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Friday, May 30, 2014

Spring Cleaning

Whether it is tradition, an end to winter or the activity that comes with longer days and sunshine, the season spring cleaning is upon us. Of course I am a little late in my spring cleaning. With the rainy days finding me able to do less activity outdoors, I welcome the chance to get caught up on indoor house keeping. Celebrating the installation of my new clothes washing machine, finds me non stop washing clothes.
I think not only do we find an impulse to clean and throw up things that might have collected over the winter, I feel we need to cleanse our mind , toss out the negative and fill it with positive. The negative can collect from those around us who feel comfortable dumping their problems and responsibilities on everyone else. As I take a deep breath and continue going about cleaning, I allow the positive m
a place in which free from the anchors that accumulate and hold a person down.

Only tomorrow
will truly reveal,
what awaits us
as we journey up hill.

Every turn and
you will find,
that you have
always been on
my mind.


Scattered papers
a poem or two,
some of them
are dreams of you.

Tears and happiness,
are gathered together
in a journey of
sorrow and bliss.


I hold on to a few things,
that no one would understand,
like the letters in my drawer
written by hand.

Stories of a day gone by,
when you first took
my hand and led
me to the clouds in the sky.

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