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Pictorial Prose
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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

That is the beauty of life

Some people want to change the world,
I just want to change the way people see it.
The sky is a little bluer,
the sun definitely more bright,
even when the stars shine,
there is something special about
the night.

The day is a little better,
no sorrow in sight,
as we continue on our journey,
we give more meaning to life.

Just me , just me
and the apricot tree,
just me, just me
and the song bird sings.

Just me, just me
and the memories,
just me, just me
holding on to silly things.

For one moment there was silence,
no song bird could I hear,
the dogs were awfully quiet,
they were sleeping like a bear.

I awoke early in the morning
with you on my mind,
imaging you holding me and
making music from rhyme.


I keep opening the door,
to see what is outside,
to  find myself unable
to leave the past behind.


My heart is heavy
and I am not sure why,
as I stand before tomorrow
removing barriers with my mind.

Some are quite invincible,
they are the ones you can not see,
they're are built out of weakness
and they hold the lock and key.

Heaven is the star light in your eyes,
shines brighter than  day or night sky.
Like the smile warm upon your face,
an invitation to our special place.

Peace and contentment,
 through a happiness shower
this place of wonderment
is definitely  love inspired.


Sometimes we say goodbye
when we want to say hello
and again we say hello when it is
definitely a goodbye.

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Margie said...

I love this.