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Pictorial Prose
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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Special Love

Follow me and you'll see the love we share,we are sunshine and rainbows and a breath of fresh air. Some things are with us for a limited time, but your heart and mine are forever entwined.
You are my thoughts in the morning and all through the day
and the dream that awaits when the night sky shades. I am grateful for each moment of time, that we have to share, heart, soul and mind.
I have been given a gift that few will ever find, the eternal love when your heart met mine. My life took on a different view, when I our souls came together and life began anew.
It is sharing of hearts, the caring of the souls, the magic of life, when  love takes a hold. My heart shares in many a tale,
but the one with you placed me in a spell.
You see a beauty, I see your charm, the kindness that blankets with a warmth. I gave my all, I trust you so and that is how our love began to grow.
The innocence that love details, when we take the barriers and
the protective shields. There you'll see the beauty of life, when love takes a hold and makes the moment right.
Distance can't part the sky, my stars are your stars and your stars are mine. The mountains are fading, the rivers are bridged and our hearts together are one loving gift.

Like the image upon the water on a clear summer day your love can be seen upon my heart as it will never chance to fade.
Greed causes a hunger that cannot be fed.
Each night I embrace the moment
while holding you in my heart.
Every once in a while
Something really great happens
That makes the day a little sunnier
And the flowers smell just a bit sweeter

My love is rather simple
and wants nothing in exchange,
 but to kiss your lips good morning
and share with you my day.

My nights are romantic treasures,
written in the heavens high
and as I close my eyes to sleep,
your image fills my mind.

Some thing cannot be measured
nor replaced with time,
as once the heart is given,
there is no returning a love so fine.
Until the combination of words are written so,
that they will live on forever and with history grow.
I'll move the words in sequence, switching them around
in hopes that we will be remembered that love can't let go.
I'll borrow from the heavens, the angels song upon my soul,
when it was first directed to me and gave a glimpse of the passion and desire that through my life grows.
I can feel it on the darkest days, it holds me so ever close,
a comfort that embraces both near and afar. I can sense your
being for our hearts are forever one and that is why I write
the words to share our special love.

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