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Pictorial Prose
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Monday, September 21, 2009

From Earth to the Heavens

The sun was quickly setting behind the Allegheny mountains and the reflection of the rays toyed with the blue of the sky. Like an artist who rules the canvas, the sun brushed shades in soft blends of cream, mauve and dark pink with a hint of the usual blues. There was a limited amount of time to get a glimpse of the ever changing scenery, as the evening progressed the green of the mountains went from a ruffled silhouette against the edge of the darkening sky to a darkness that seemed more like an abyss without depth of beginning nor and end.
The darkness redirected my sight from the sky and the mass of mountains to the oncoming lights from the train of cars that were quickly passing by. It was difficult at best to keep my mind from drifting, eight hours of driving gives you way to much time to think. Through the peace of nature I absorbed your love, as the memories embraced with such beauty and thus united my desire and my dreams. Consumed by the scroll of the heavens which retained every word you ever spoke, I reviewed all that was written as the spoken words of love.
There is a closeness beyond voice and it speaks from the heart to unite the souls and yet a distance remains, one that knows little of how to feed the hunger of our earthly form. The soul reveals the truth, the heart reacts and still turmoil can be found when we lose sight of the direction in which our spirit leads us.

Confusion is a man made energy created to block the reality.

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