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Thursday, May 29, 2014

When Love Writes the Script

I can find the beauty in the rising of the sun, as it warms my being, my heart is warmed by love. Granted vision that can see through all things, like a rainbow in a storm and the gifts each season brings. Thankful for each moment and happy am I, from the moment we met I saw stars in your eyes. Two smiles that came together, two hearts that have gently weathered and all is as it seems as I lay here and dream.
I wake to find your love is always in my heart and that is why the flame for you dances like a shadow on the wall. Brighter and stronger, the flame of love keeps burning hotter. Passion for life, a joy that makes everything feel right. I knew it the moment I met you, that life would never be the same and that is why I celebrate each and every day.

It is not a fairytale,
of a princess and need,
even when I am alone,
I know that I am your queen.

It is a story without an ending,
a tale of lovers without a clue,
when hearts come together and
the sky is an amazing blue.

I took my pen and I began to write
the words of love for you and I.
The words came from my heart
like a script written in the stars.

I need only close my eyes
to find you here with me,
you are the light in the darkness
and the love that lives in me.

There is a silence to be broken,
a song to be sung, as I listen to
my heart and the whispering
words of love .

My heart speaks of laughter,
of the joy you bring to me
on a journey through life,
more vast than the open sea.

There is no sorrow,
no pain in my heart,
when you are a distance,
your love still remains
deep within my heart.

Some declared to love so,
but when push come to shove
off they'd go.

Some said forever,
until my dying days,
but funny thing is,
I can't remember their name.

True love need not be spoken,
it can guide from afar,
like a candle in the night,
it can brighten like a star.

Expectation is disappointment
and that is why I accept what
times brings, whether you are
beside me or the love in my dreams.

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