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Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Tired, I had finally fallen asleep when my daughter rings the phone at two am," hey mom, are you awake?" It is a bad trait the women in our family have, where they over analyze and can't shut their mind down. I do know where she is coming from, as I have been guilty of the very same thing. Even though it was late at night or very early in the morning, I am glad she felt at ease to turn to me with her thoughts. As she matures I see that she is much more like myself than she would ever truly admit to being. Listening is very important and I found that she is experiencing many of the same issues that took me many years to face. It is that scenario, where heart, mind and soul are not on the same page and which one overrides the other in the decision making process. I wish that I had easy answers for her but in all reality all I could do was listen as she expressed her thoughts. She said " love is not a switch that you can turn on and off." I understood her discovery of the variations of love, family, friendship, passion, emotional attachment and the element of caring.  She asked "how do you turn the mind off? Out of a long term relationship, she questioned whether she was wrong, as time had mellowed her thoughts. It was like a death where she was starting to forget the negative and focusing on the positive. After a couple hours of talking, she said " I am tired, I think I'll go to sleep." Now that was a good thought until I heard the 4:30 wake up call from the rooster. Unable to fall asleep , I found myself on a second wind. I looked out the window and it was definitely to early for the sun rise and way to cloudy to see the moon and stars in the sky. Not so anxious to get up and label products I lay in bed as my own mind began to wander.
It is not enough for one person to love, it takes two with the same passion to even the scale. Like being on a child's teetering see saw. One is up the other down, as if they are never on the same page.
When two people love with the same momentum, it is like watching fireworks in action. I am afraid my daughter had picked up that sensitivity, the emotional restlessness.

Listen to your heart,
don't toy with the mind,
continue on the journey
we have a limited amount
of time.

You'll know love,
when you find it,
you'll recognize it
by the soul.

From the moment
you wake up,
until you are fast asleep
hanging on every dream.
You can't turn it off,
it's impossible to do,
when love takes a hold,
it makes every day new.

You feel it deep inside,
it makes you question,
the choices that ultimately
 tease the mind.


The heart knows what it is feeling,
it recognized the passion long ago,
the wondrous magic of love that
gives off a royal glow.

You can see it in the blue sky,
when the clouds are passing by,
with the invitation to jump
aboard, with the heart , soul
and mind.
Trust is the first building block to a strong foundation,
than comes respect, which leads us down the path of love.
It is not enough to love,
for one must balance the giving of
 love with the receiving of love.
Some people don't like promises,
because forever is a long time. But than again,
they must never have met with love,
or they would see that forever is not long enough.


Margie said...

Your daughter is blessed by such a wonderful and loving mom.

Loved reading this, Rachel.

Rachel C Miller said...

Hi Margie,
Glad you enjoyed sharing in a moment of my day. I do think I the one most blessed, she is all that I have imagined having a daughter would be.

She is my daughter, my friend, my shopping companion and I don't think anyone knows me better. In more ways than one , she is my angel.

Margie said...

I know just what you mean.
So, you both are blessed.
I have one that is also 'my angel'