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Friday, May 09, 2014

Deep Thoughts

Like a good book, there are variables imbedded that allow for various interpretations. I don't think that the variations mean right or wrong.  Without giving it much thought we analyze everything we do, each moment. The writer goes about providing a particular view and the reader interprets it as they relate to it.
Over the years I have reviewed the same experiences and found my interpretation or response changed. Knowledge , maturity, circumstance had input to my altered views. I quickly wondered did that make my first action or reactions in error ? Did I over analyze, see what I wanted to see? I have always been aware that my heart, soul and mind were never on the same page. My heart the vessel of emotion was guilty of leading me astray, my soul aware of the truth and yet teetering , which leads us to the mind that goes about the task of some off the wall balancing act. The heart speaks " love, love, love" the soul " connection, connection, connection" the mind " doubt, fear, unknown." On the same stage the heart, soul and mind provide us with the various interpretations of life. Is it possible that these three parts of emotional being could interpret incorrectly or is it the obvious change that maturity grants us?
Like a wild rambling rose, my thoughts are scattered. Indeed my hearts loves, my soul connects and my mind questions it all. I sense an emotional tired, retreat or battle?
Enough deep thoughts for one day. As I head out into the gardens and attend the mostly like dried out flowers in the green house, I take a deep breath , slowly blowing in the wind.

No rejection,
these flowers of mine,
potted floral
and creeping thyme.

I neglected
and still they wait,
a little sunshine and
a little rain.


Void of loneliness ,
 darkness and despair,
I filled my heart with happiness
via the love we share.

You can find it in the blue sky,
morning, noon and night
majestic in its qualities
giving meaning to this life.

Nothing is missing,
though distance plays a part,
for I have your love and
it bridges from a far.

Meaningful the vibration,
the shiver through my spine,
rattles my emotions as it
gives meaning to rhyme.

When I was requested to write a poem for a women who had six weeks left to live, I realized the meaning of a " deadline" In many ways it is true, at some point we will parish from this existence and we will no longer live in this time, in this body , in this reality. That is where writing grants us the power each word becomes somewhat eternal,

My Forever

In the wind our love shall blow,
likes that which germinates and grows,
flowers sowed and roses in bloom
document my love for you.

River to the ocean,
sea to the shore,
your love to my heart
is our forevermore.


Anonymous said...

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Margie said...

I must come back and dwell on all you have written later tonight.
Have to cook dunner now.

Blessings to you, Rachel.