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Thursday, September 03, 2009

Simple Pleasures

The truth reveals itself through the actions of the spirit, for love is greater than the rigid walls which are built by those who dare not explore beyond the moment. Taking a deep breath and allowing the infusion of your love to feed my soul.

Water Hyacinths

Uncontrolled Water Hyacinths may become invasive as they unbalance the ecosystem with in the various bodies of water. The beauty of their blossoms erode quickly on several levels and through various studies and yet there is another side to this exotic plant. What seems to be a water weed takes on a different perspective as we open our eyes to not only the beauty of its petals but its ability to flourish as it cleans the waters of heavy metals and also its aid as food source for aquatic life. Ironically it reminds me of the adage" two sides to every story." Simply because we do not know all the many uses of that which surrounds us does not necessarily make it useless. Life is pretty much the same way, we try to understand the depth of the journey and yet we find that it takes sometimes years before the moral of a lesson is revealed.

My emotions are quite scattered, they span from comfort to an excitement and a ache to a level of happiness I had yet not experienced. The last few nights my dreams were quite vivid. In reviewing them in my mind, I saw the importance of the various characters and the truth that lay hidden within the walls of my mind.

I realized more than ever how possession is so meaningless and that it is the free will of the soul which takes flight to examine the heavens. Happiness is crucial on all levels of the journey and yet the happiness we choose to claim may not always include those whom we would expect. To cage the heart is to kill the soul and the tears of the spirit shall never fade as they leave behind reminders of yesterday.

Time seems to pass like that of the water hyacinth as is it quickly takes on over a pond. I grasp at the memories and hold close that which cleansed my soul, removing the toxicity of the past and replacing it with the purity of the moment. Smiling, I gathered my memories, dreams and added it to the faith in the future. I wrapped my emotions in a bow of passion to display a bouquet of all my love. I felt at first a chill and than a subtle, warm feeling came over me. The blanket of calm from the magic of your embrace, shared both in the your strength to stand beside me without judgement and the beauty of your love which allowed my soul the freedom to soar.

No longer to the tears puddle behind the eyes, you have given to each new day the gift of surprise. It is felt in the morning when the sun first crest the hills and again through out the day as your love is what encouraged the soul to heal.

I write for no other approval than that of my own soul, in validating all my emotions I set free that which was kept silently imprisoned in the very depth of my own being. Unlike a chameleon that morphs to its surroundings, my heart and soul stands to blaze in the colors of passion.

Once loved, always loved.

Skeptical of the outcome of the intended journey,
I brace firmly to support not the dreams of tomorrow,
but the beauty that rest in the visions of today.


Love needs no forgiveness...

It is not the words of a stranger whose convictions claim to support the reality of true love, it is the whispers of the heart which sing to the soul that so emphasizes the power of its existence.


Endless possibilities, magical desire and warm and wonderful welcomes that set my heart a fire. The dreams were filled with messages, some I'd rather not see and others whispered of the tomorrows unlocking all my memories.


Little bits of comfort from the visions that appear, once my head upon a pillow,now the sand and waves are near. I sense your being and I feel it without fear, as the warmth of your embrace is what makes all the images so clear.

What is it I wish for?

Simple little pleasures, wonderful as can be, as it doused me with your friendship and made my heart believe. My head upon your chest is music to my ears and the warmth of your embrace is like snuggling with my teddy bear. Crackling of the sap as the wood burns through the night and the images of loving to my soul such delight. From the mountains to the valleys, from earth to the star lit sky all seems a little mystical when you are by myside. I wish for nothing less than what God deems to be the truth, that we were sent on this journey to collide high above the blue as we create a dynasty where only love shines through.

I believe God made the heart ache, so that when the magic and warmth appeared there would be no denying the existence of true love.

There is no call to judgement as only
the soul can speak to the heart.

Loving you is only one part of the equation...

If God wanted to punish me
he would let me out live you.

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Sw.Han said...

Intense and powerful words.