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Pictorial Prose
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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I'd Choose Them All

My heart whispered words of love, my soul shouted from the heavens high, the words in repetition escaped from deep inside...I love you, I love you, I love you and the winds gathered all I was feeling from inside and sent to you my love the words that make angels cry.

Perfection is rather simple,
a day with you, in a picnic
on the hillside under skies of blue.

You can bring the blanket and I'll
order us the sun as I lay in your
arms and dream my love.

Spring or summer and maybe
even fall, if I had a choice I'd
choose them all.

Silly like children, embraced
souls of two rolling down the
hill I'm holding on to you.

The last of the strawberries are
ready to be picked, let me dip
them in some chocolate and
tease you with a kiss.

Smiling at the thought of me
laying under the blue, made me
realize all I need is you.

I have envisioned our picnic,
I am excited as can be, at
the thought of your flesh
breaking through my

Sings> One look into your eyes and I know that it's true, your heart inviting but it was your eyes that said I love you. I could stay forever in your trance, your eyes like magic caught me with one glance.

To hold you would be so amazing, wonderful as can be it would be like moving mountains to reach out from the dream. Gaze unto the heavens the stars all shining down, a reminder of the magic as love comes showering down.

Your smile has captured me and mesmerized am I at the warmth of your heart when our souls reached the ground. I repeat it over and over again, I love you my darling, I'll love you till the heavens come to and end.

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