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Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Love Infused Poetry

What makes you so wonderful, beautiful and kind? It is that never once did you darken the soul and place a heavy on the mind. You accepted so graciously, you encouraged through time, building the bridges you joined your heart with mine.
Love's Creation
Love was working overtime, a talent indeed, it built a paradise of love to foster all our dreams. Took them to the waters edge and blew them out to sea, to find that only true love returns to wash upon the shore and allow our love to seed.

It is for the sake of validity
that I document each emotion.

I do believe it was part of God's greater plan,
as I have felt the daggers that pierced my very soul
and now nothing compares to the love that erased
the darkest of hold.

I stood alone for many a years, strangers, sorrow, infused in tears in a crowded room, heavy with fear. Separate, different, lonely and blue, I laughed and I giggled but no love came through. Time was passing, the seasons flew and lost was I till I met you. The angels spoke, they knew just what to do, they cast a reflection in the sky of blue. They guided my spirit, they led me strong, no stumbling, no falling, I'm where I belong. You're arms are different they are so tender and kind, they embrace the spirit and comfort the mind. Kisses sweet and kisses fine, from soul to soul throughout all time.

The many threads woven into one
represents the strength of our bond.

The evening sky was filled with colors in every shade and hue, from soft and luscious pink to a variety of blazing orange and icy blue. The heavens invitation sent out to me and you in a dusting of dreams to warm our hearts through and through. I felt the moment from the time it first took hold, pleasuring the flesh as we entwined soul to soul. I could hardly catch my breath, the images surreal, placed you in my arms and your love was all that I could feel.

Over powering forces reached on out to you and me, creating a stage where our hearts ruled through memory. The music from the heavens sweet and softly played and I felt your loves embrace in the most amazing way. My feet began dancing and I knew on this very day, our love surpassed the bond beyond the ordinary ways. We bridged the many rivers, turned mountains to sand and explored the heavens in a way that only lovers can.

The seduction was quite incredible, it took the world at large, from the people and the scenery, to the heavens filled with stars and made it all disappear as it replaced it with two hearts. I gathered all my emotions and gave to them a song and as I held your love in me I transferred what to you now belongs.

Hand in Hand

You walk each day hand in hand with me,
as we take our love and set it all free.

Sing of happiness, sing of joy and sing as
if I were your Helen of Troy.

The sun rising in the east, reminds me
darling how love feels when it meets.

Hot like the rays that warm the flesh,
is the kiss of your love to my tender breast.

You walk each day hand in hand with me,
as we take our love and set it all free.


Margie said...

How beautiful, Rachel.
So romantic...loved it!


Rachel C Miller said...

Thank You Margie,
You are so kind to stop by and read and leave such sweet compliments.