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Pictorial Prose
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Sunday, May 04, 2014

I Love You More

Take the good and hold it in your heart,
remember the moments when love got its start.
Let the negative free from your soul,
don't let it grasp and take a hold.

The sun is bright and the skies are blue,
our cloud in passing waits on me and you.
The flowers are blooming and spring found its way
in a celebration of each and every day.

I heard the song of the Red Breasted Grosbeak,
as it whistled the song of spring.
I watched the sun rise in the sky,
as I wished you by my side.

The memories are like the lilac blooming,
a haunting scent to tease my soul.
The purple blooms are a reminder
of the dreams yet to come true.

I find myself wishing and waiting
to share my life with you
Time is passing on and some things
like my love for you remain the same.

More than the early rising sun, is
the warmth I feel from you my love.
More than the star lit sky of night
and that is why you are always on my

More than any story ever written to date,
ours was magically created by fate.
More than the world will understand,
as our love is part of a greater plan.

More with each and every passing day,
my heart feels a pain when you are far away.
More than our existence here on earth,
our love is a treasure that is heaven birthed.


Margie said...

An enduring love, beautiful ....

Rachel C Miller said...

Thank You