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Pictorial Prose
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Friday, May 30, 2014

Sarah Pacheco «On The Street Where You Live»

Spring Cleaning

Whether it is tradition, an end to winter or the activity that comes with longer days and sunshine, the season spring cleaning is upon us. Of course I am a little late in my spring cleaning. With the rainy days finding me able to do less activity outdoors, I welcome the chance to get caught up on indoor house keeping. Celebrating the installation of my new clothes washing machine, finds me non stop washing clothes.
I think not only do we find an impulse to clean and throw up things that might have collected over the winter, I feel we need to cleanse our mind , toss out the negative and fill it with positive. The negative can collect from those around us who feel comfortable dumping their problems and responsibilities on everyone else. As I take a deep breath and continue going about cleaning, I allow the positive m
a place in which free from the anchors that accumulate and hold a person down.

Only tomorrow
will truly reveal,
what awaits us
as we journey up hill.

Every turn and
you will find,
that you have
always been on
my mind.


Scattered papers
a poem or two,
some of them
are dreams of you.

Tears and happiness,
are gathered together
in a journey of
sorrow and bliss.


I hold on to a few things,
that no one would understand,
like the letters in my drawer
written by hand.

Stories of a day gone by,
when you first took
my hand and led
me to the clouds in the sky.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Embracing Souls

When we are together
heaven reveals to me,
the meaning of true love
and how it should be.

Peaceful as the night,
when embracing hearts
are holding on so
very, very tight.

I love you,
I love you,
I can't say it enough,
I love you,
I love you
a sprinkle of heaven dust.

I love you,
I love you,
may our worlds become one,
I love you,
I love you.

I love you,
I love you,
forever and a day,
I love you,
I love you.


In this story,
you have the lead,
and I am yours
for all eternity.

In this chapter,
we may be far apart,
but our souls are together,
and our hearts are one.

Page by page,
I quickly review,
the past and the present
and tomorrow anew.

You hold the pen,
you know where I belong,
so script the pages
and don't make it long.

One Moment in Time


I'm singing in the rain
Just singing in the rain
What a glorious feelin'
I'm happy again
I'm laughing at clouds
So dark up above
The sun's in my heart
And I'm ready for love

Listening to the silence
your voice reaches out to me,
in whispers of sweetness
through a soft gentle breeze.

Your smile like the stars shining bright,
little reminders that jump started my life.
I can see the world in a different view,
since you opened my heart to the sky blue.

Our souls united, two into one
and our hearts were infused with love.
Your hand in mine, magical as can be,
from the moment you said hello, it
all felt like a dream.


I looked deep into my heart
and I saw your reflection
from a far.

I traced the magic and this
what I found, the love of
you and I was all around.

I couldn't deny it,
the truth was everywhere
and that is how our love
is shared.

Some things are truly meant to be,
the smile upon your face when
you are here with me.

The seasons document
in a variety of ways,
from spring shower,
to summer hours
through fall and a
winter day.

Bathing in Lavender,
to bring a calm my way,
as I feel restless in a
foolish kind of way.

The scent rewarding,
soothing to my soul
clearing my mind,
but can't unleash your hold.

I lay here in the dark of the night,
remembering what made my world
feel so right.

The stars are shining,
the moon no longer hiding,
the clouds in passing,
bring a  clearing to the night.
Listen close
and you will hear,
my whispers of love,
meant only for your ears.

Reach out to the darkness
and you will find,
that I am reaching back
in this lonely world of mine.

The Chapter Called Dreams

There I was in the chapter of my dreams,
reviewing the  moment you met up with me.
It wasn't an accident this I am sure,
for when you knocked upon the window,
I opened up the door.
I didn't want you to leave, ,
I wanted you to stay,
so I placed you in my heart
to embrace each and every day.
My heaven, my sweet embrace,
the passion that I hold is for you
my love.
Whether time places limits or
distance plays me the fool,
I'll not let go, as you have
a special hold.
Dreams are sometimes all I have,
no pinching or shaking,
I'm in the dreams where we
are holding hands.

Special Love

Follow me and you'll see the love we share,we are sunshine and rainbows and a breath of fresh air. Some things are with us for a limited time, but your heart and mine are forever entwined.
You are my thoughts in the morning and all through the day
and the dream that awaits when the night sky shades. I am grateful for each moment of time, that we have to share, heart, soul and mind.
I have been given a gift that few will ever find, the eternal love when your heart met mine. My life took on a different view, when I our souls came together and life began anew.
It is sharing of hearts, the caring of the souls, the magic of life, when  love takes a hold. My heart shares in many a tale,
but the one with you placed me in a spell.
You see a beauty, I see your charm, the kindness that blankets with a warmth. I gave my all, I trust you so and that is how our love began to grow.
The innocence that love details, when we take the barriers and
the protective shields. There you'll see the beauty of life, when love takes a hold and makes the moment right.
Distance can't part the sky, my stars are your stars and your stars are mine. The mountains are fading, the rivers are bridged and our hearts together are one loving gift.

Like the image upon the water on a clear summer day your love can be seen upon my heart as it will never chance to fade.
Greed causes a hunger that cannot be fed.
Each night I embrace the moment
while holding you in my heart.
Every once in a while
Something really great happens
That makes the day a little sunnier
And the flowers smell just a bit sweeter

My love is rather simple
and wants nothing in exchange,
 but to kiss your lips good morning
and share with you my day.

My nights are romantic treasures,
written in the heavens high
and as I close my eyes to sleep,
your image fills my mind.

Some thing cannot be measured
nor replaced with time,
as once the heart is given,
there is no returning a love so fine.
Until the combination of words are written so,
that they will live on forever and with history grow.
I'll move the words in sequence, switching them around
in hopes that we will be remembered that love can't let go.
I'll borrow from the heavens, the angels song upon my soul,
when it was first directed to me and gave a glimpse of the passion and desire that through my life grows.
I can feel it on the darkest days, it holds me so ever close,
a comfort that embraces both near and afar. I can sense your
being for our hearts are forever one and that is why I write
the words to share our special love.

Dancing on Clouds

Though it is officially still spring, it feels like a lazy day of summer. I am not sure exactly what is going on. I am tired, it is dreary, yes a bit to much rain, the lawn is mushroom filled, the strawberries over watered and the stream overflowing its bed. I walked down to the greenhouse, quickly looked in on the plants, checked on my rooting of Dapple Willow and headed back up to the house. It is one of those days, that you find yourself gazing out the window, not wanting to do much of anything.
Molly my daughters miniature poodle has adopted me while my daughter is away at college. She is like my shadow, following my every step. Though we have had one to many storms , we still have to be grateful, as water is equal to life. The hills are a lush green and over growing filling in the empty spaces so that we can no longer be seen from the main road. It is actually a beautiful time of year and seems like a rather short season.
I woke with a slight headache this morning and tried to walk it off to no avail. It is not I don't hav things to do, matter of fact there is a lot that waits to be done. It is one of those days where I find myself reviewing the past and again questioning my decisions and the journey.
I believe that everything we do, every person we meet and everything that happens is part of the greater plan. Okay so what is the greater plan? That I have asked myself quite often. We want to think of ourselves as humans being superior to the world around us. Yet I find that we are just a tiny part of the puzzle. Maybe it's more like connecting the dots. As we review, we are revealed the meaning of a moment in time.
I have been friend, wife and mother for so many years, that I forgot what it was or I was for myself.
I talked with my friend Kay as our lives in many ways parallel. She is an amazing friend, who has the ability to pull me back, when my dreams have me sailing away. Reminding me that everything has a reason. Supportive, emotionally she reveals a strength in the face of her own weakness.
I have this urge to want to yell from a mountain top. Can you hear me?

It seems rather foolish,
to lay here awake,
daydreaming of yesterday,
when you first took my heart.

I never saw it coming and
I didn't understand,
but you filled the void
when you took my hand.

Some chapters go on forever,
some a page or two,
but our chapter is eternal
as the love I have for you.

Took my heart,
turned it inside out,
for everyone to view,
the love I have for you.

Took my dreams and
placed you in the part of king,
that is all I see when I close
my eyes and find you with me.

Took my hand,
held it close and held it tight,
made my life feel so right,
both day and night.

Took a moment of time,
made it last forever.
From the first hello,
I knew that you were mine.


Step on in
and you will see,
the world as it
was meant to be.

In my heart,
within my soul,
the love written,
as a magic hold.

Whispers to the angels,
grateful am I,
from the moment you
took my hand and danced
upon the clouds in the sky.

Dancing on Clouds- a state of Euphoria

Dance my love,
dance with me,
I hold you close,
through memories.

Dance my love,
dance with me,
with you I am
happy as happy
can be.

Dance my love,
dance with me,
our hearts now one
beating rhythmically.

Dance my love,
dance with me,
the image now
burnt to my memory.

Dance my love,
dance with me,
you are here in my heart
where you were meant
to be.

Snowflakes on a summer day,
the child who wants to play,
rainbows that bridge a sea
and touch on sweet memories

I can't help dreaming,
dreaming of you as I
wander through the fields
reaching out to you.

Summer snowflakes
falling to the ground,
a shiver to the soul,
it is your love coming down.

I embrace the silliness of dreams,
as I wait there in my subconscious
in hopes I'll awake and find
you right here with me.

The seasons matter little,
I care not where they go,
from winter through fall
our love continues to grow.

I know you are with me,
I knew all along,
placing you in my heart,
where your love remains


I watched the robin tending to her young,
protective she shared her gift of love.
I admired her courage as I peered into
her nest and she stood staring at me,
as if she giving me a test.

She marks the season,
the season of love,
when nature comes together
and everything is one.


When Love Writes the Script

I can find the beauty in the rising of the sun, as it warms my being, my heart is warmed by love. Granted vision that can see through all things, like a rainbow in a storm and the gifts each season brings. Thankful for each moment and happy am I, from the moment we met I saw stars in your eyes. Two smiles that came together, two hearts that have gently weathered and all is as it seems as I lay here and dream.
I wake to find your love is always in my heart and that is why the flame for you dances like a shadow on the wall. Brighter and stronger, the flame of love keeps burning hotter. Passion for life, a joy that makes everything feel right. I knew it the moment I met you, that life would never be the same and that is why I celebrate each and every day.

It is not a fairytale,
of a princess and need,
even when I am alone,
I know that I am your queen.

It is a story without an ending,
a tale of lovers without a clue,
when hearts come together and
the sky is an amazing blue.

I took my pen and I began to write
the words of love for you and I.
The words came from my heart
like a script written in the stars.

I need only close my eyes
to find you here with me,
you are the light in the darkness
and the love that lives in me.

There is a silence to be broken,
a song to be sung, as I listen to
my heart and the whispering
words of love .

My heart speaks of laughter,
of the joy you bring to me
on a journey through life,
more vast than the open sea.

There is no sorrow,
no pain in my heart,
when you are a distance,
your love still remains
deep within my heart.

Some declared to love so,
but when push come to shove
off they'd go.

Some said forever,
until my dying days,
but funny thing is,
I can't remember their name.

True love need not be spoken,
it can guide from afar,
like a candle in the night,
it can brighten like a star.

Expectation is disappointment
and that is why I accept what
times brings, whether you are
beside me or the love in my dreams.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Many Combinations of My Love for You

Working the Memorial day event, I saw many of the same people from year after year. Of course there were vendors who were no longer there. I could only surmise, illness, age or death had befallen the missing vendors. Of course the day went on as if nothing changed, as there were new vendors to take their place. It matters very little our station in this world, when it is our time, there will be someone to take our place. You can't help but think about that as you age. How many more years will I still be around or have the ability to travel to the different trade shows and events?
Writing is a form of documenting , away of carrying on our dreams, our life , long after we are gone.

Will you remember,
when I am long gone?
The smile, the laughter,
the blue birds song.

The moment we met,
embraced from a far,
danced on the clouds,
touched with the heart.

Cradled each moment,
held on to it tight ,
while gazing at the stars
that were shining bright.

Whispers that cross,
land and sea, to
travel the distance
creating memories.

Our wants and our needs,
and a love come true,
sent down from the heavens,
sent me and then you.

I walked along the shore one day,
my footprints left upon the sand,
gazing out at the ocean , well
aware the tide would have the
upper hand.

I worried that you would forget me
 and the time that we had shared
and so I whispered to the wind,
to remind you how much I care.

The sun will go on shining,
the stars will light the sky
and I will love you with
all my heart, soul and mind.


It was the heart that spoke,
the soul followed along
and as I listened to the silence,
I heard the words of a love song.

Created by the heart,
sung by the soul,
the song of love,
to this day unfolds.

I rearranged the words,
added just a few,
to document a story
of all my love for you.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Show me the way...

For the most part of life, I felt I lived with no regrets. That we all are on our own journey, through a river of positive and negative experiences. Each becoming a lesson about life and the emotions expressed along the way. There are times that I could have done something differently, that has become a thorn like memories whose jab haunts the mind. Ah , I recognize where I am at, I am at the chapter of regrets. My eyes swell as I hold back tears. I thought to myself this cannot be , I made choices I cannot be in this chapter of regret. Yet here I am. My regrets were not the usual type, no time for family, not following dreams, losing contact with friends, children, etc. I think that regrets just falls under the title of choice. Everything we do in life has us making choices. For the most part, I stood by my choices. I dedicated myself to family, I found sometime to follow a few dreams, I kept in contact with friends and I sure had done my deed for the population explosion by having six children. What could I possibly regret?
I regret that I lost my independence. As I battled to find out who I was and where I belonged, I found myself troubled. Maybe for the most part I lived my life according to someone else's book, but when I started to write the pages, I saw that I was writing upon a page infused in fear. Which brings us back to choice, do I regret my choices? or is simply that I regret where my choices had taken me?
Entrapment, like the canary in a cage, that waits for the cage to be open, so as to fly and to find it returns back to the open cage. It is like waiting to taste freedom, to find that out you don't where you belong and so you return to where you have become accustomed.
1. I regret that not wanting to hurt others, I hurt myself.
2. I regret moments in time when I did not react fast enough and allowed the moment to slip away from me.
3. I regret that it took so long to find myself.
4. I regret that what I wanted most, I feared most.
5.I regret that I didn't recognize my strengths and weaknesses sooner.
You can't erase what is already written. You maybe not be able to rewrite yesterday and as it difficult as it may seem the pen is our hand alone as we are given a blank page for tomorrow. Therefore I cannot change the choices that have brought me to this moment in time, I hope that in recognizing who those around me are and who I am that the next chapter that awaits will be amazing.

I'll not let time pass away,
with out a word or two,
so as I whisper to the wind,
my love I send to you.

Frightened by the darkness,
fearful of the day,
who controls the journey
and sends us on our way?

I rule the moment,
I control the day,
I write the chapter
in a pleasing kind of way.
The time has come
and again choice appears,
and I ask myself who is
it that really cares?

Worries if I am lonely
and will hold me in the
night on the journey
that is so fleeting
yet worth the fight?

I question not the love I have
nor the love I have to share,
for the moment that I met you,
I knew how much you cared.

You held my hand and touched
my heart in a magical kind of way
and that is how our souls bonded
into a weave that is stronger with
each day.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Tired, I had finally fallen asleep when my daughter rings the phone at two am," hey mom, are you awake?" It is a bad trait the women in our family have, where they over analyze and can't shut their mind down. I do know where she is coming from, as I have been guilty of the very same thing. Even though it was late at night or very early in the morning, I am glad she felt at ease to turn to me with her thoughts. As she matures I see that she is much more like myself than she would ever truly admit to being. Listening is very important and I found that she is experiencing many of the same issues that took me many years to face. It is that scenario, where heart, mind and soul are not on the same page and which one overrides the other in the decision making process. I wish that I had easy answers for her but in all reality all I could do was listen as she expressed her thoughts. She said " love is not a switch that you can turn on and off." I understood her discovery of the variations of love, family, friendship, passion, emotional attachment and the element of caring.  She asked "how do you turn the mind off? Out of a long term relationship, she questioned whether she was wrong, as time had mellowed her thoughts. It was like a death where she was starting to forget the negative and focusing on the positive. After a couple hours of talking, she said " I am tired, I think I'll go to sleep." Now that was a good thought until I heard the 4:30 wake up call from the rooster. Unable to fall asleep , I found myself on a second wind. I looked out the window and it was definitely to early for the sun rise and way to cloudy to see the moon and stars in the sky. Not so anxious to get up and label products I lay in bed as my own mind began to wander.
It is not enough for one person to love, it takes two with the same passion to even the scale. Like being on a child's teetering see saw. One is up the other down, as if they are never on the same page.
When two people love with the same momentum, it is like watching fireworks in action. I am afraid my daughter had picked up that sensitivity, the emotional restlessness.

Listen to your heart,
don't toy with the mind,
continue on the journey
we have a limited amount
of time.

You'll know love,
when you find it,
you'll recognize it
by the soul.

From the moment
you wake up,
until you are fast asleep
hanging on every dream.
You can't turn it off,
it's impossible to do,
when love takes a hold,
it makes every day new.

You feel it deep inside,
it makes you question,
the choices that ultimately
 tease the mind.


The heart knows what it is feeling,
it recognized the passion long ago,
the wondrous magic of love that
gives off a royal glow.

You can see it in the blue sky,
when the clouds are passing by,
with the invitation to jump
aboard, with the heart , soul
and mind.
Trust is the first building block to a strong foundation,
than comes respect, which leads us down the path of love.
It is not enough to love,
for one must balance the giving of
 love with the receiving of love.
Some people don't like promises,
because forever is a long time. But than again,
they must never have met with love,
or they would see that forever is not long enough.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Review of My Heart

This post came up in a search  by one of my readers. I almost didn't recognize my own writing or at least I can safely say I don't remember writing it. Where were my thoughts, what was I thinking? In reality I have always connected with nature and I know the love I feel is forever. Nothing has really changed other than my level of awareness. Almost as if there is a heightened experience as I look back and become reminded of this life. When I say nothing has changed I don't necessarily mean in the physical, as the world goes about with many changes. But on a spiritual level, I see the world pretty much the same as I always have. Love is grand when sown in the heart and allowed to grow it flourishes and blooms in everything around us.

My forever,
knows no limit,
will exceed all time,
born in the heavens
embraces the mind.

My Soul on canvas, "Pictorial Prose": ..not just another snowflake.: I had never quite seen the snowflakes a I watched them fall today. Large puffs of white fluff as large as silver dollars floated gently dow...

...the rest of my life.

I'm gonna borrow your dream,
I'm gonna hold you tight,
kiss you good morning for
the rest of my life.

Nothing could be finer,
I could feel it coming true,
as I wake up in the morning
loving you.

I'm gonna borrow your dream,
I'm gonna hold you tight,
kiss you good morning for
the rest of my life.

Saturday, May 17, 2014


Love comes with acceptance
and with acceptance you find love,
the eternal embrace of happiness
sent down from up above.

Hungry for the existence
that time will so reveal,
is a story without and ending
in a truly epic tale.


There is no definition
or ending in sight,
eternal this love
rules both day and night.

Infinite this treasure,
one that cannot be measured,
more vast than the open sea,
it takes on the galaxy.

I believe in love,
like honey in my tea,
it sweetens life
creating memories.

I believe in happiness,
I felt it from the start,
when you took my hand,
I freely gave you my heart.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Rise Sun

Led on a detour,
finds each step of the journey a
travel through a jungle of the unknown.

I awoke to the morning,
no sun yet in sight,
fluffed my pillow and
held it tight.

Heart felt whispers,
that only I hear,
speak of a love of
one who cares.

Distance like mountains,
stand in the way,
parting hearts
with clouds of gray.

No tears, no heartache
or sorrow to be found,
yet rain from a storm,
keeps falling down.

I am frightened and lonely
what should I do?
When I reach in the darkness,
while reaching for you.


I speak not of whispers
released from my lips,
the words of love are
not hinged upon a kiss.

The whispers that you hear,
the whispers soft and sweet,
released from the heart,
created out of memories.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Filled With Emotion

I was once told not to allow my emotions to rule. Interesting the things that stick with you. But I find that life is emotion and some of us have more of a passion for it. Than I was told experiences would become fond memories. There was a stage in my life when I believed my life could or would take a different direction, but lately as I ponder on what tomorrow will bring, I find it weighs less on expectations.

Maybe just a page in this book of life
or a glimpse of one magical night.
No longer restless, troubled or in despair,
I have been down that road and nothing is there.

Maybe just a page in this book of life,
or a glimpse of one magical night.
Changed my heart forever and this I
can say that I met with love if just for one day.

It was the beginning of my life,
it was the end of my life.
Without emotion
we are an empty vessel.
Without love a lifeless
Without dreams
void of hope.

Little Rain Showers

We are in the middle of April showers in May. Though the rain is necessary for growth, you can get to much of a good thing. Though I am grateful that the rain held off yesterday for the farmers market. I have the much needed time to over think everything. Not like I couldn't be doing something else, but like a book with many chapters, I see the importance of characters. There were those in passing that left minor lessons and others who seem to be the anchors of life.

Behind every cloud,
the sun shines,
waiting on the moment,
to appear bright.


I closed my eyes
and images appeared,
the dance of love
with you my dear.

One tear fell
and this I know,
it held the memories
that won't let go.


Everything is a little greener,
the grass and the trees high,
the trees frogs and the dragonflies,
in the season called spring time.

Everything is a little more beautiful,
the roses that are now in bloom,
the hills of the hollow as they
come together with many a hue.

Every generation at one point says "when I was a kid." It is true that times are a changing and that we live in technological era. As I type I think back to my first typing class on non electric typewriter, where you had to bang the keys hard. Now we not only have computers but we walk down the street talking on telephones. On mothers day I went out to breakfast and I called my sister, there I was in a restaurant and sharing my meal with her from miles away. Yes times is a changing. Whether good or bad , it keeps moving on. I take it for granted that you are unlikely to find children playing jacks for hours, as I did as a child.
As I watched as my daughter matured from a child to a young women, I learned much about myself as I did her. Her confidence, joy of life exude through all she does. It seemed like not long ago, when she said " why do you love plants so?" I now find deeply involved in growing flowers and plants on her apartment window. She asked me this week " hey mom, can you pick up more flower pots, my plants need transplanted?" I watch as my love for life shines through her. I keep trying to hold on and at times I know I have to let go. That is when I realize I gave my life to raising 6 children to find myself smack dab in the middle of another chapter.
Sometimes I find like I can take on the world and other times, like today I celebrate in silence with my poodle Molly. Well Audrey's poodle but since Audrey is away at school Molly has adopted me.
I think I know allot to find out I really know so little about the changing world and the people in it.

Don't let go,
I am waiting here for you.
love sweet a chapter
just beginning.

Like stars bright
in the night sky,
your love shows
me the way to get by.

Speaking of Molly, she has become my shadow. There is nowhere I can go that she is not one step behind me. I run, she runs, I sit she sits, I think she would type if she could, sometimes I think she tries.

Every flower that blooms
will pass on by ,
nothing last forever,
not even time.

I hold on to the memories,
the joy you brought to me,
in hopes that you are there
holding on to me.

Little rain showers,
gifts of May,
reminders of that
one special day.

I do realize we all have struggles and that it is part of the journey to experience, learn as we travel on. There is a rainbow out my window, like a bridge across the sky, tapping into hearts , your love is what comes to mind.

I can see the blue of the sky,
bluer every day since you
touched this heart of mine.

I can feel the warmth of
your sweet love, igniting
a flame, my soul soars

The Canvas of Life

If we spend our time remembering the evil and horrors of the world, it means we spent less time on seeing the good and beauty of the world. It is not denial to set aside the negative, but it empowering to share in the positive. After watching a few moments of the dedication to the 911 museum, my first instinct was to gravel  that the punishment did not fit the crime. Briefly the thought passed and was replaced with the all that is good in the world. People, places and things that seem to go unrecognized and without a fan fare of gratitude. Every minute of the day we are looking at miracles in actions. From the people who make a difference in our everyday lives, to the song birds that greets us in the morning. It is true that there is a written and unwritten battle between good and bad, what better way to win the battle than as the old saying " treat those as you want to be treated." The rise above , is a step beyond the hell that many endure. Whether destruction is from nature or man, we have the ability to bring a calm, a sense of peace as we share in the simple emotion of love.

I can see the magic in the trees turning green,
their leaves bright are a canvas of spring.
Time is passing like a river flows to the sea,
traveling on and on in an endless bout of dreams.

I see the love that wakens me each morn,
the beauty of life in which our love adorns.
Every passing second a reminder of you
and our dance on the clouds in a sky of blue.


Surrounded by darkness and fear, until I looked around to find you were here. Close in my heart, where I hold everyday. I surface from the unknown with the happiness from the moments we share. Silly little smiles, that everyone can see are daily celebrations of what this life brings. We are the mountains that reach to the sky, the endless stars that boggle the mind.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

That is the beauty of life

Some people want to change the world,
I just want to change the way people see it.
The sky is a little bluer,
the sun definitely more bright,
even when the stars shine,
there is something special about
the night.

The day is a little better,
no sorrow in sight,
as we continue on our journey,
we give more meaning to life.

Just me , just me
and the apricot tree,
just me, just me
and the song bird sings.

Just me, just me
and the memories,
just me, just me
holding on to silly things.

For one moment there was silence,
no song bird could I hear,
the dogs were awfully quiet,
they were sleeping like a bear.

I awoke early in the morning
with you on my mind,
imaging you holding me and
making music from rhyme.


I keep opening the door,
to see what is outside,
to  find myself unable
to leave the past behind.


My heart is heavy
and I am not sure why,
as I stand before tomorrow
removing barriers with my mind.

Some are quite invincible,
they are the ones you can not see,
they're are built out of weakness
and they hold the lock and key.

Heaven is the star light in your eyes,
shines brighter than  day or night sky.
Like the smile warm upon your face,
an invitation to our special place.

Peace and contentment,
 through a happiness shower
this place of wonderment
is definitely  love inspired.


Sometimes we say goodbye
when we want to say hello
and again we say hello when it is
definitely a goodbye.

Friday, May 09, 2014

Deep Thoughts

Like a good book, there are variables imbedded that allow for various interpretations. I don't think that the variations mean right or wrong.  Without giving it much thought we analyze everything we do, each moment. The writer goes about providing a particular view and the reader interprets it as they relate to it.
Over the years I have reviewed the same experiences and found my interpretation or response changed. Knowledge , maturity, circumstance had input to my altered views. I quickly wondered did that make my first action or reactions in error ? Did I over analyze, see what I wanted to see? I have always been aware that my heart, soul and mind were never on the same page. My heart the vessel of emotion was guilty of leading me astray, my soul aware of the truth and yet teetering , which leads us to the mind that goes about the task of some off the wall balancing act. The heart speaks " love, love, love" the soul " connection, connection, connection" the mind " doubt, fear, unknown." On the same stage the heart, soul and mind provide us with the various interpretations of life. Is it possible that these three parts of emotional being could interpret incorrectly or is it the obvious change that maturity grants us?
Like a wild rambling rose, my thoughts are scattered. Indeed my hearts loves, my soul connects and my mind questions it all. I sense an emotional tired, retreat or battle?
Enough deep thoughts for one day. As I head out into the gardens and attend the mostly like dried out flowers in the green house, I take a deep breath , slowly blowing in the wind.

No rejection,
these flowers of mine,
potted floral
and creeping thyme.

I neglected
and still they wait,
a little sunshine and
a little rain.


Void of loneliness ,
 darkness and despair,
I filled my heart with happiness
via the love we share.

You can find it in the blue sky,
morning, noon and night
majestic in its qualities
giving meaning to this life.

Nothing is missing,
though distance plays a part,
for I have your love and
it bridges from a far.

Meaningful the vibration,
the shiver through my spine,
rattles my emotions as it
gives meaning to rhyme.

When I was requested to write a poem for a women who had six weeks left to live, I realized the meaning of a " deadline" In many ways it is true, at some point we will parish from this existence and we will no longer live in this time, in this body , in this reality. That is where writing grants us the power each word becomes somewhat eternal,

My Forever

In the wind our love shall blow,
likes that which germinates and grows,
flowers sowed and roses in bloom
document my love for you.

River to the ocean,
sea to the shore,
your love to my heart
is our forevermore.

Thursday, May 08, 2014

Sweet Lilac

There I was a child of ten,
gathering lilac before they're spent.
Fragrance sweet in each bouquet,
with reminders of yesterday.

The woman quickly replaces the child,
but still she shares that youth like smile.
Haunting memories that never fade,
that tease the heart in an ironic way.

Whispers soft from the soul,
to the heart a melodic hold.
Like angels singing up above,
the words that celebrate our love.

I'll not chance to forget,
why song birds sing,
flowers bloom
and how I felt when
I first met you.

The skies were blue,
the sun was bright
and rainbows bridged
with beams of light.

The day was captured
and I held it near and
through my heart and soul,
the love was shared.

No more tears,
the ache is gone,
for I had your love
all along.



It is not just summer,
with the rays of sun shining down,
the month is awfully special
it is when friendship was found.

It held me through the darkest days,
kissed my fallen tears away and
when the clouds of gray loomed,
it was your love that began to bloom.


Once more 

Once more I gather lilac,
the flowers are now in bloom
and place them on the table,
as a celebration of my love for you.

It may seem rather simple,
the fragrant flowers in a vase,
that fill the room with sweetness,
as a reminder of that one special day.


I shall not forget,
for you have touched my heart,
shared the nightly sky with both
 the moon and stars.

I shall hold forever,
beyond this earth like tale,
for our souls had come together
when from heaven they first fell.

..in my heart.

Little irony that mothers day is approaching yet my thoughts are deeply imbedded in memories of my father. I think that he passed on knowledge, strengths and his weaknesses. He was very emotional, loved reading and poetry.I didn't realize how much influence poetry had on me till my fathers passing and a small stack of poetry books, cards and hand written poems that I had given to him were handed to me. Most of them were poems from my childhood and they were about fathers and a few were faith poems, like "footprints in the sand and courage and change poem."

 Busy with raising my 5 sons and a daughter, I never gave myself much thought. That was until they were all growing up and in school. I called it a midlife crisis, that makes you look back at where you were and wonder where you are going. Sometimes I feel like I know the answers to that and other times it takes looking at my daughters life to see my own stages of growth.


For a moment I was earth and sky,
soaring to the heavens with you by my side.
Everything seemed perfect as I held on to you,
with love as our guide we made the skies so  blue.


I watch as the birds take to building nest,
they seem to know their place in this worldly mess.
Singing songs that are melodic to the ears
and a bit magical in the gifts of love they share.

I am one with the blue skies that umbrella the hills
and with the hollow that is full of blooming daffodils.
The trees are getting greener, the sun so bright and
with you in my heart, everything is alright..

All out of love - Air Supply (With Lyrics)

Tuesday, May 06, 2014

,,, to the sea

We all at times find ourselves a float, setting sail and the need to anchor. Looking back twelve years ago, I can remember crossing a river to find a sea, climbing the hills to find a mountain. In many ways nothing has changed and everything has changed.

I sailed the blue,
found a cloud,
and I waited there
for you.

I sailed to the sea,
found your heart,
waiting there for
Every door has a lock,
every lock has a key.

Monday, May 05, 2014

Every Poem

Every poem are words of you and I,
each story written reveals our hearts,
When the world feels awfully lonely
I know that you'll be there to hold
me tight.

Every love song I ever heard,
each sound a love bird tweets,
all remind me of you and
how much you mean to me.

Every  poem are words of you and I,
each story written reveals our hearts,
when the world feels awfully lonely,
I know that you'll be there to hold
me tight.

Every sunrise I get a glimpse of,
every star that shines in the night,
each time my heart beats,
I know it beats for you and I.

Inside Out

I imagine that everyone has at least once gazed unto the night sky and realized how small we are in the scheme of things As I seemed to have spent a life time trying to find my place in the world , I have come to an understanding, that it's not about what we want life to be, but what it is. When people stop by and talk to me at trade shows , one word is used continuously by most of the people. "Passion" They will say "yes you have such passion for what you do."  I would like to think that everything I do , I do with such passion.  I have at times allowed my emotions to almost overpower my life, as I am known to explore everything with such intensity. My enthusiasm for life can be taken many ways, some times it is looked on as being intimidating and other times the excitement is understood for what it is. Whether it is the celebration of the morning, the love of life, my strong desire to share with another , writing or manufacturing skincare products, it is all but a glimpse of my soul. The passion is whether it is one person or thousands, each person that I meet walks way with a bit of who I am.

I don't love with part of myself,
incredible excitement, life's spell.
When I say " I love you" you'll know
it to be true, as I give my all to you.

It is a bit of an obsession,
that I will declare.
Always thinking of you
and wanting to share.

I watched the crescent moon,
as clouds were passing I knew
that you were here, close
as my heart, I felt you from afar.

I whispered as if you could hear me,
words of love that are endearing
and smiled just so, while I lay here
thinking , wondering if you too are dreaming.


I turned my heart inside out
to show you how deep my love,
every morning, all day and night,
I dream of the love of my life.

I turned my heart inside out,
to reveal the meaning of life,
to share in the moment, to
capture the dream I turned my
heart inside out for you to see.

I turned my heart inside out and
love was all that was found,
for a moment an hour or a day,
your love is with me for eternity.

I turned  my heart inside out and
it was not surprise what I saw,
blue skies and sun shine, blossoms
sweet and the love that I hold inside
of me.

I turned my heart inside out and
found that your name was inscribed deep inside,
like the dreams that I have each night,
all revealing you are forever mine.


Enduring this love,
created in the heavens above,
directed by the angels
our souls meet, that my friend is
not a dream.

Maybe it is not of an earthly plan,
that our hearts would meet set
The journey both near and far,
is sailing away on the love in my


Sunday, May 04, 2014

I Love You More

Take the good and hold it in your heart,
remember the moments when love got its start.
Let the negative free from your soul,
don't let it grasp and take a hold.

The sun is bright and the skies are blue,
our cloud in passing waits on me and you.
The flowers are blooming and spring found its way
in a celebration of each and every day.

I heard the song of the Red Breasted Grosbeak,
as it whistled the song of spring.
I watched the sun rise in the sky,
as I wished you by my side.

The memories are like the lilac blooming,
a haunting scent to tease my soul.
The purple blooms are a reminder
of the dreams yet to come true.

I find myself wishing and waiting
to share my life with you
Time is passing on and some things
like my love for you remain the same.

More than the early rising sun, is
the warmth I feel from you my love.
More than the star lit sky of night
and that is why you are always on my

More than any story ever written to date,
ours was magically created by fate.
More than the world will understand,
as our love is part of a greater plan.

More with each and every passing day,
my heart feels a pain when you are far away.
More than our existence here on earth,
our love is a treasure that is heaven birthed.

Thursday, May 01, 2014

Simple words for a not so simple love

When the stars rule the sky
and the moon is shining bright,
there in the darkness is an
image of you and I.

With my eyes wide open
or tightly closed to sleep,
I can still see the visions
of you in my dreams.

Sometimes it is a comfort
that soothes my restless soul
and other times it is a heartache
that has an eternal hold.

I try  to remember
the magic in the day
when you first said hello
and nothing was again the same.

My heart is overflowing,
from the love I hold inside,
I kept for safe keeping
to ease my troubled mind.

Distance and time
plays a foolish game,
for you are ever close
in my heart you remain.

Brighter than the sunshine
that rises in the morn,
more beautiful than the
ocean that meets with the shore

More gentle than a baby,
cradled in your arms and
finer than a spool of gold
woven into yarn.

Simple words for
a not so simple love,
written by the heart
and stored up above.

To You My Sweet

Without a sound,
no voice can I hear,
yet my heart speaks
as our love is shared.

Whispers soft
over mountains high
to send to you
the love I hold inside.

Without a sound,
no voice can I hear,
yet my heart speaks
as our love is shared.

Traveling far,
across the sea,
on the tail of the wind,
to you my sweet.

Without a sound,
no voice can I hear,
yet my heart speaks
as our love is shared.

Scarlet Tanager and
a Red Breasted Grosbeak,
were singing a song in
a melodic tweet.

Spring is definitely in gear,
as I watch the young birds appear.
Migration is an amazing feat as
it brings the gifts of spring.

Flowers on the hill side,
battled the winter ice and snow
and now they bloom like a
carpet while they continue to grow.

The seasons in passing,
are filled with many memories
as I gather up  the ones of sorrow,
I replace them with joyous dreams.