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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Dancing on Clouds

Though it is officially still spring, it feels like a lazy day of summer. I am not sure exactly what is going on. I am tired, it is dreary, yes a bit to much rain, the lawn is mushroom filled, the strawberries over watered and the stream overflowing its bed. I walked down to the greenhouse, quickly looked in on the plants, checked on my rooting of Dapple Willow and headed back up to the house. It is one of those days, that you find yourself gazing out the window, not wanting to do much of anything.
Molly my daughters miniature poodle has adopted me while my daughter is away at college. She is like my shadow, following my every step. Though we have had one to many storms , we still have to be grateful, as water is equal to life. The hills are a lush green and over growing filling in the empty spaces so that we can no longer be seen from the main road. It is actually a beautiful time of year and seems like a rather short season.
I woke with a slight headache this morning and tried to walk it off to no avail. It is not I don't hav things to do, matter of fact there is a lot that waits to be done. It is one of those days where I find myself reviewing the past and again questioning my decisions and the journey.
I believe that everything we do, every person we meet and everything that happens is part of the greater plan. Okay so what is the greater plan? That I have asked myself quite often. We want to think of ourselves as humans being superior to the world around us. Yet I find that we are just a tiny part of the puzzle. Maybe it's more like connecting the dots. As we review, we are revealed the meaning of a moment in time.
I have been friend, wife and mother for so many years, that I forgot what it was or I was for myself.
I talked with my friend Kay as our lives in many ways parallel. She is an amazing friend, who has the ability to pull me back, when my dreams have me sailing away. Reminding me that everything has a reason. Supportive, emotionally she reveals a strength in the face of her own weakness.
I have this urge to want to yell from a mountain top. Can you hear me?

It seems rather foolish,
to lay here awake,
daydreaming of yesterday,
when you first took my heart.

I never saw it coming and
I didn't understand,
but you filled the void
when you took my hand.

Some chapters go on forever,
some a page or two,
but our chapter is eternal
as the love I have for you.

Took my heart,
turned it inside out,
for everyone to view,
the love I have for you.

Took my dreams and
placed you in the part of king,
that is all I see when I close
my eyes and find you with me.

Took my hand,
held it close and held it tight,
made my life feel so right,
both day and night.

Took a moment of time,
made it last forever.
From the first hello,
I knew that you were mine.


Step on in
and you will see,
the world as it
was meant to be.

In my heart,
within my soul,
the love written,
as a magic hold.

Whispers to the angels,
grateful am I,
from the moment you
took my hand and danced
upon the clouds in the sky.

Dancing on Clouds- a state of Euphoria

Dance my love,
dance with me,
I hold you close,
through memories.

Dance my love,
dance with me,
with you I am
happy as happy
can be.

Dance my love,
dance with me,
our hearts now one
beating rhythmically.

Dance my love,
dance with me,
the image now
burnt to my memory.

Dance my love,
dance with me,
you are here in my heart
where you were meant
to be.

Snowflakes on a summer day,
the child who wants to play,
rainbows that bridge a sea
and touch on sweet memories

I can't help dreaming,
dreaming of you as I
wander through the fields
reaching out to you.

Summer snowflakes
falling to the ground,
a shiver to the soul,
it is your love coming down.

I embrace the silliness of dreams,
as I wait there in my subconscious
in hopes I'll awake and find
you right here with me.

The seasons matter little,
I care not where they go,
from winter through fall
our love continues to grow.

I know you are with me,
I knew all along,
placing you in my heart,
where your love remains


I watched the robin tending to her young,
protective she shared her gift of love.
I admired her courage as I peered into
her nest and she stood staring at me,
as if she giving me a test.

She marks the season,
the season of love,
when nature comes together
and everything is one.


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