavens cast their approval I felt the sun
shine through the thunder and the rain.
My heart begged to hold you, my soul cried out from
the first day, as there was something quite unique
about the way you hindered the dark of day.
There are many elements caught with in a storm,
just like the cast that was created the day we were born.

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Mark said...

Your talent is amazing! Thank-you for sharing your endless gifts.