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Pictorial Prose
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Monday, September 28, 2009

Take My Hand

I need that little extra push to get motivated this morning, it's not that there isn't anything to do, quite on the contrary there is more than enough that needs done. As I looked over at the clock and realized I spent a couple of hours listening to the falling rain, snuggled under the blankets, day dreaming and wondering what if. What if we had come together sooner? What if I had made another choice? What if you would have seen me from across the room? What if we were walking down the street in opposite directions? What if we never met?

I can't imagine my life with out you,
I couldn't dare wake up without your smile.
The darkness would rule the moment and
loneliness would surely bring me down.

The rambling of a brier,
thorny and overgrown,
creates a barrier to challenge
what we still don't know.

I feel a wee bit cheated and most definitely a little bit sad
that it took so many years for our meeting and that the
road was paved with broken glass.

I feel like the little choo choo this morning believing that I can climb the mountain, I think I can, I think I can I think I can. Running out of a fuel , the motor is a little warn and I am at the top of the mountain...TAKE MY HAND!!!!!!!!!

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Mark said...

Lovely! Never regret that you did not meet earlier, you met when you were ready, to meet earlier may have created a missed opportunity.