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Monday, May 26, 2014

Many Combinations of My Love for You

Working the Memorial day event, I saw many of the same people from year after year. Of course there were vendors who were no longer there. I could only surmise, illness, age or death had befallen the missing vendors. Of course the day went on as if nothing changed, as there were new vendors to take their place. It matters very little our station in this world, when it is our time, there will be someone to take our place. You can't help but think about that as you age. How many more years will I still be around or have the ability to travel to the different trade shows and events?
Writing is a form of documenting , away of carrying on our dreams, our life , long after we are gone.

Will you remember,
when I am long gone?
The smile, the laughter,
the blue birds song.

The moment we met,
embraced from a far,
danced on the clouds,
touched with the heart.

Cradled each moment,
held on to it tight ,
while gazing at the stars
that were shining bright.

Whispers that cross,
land and sea, to
travel the distance
creating memories.

Our wants and our needs,
and a love come true,
sent down from the heavens,
sent me and then you.

I walked along the shore one day,
my footprints left upon the sand,
gazing out at the ocean , well
aware the tide would have the
upper hand.

I worried that you would forget me
 and the time that we had shared
and so I whispered to the wind,
to remind you how much I care.

The sun will go on shining,
the stars will light the sky
and I will love you with
all my heart, soul and mind.


It was the heart that spoke,
the soul followed along
and as I listened to the silence,
I heard the words of a love song.

Created by the heart,
sung by the soul,
the song of love,
to this day unfolds.

I rearranged the words,
added just a few,
to document a story
of all my love for you.


Margie said...

Your words have a way of touching my heart that I just cannot explain.
I loved your poem and felt a sadness about the 'people no longer being there' at the event that were there last year.
Life goes on ....

Rachel C Miller said...

We all can't be iconic...life indeed goes on. It makes one humble, when you realize how little insignificance human life can have. But than gazing into the stars on a clear night can have that same effect. As you begin realize that we are a very small part of a much bigger thing.