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Pictorial Prose
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Thursday, May 08, 2014

Sweet Lilac

There I was a child of ten,
gathering lilac before they're spent.
Fragrance sweet in each bouquet,
with reminders of yesterday.

The woman quickly replaces the child,
but still she shares that youth like smile.
Haunting memories that never fade,
that tease the heart in an ironic way.

Whispers soft from the soul,
to the heart a melodic hold.
Like angels singing up above,
the words that celebrate our love.

I'll not chance to forget,
why song birds sing,
flowers bloom
and how I felt when
I first met you.

The skies were blue,
the sun was bright
and rainbows bridged
with beams of light.

The day was captured
and I held it near and
through my heart and soul,
the love was shared.

No more tears,
the ache is gone,
for I had your love
all along.



It is not just summer,
with the rays of sun shining down,
the month is awfully special
it is when friendship was found.

It held me through the darkest days,
kissed my fallen tears away and
when the clouds of gray loomed,
it was your love that began to bloom.


Once more 

Once more I gather lilac,
the flowers are now in bloom
and place them on the table,
as a celebration of my love for you.

It may seem rather simple,
the fragrant flowers in a vase,
that fill the room with sweetness,
as a reminder of that one special day.


I shall not forget,
for you have touched my heart,
shared the nightly sky with both
 the moon and stars.

I shall hold forever,
beyond this earth like tale,
for our souls had come together
when from heaven they first fell.

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