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Pictorial Prose
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Monday, September 21, 2009

Desperate persuasion

Unable to fall back to sleep I lay here in a restless state, as my mind scurries over a lifetime of wrongs in an attempt to rewrite the current script. In many ways the recoiling of the past left a sense of the many achievements and the disappointments that have become a part of life itself. Daring to gage or at least determine the meaning of the various milestones that have documented the highs and lows of what now feels like a long and treacherous journey. Allowing my mind to escape the confinement of the moment, I closed my eyes and imagined the embrace of love with out the ugliness of the web which is created from past experiences.

Some say attractive, but what do I see? Pigtails and freckles, braces and dreams, of the child inside who in silence screams. One by one battles to conquer and fight, to clear the darkness and bring on the light. Some say the eyes are the windows of the soul, revealing the warmth of compassion hold or the harsh intolerance that seeps in deep of the cold.

Your love has overshadowed any imperfection
that may exist, as only love can see the soul.

Each segment of life reveals a different perspective on love and hate.

I recognized love by the warmth of its embrace.

There are no entitlements to achieve,
with love and life we must
first believe...

Love said the heart,
believe said the soul,
confused said the mind
of yesterdays hold

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