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Monday, May 05, 2014

Inside Out

I imagine that everyone has at least once gazed unto the night sky and realized how small we are in the scheme of things As I seemed to have spent a life time trying to find my place in the world , I have come to an understanding, that it's not about what we want life to be, but what it is. When people stop by and talk to me at trade shows , one word is used continuously by most of the people. "Passion" They will say "yes you have such passion for what you do."  I would like to think that everything I do , I do with such passion.  I have at times allowed my emotions to almost overpower my life, as I am known to explore everything with such intensity. My enthusiasm for life can be taken many ways, some times it is looked on as being intimidating and other times the excitement is understood for what it is. Whether it is the celebration of the morning, the love of life, my strong desire to share with another , writing or manufacturing skincare products, it is all but a glimpse of my soul. The passion is whether it is one person or thousands, each person that I meet walks way with a bit of who I am.

I don't love with part of myself,
incredible excitement, life's spell.
When I say " I love you" you'll know
it to be true, as I give my all to you.

It is a bit of an obsession,
that I will declare.
Always thinking of you
and wanting to share.

I watched the crescent moon,
as clouds were passing I knew
that you were here, close
as my heart, I felt you from afar.

I whispered as if you could hear me,
words of love that are endearing
and smiled just so, while I lay here
thinking , wondering if you too are dreaming.


I turned my heart inside out
to show you how deep my love,
every morning, all day and night,
I dream of the love of my life.

I turned my heart inside out,
to reveal the meaning of life,
to share in the moment, to
capture the dream I turned my
heart inside out for you to see.

I turned my heart inside out and
love was all that was found,
for a moment an hour or a day,
your love is with me for eternity.

I turned  my heart inside out and
it was not surprise what I saw,
blue skies and sun shine, blossoms
sweet and the love that I hold inside
of me.

I turned my heart inside out and
found that your name was inscribed deep inside,
like the dreams that I have each night,
all revealing you are forever mine.


Enduring this love,
created in the heavens above,
directed by the angels
our souls meet, that my friend is
not a dream.

Maybe it is not of an earthly plan,
that our hearts would meet set
The journey both near and far,
is sailing away on the love in my


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