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Pictorial Prose
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Friday, September 25, 2009

October Air

Rain in the morning, fog is everywhere, we are getting a glimpse, of October air. You can taste the change as the season moves on in and feel the spirit lift high with the wind. Leaves spun of many shades of gold, speckled through the hills as the story unfolds. Reminders of yesterday are found everywhere but I'm holding to the moment that brings your love near.

My heart whispered, my soul acclaimed
and the heavens rejoice as
love reigns.

Dishes and laundry, soap on the stove, ordering, labeling I'm here all alone. Sink overflowing the soap now set so I took a few moments and I went to my bed. My pillow inviting as daydreams began and I pulled over the blanket and I tucked myself in. Distance had vanished, no mountains or plains, the images of love are all that now reign.

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Mark said...

Sounds like a wonderful Autumn day! Crisp air last night in PA. Take care and enjoy.