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Pictorial Prose
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Thursday, May 15, 2014

The Canvas of Life

If we spend our time remembering the evil and horrors of the world, it means we spent less time on seeing the good and beauty of the world. It is not denial to set aside the negative, but it empowering to share in the positive. After watching a few moments of the dedication to the 911 museum, my first instinct was to gravel  that the punishment did not fit the crime. Briefly the thought passed and was replaced with the all that is good in the world. People, places and things that seem to go unrecognized and without a fan fare of gratitude. Every minute of the day we are looking at miracles in actions. From the people who make a difference in our everyday lives, to the song birds that greets us in the morning. It is true that there is a written and unwritten battle between good and bad, what better way to win the battle than as the old saying " treat those as you want to be treated." The rise above , is a step beyond the hell that many endure. Whether destruction is from nature or man, we have the ability to bring a calm, a sense of peace as we share in the simple emotion of love.

I can see the magic in the trees turning green,
their leaves bright are a canvas of spring.
Time is passing like a river flows to the sea,
traveling on and on in an endless bout of dreams.

I see the love that wakens me each morn,
the beauty of life in which our love adorns.
Every passing second a reminder of you
and our dance on the clouds in a sky of blue.


Surrounded by darkness and fear, until I looked around to find you were here. Close in my heart, where I hold everyday. I surface from the unknown with the happiness from the moments we share. Silly little smiles, that everyone can see are daily celebrations of what this life brings. We are the mountains that reach to the sky, the endless stars that boggle the mind.

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