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Thursday, May 08, 2014

..in my heart.

Little irony that mothers day is approaching yet my thoughts are deeply imbedded in memories of my father. I think that he passed on knowledge, strengths and his weaknesses. He was very emotional, loved reading and poetry.I didn't realize how much influence poetry had on me till my fathers passing and a small stack of poetry books, cards and hand written poems that I had given to him were handed to me. Most of them were poems from my childhood and they were about fathers and a few were faith poems, like "footprints in the sand and courage and change poem."

 Busy with raising my 5 sons and a daughter, I never gave myself much thought. That was until they were all growing up and in school. I called it a midlife crisis, that makes you look back at where you were and wonder where you are going. Sometimes I feel like I know the answers to that and other times it takes looking at my daughters life to see my own stages of growth.


For a moment I was earth and sky,
soaring to the heavens with you by my side.
Everything seemed perfect as I held on to you,
with love as our guide we made the skies so  blue.


I watch as the birds take to building nest,
they seem to know their place in this worldly mess.
Singing songs that are melodic to the ears
and a bit magical in the gifts of love they share.

I am one with the blue skies that umbrella the hills
and with the hollow that is full of blooming daffodils.
The trees are getting greener, the sun so bright and
with you in my heart, everything is alright..

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