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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Little Rain Showers

We are in the middle of April showers in May. Though the rain is necessary for growth, you can get to much of a good thing. Though I am grateful that the rain held off yesterday for the farmers market. I have the much needed time to over think everything. Not like I couldn't be doing something else, but like a book with many chapters, I see the importance of characters. There were those in passing that left minor lessons and others who seem to be the anchors of life.

Behind every cloud,
the sun shines,
waiting on the moment,
to appear bright.


I closed my eyes
and images appeared,
the dance of love
with you my dear.

One tear fell
and this I know,
it held the memories
that won't let go.


Everything is a little greener,
the grass and the trees high,
the trees frogs and the dragonflies,
in the season called spring time.

Everything is a little more beautiful,
the roses that are now in bloom,
the hills of the hollow as they
come together with many a hue.

Every generation at one point says "when I was a kid." It is true that times are a changing and that we live in technological era. As I type I think back to my first typing class on non electric typewriter, where you had to bang the keys hard. Now we not only have computers but we walk down the street talking on telephones. On mothers day I went out to breakfast and I called my sister, there I was in a restaurant and sharing my meal with her from miles away. Yes times is a changing. Whether good or bad , it keeps moving on. I take it for granted that you are unlikely to find children playing jacks for hours, as I did as a child.
As I watched as my daughter matured from a child to a young women, I learned much about myself as I did her. Her confidence, joy of life exude through all she does. It seemed like not long ago, when she said " why do you love plants so?" I now find deeply involved in growing flowers and plants on her apartment window. She asked me this week " hey mom, can you pick up more flower pots, my plants need transplanted?" I watch as my love for life shines through her. I keep trying to hold on and at times I know I have to let go. That is when I realize I gave my life to raising 6 children to find myself smack dab in the middle of another chapter.
Sometimes I find like I can take on the world and other times, like today I celebrate in silence with my poodle Molly. Well Audrey's poodle but since Audrey is away at school Molly has adopted me.
I think I know allot to find out I really know so little about the changing world and the people in it.

Don't let go,
I am waiting here for you.
love sweet a chapter
just beginning.

Like stars bright
in the night sky,
your love shows
me the way to get by.

Speaking of Molly, she has become my shadow. There is nowhere I can go that she is not one step behind me. I run, she runs, I sit she sits, I think she would type if she could, sometimes I think she tries.

Every flower that blooms
will pass on by ,
nothing last forever,
not even time.

I hold on to the memories,
the joy you brought to me,
in hopes that you are there
holding on to me.

Little rain showers,
gifts of May,
reminders of that
one special day.

I do realize we all have struggles and that it is part of the journey to experience, learn as we travel on. There is a rainbow out my window, like a bridge across the sky, tapping into hearts , your love is what comes to mind.

I can see the blue of the sky,
bluer every day since you
touched this heart of mine.

I can feel the warmth of
your sweet love, igniting
a flame, my soul soars

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