Pictorial Prose

Pictorial Prose
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Saturday, October 30, 2010

.. where it breathes the magic of life into my very being.

Like the wind as it brushes up against my soul,
your love has whimsically found its way into my heart.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Poetic Dream

This search led to my blog" we are not two souls but one soul with two beating hearts." I thought that was a pretty amazing way of looking at it. I do believe that we are interlocked like pieces of a puzzle and that each connection reveals the beauty of our full being. Knowing your next word before you speak, picking up on the voice and the change in vibration, understanding and accepting all that a person is and yes loving unconditionally in the most amazing way. Are we as the myth of the Gods  as describes one soul split into two and thus spending our life searching for our eternal half or simply two souls who compliment each other and thus merge into one?  I do think that life is like a combination lock and there are only so many ways to unlock and reveal our inner soul. The basic common ground begins with a comfort and becomes quite extraordinary in that the simplicity of love grows from the very simple foundation. Where there is trust, there is respect, where faith the gates of hope, where passion and internal energy, where love there is happiness, where there is a dream, there is a view of the subconscious desire. In my review of the past and the present I find that I am guided in away that only love will prevail.

I have loved and lived and rejoiced
that if today shall meet with the wind
than I shall celebrate the bounty of
such joy in this most remarkable
journey called life.

The truth is the voice of the soul, 
it is the heart that complicates it. 


Stars are shining, shining bright, down from heavens high and as I close my eyes to dream, I cross the great divide. Your arms were there waiting, your heart are open wide and in the darkness I feel your love by my side. Like dawn that scrambles to rise up from the dark, I have risen from the night to enter into your heart. 

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Honestly I Love You


I am swirling around in circles like a leaf caught up in the wind, a part of me soaring high and still I'm drifting to the earth again. Flustered and a bit breathless as my heart races so. Why is it not easy to know which way to go? Is it that I am not worthy or that faith I have let me go or simply that I refused to accept the trials of rainbow snow? I saw in the season many shades and hues, where once there stood a willow tree now open to the sky of blue. I gazed deeply into the hills beyond the trees of gold to a place where my consciousness discovered the hidden joy a gift bestowed to two child like souls. Our presence was endearing, gracious in many ways, eased all fears and soothed the heart and to the moment laid claim. Some saw it as a goodbye and a goodbye it just might be, but there it opened in the hollow to a view of love as love would have it be. No sorrow of yesterday, no ache to erase, the benefits of patience far out way the emptiness that reigned the time which had long gone away. Clearly the heart has spoken and and the eternal bond awaits for the splendor of the moment is the beauty that never fades. Heaven gives its assurance that dreams can come true, as long as you can find the laughter in the warmth in all you do. For this day holds my promise and the promise is to you my dear that the precious gift of love is what we will forever share.

The mountains aren't majestic, the sky is barely blue. It takes the sharing of two hearts to paint the world in a different hue. The seasons are changing, and  the truth now reveals, the beauty of  life and how love really
 feels. The possibilities of love can make a dream come true, just as I am reaching out, I  feel you reaching too.
Honestly I love You

It was at the gates of happiness  hat a glimpse at truth revealed, despite the darkness of the night, love really does endure. No question or doubt when I admit to heavens high, that never had my heart felt the joy of love which rules from the soul to the mind. I acknowledge the emotions, I celebrate the day and enclosed within the autumn wind is the words I love you so. Honestly I love you, your patience and your pride, your warmth of heart that reaches beyond the mountains high.

He who holds love in is heart,
carries nothing but the truth of happiness.


The precious treasure of faith holds the
hope and light that shines through us all.

Monday, October 25, 2010

A Krazy calm that holds me in the night

Painting the skies blue...just by loving you. 

Sings>To close my eyes and sleep peacefully within
 your arms and feel the comfort of our rhythmic
 beating hearts.

The sun has set and the moon takes to the sky 
and I'm in the middle of a dream on the clouds
up high. 

My soul races to be there by your side if nothing
else but to whisper what I have always known
on the inside.

That you my darling mean so much to me and I 
couldn't live date without your memory. 

I feel the calm, 
I feel it deep inside, 
you took my heart and
you made my soul soar high. 

It is incredible the love I feel from you, 
amazingly wonderful it makes all my 
skies blue. 

The rain falling and no sun light in the 
sky but beyond the darkness you light
this world of my mine. 

Something is happening and I really 
can't explain, all I know for certain is 
that you my darling are to blame. 


Fluffs pillow, pulls blanket close, eyes closed, lips puckered and I kiss you goodnight my love. 

Soothing the Soul

What do I seek?  I seek to supply my soul with

 the nourishment of true love.
It is wasted energy to fear the unknown, for that which comforts
us also refrains us from knowing and experiencing the 
complete journey of our soul.

Human needs are really rather simple and
only complicated my mans own greed.

Lost in the moment, caught up in desire,
the sun now setting and my soul on fire.

Flames eternal blaze from the touch, of a
love so unique it reigns from above.

Calming my spirit, soothing my heart,
from earth to the heavens upon our
very own star.

Passion ignited in the dark of the
night, where I leaned for your hand
and recieved the kiss of delight.
When the shadows cast in darkness
and my eyes fail to see, that is when
the heart opens to reveal our earthly


Friday, October 22, 2010

Lonely...this moment is special

My daughter at the time had to be around nine when she said to me " I am lonely" I said to her " how can you be lonely? I am here." She said" it is just a feeling I get." Before I took my test for my drivers license, we lived in a rather isolating atmosphere. I never really thought about the children, because I thought they had each other to play with. It reminded me of  the old adage " alone in a crowded room."   I think we are stitched with many threads some which is woven into the outer fabric which is relatively easy for people to see and touch. Inside we are woven of the truth of our existence and until we find that close bond that validates our truth, we waft listlessly with no direction.Our human needs include the desire to be understood,loved and to share in intimacy. It is not about meeting people for a person can have many friends and still feel lonely. It is almost as if the isolation creates a hunger for stimulation that can only be found through the interaction of kindred spirits. Our experiences  that are unique to each of us can bring us together or tear us apart. That is because each memory creates the platform in which we stand.


Share my heart
embrace your soul,
loving you is my
eternal goal.

whispers sweet,
from the moment
I felt complete.

Amorous desires,
hot and hotter like
a blazing fire.

Share my heart,
embrace your soul,
loving you is my
eternal goal.

This moment is special, 
for you and I, as I write 
the words that document

The time you told me 
you love me true, from the time 
you whispered I dearly love you,

This moment is special, 
for you and I, as I write 
the words that document 

The time you touched my 
heart, from the time you 
ignited the spark.

This moment is special, 
for you and I, as I write
the words that document 

The time you first made me
laugh, from the time you 
made my heart beat fast.

This moment is special,
for you and I, as I write 
the words that document 

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Autumn Sun

I lay abreast the autumn leaves,
the sun warm against my cheek
and as I gaze into the sky my 
soul soars to a heavenly retreat.

Listless the outer being that tries
to understand the meaning of the 
moment when the soul took on
the sky to meet its own demands.

One dance,one kiss,
one embrace,
one moment,
one forever,
one love.


Somethings are not as odd as you would think, because there is an awful lot of troubled souls born of an evil seed. But you my darling are an unusual and unique breed.Born of love you taught me to understand, trust and believe.  You are an extraordinary person, wonderful and amazing and exceptional indeed. Some would call you odd, but I believe you are a rare individual for you have given of your heart and touched me with your soul and revealed with your love what seldom ever see. The sight which I have been given allows for me to view the magic of life through the heavens blue. Odd is what those who cannot recognize nor understand when looking at a one of a kind masterpiece. 



[od]  Show IPAadjective, -er, -est, noun
differing in nature from what is ordinary, usual, or expect

There is comfort in the dream, magic in your touch and a image
that consumes the moment of the one I love.
There is a glimmer of hope, a peace within my soul, 
and as I reach on out to you I feel the most  tender
and peace loving hold.

Your love touches my heart, it heals my troubled mind, 
and this uncanny fascination is a moment locked in time.

Transcending beyond the dark of day, I accepted all
your love like a summer moment that shines away. 

I Cherish the treasure of your undying love,
powerful and enduring it is blessed from God above.

My lips vibrated gently, 
they hummed a wordless tune, 
but if you listen closely
you will know that it's from 
my heart to you. 

Soothing the sound which
fills the room, but more
importantly is that it hums
my love for you.


I felt the cleansing that washed the sorrow away,
there was something special that made the darkness
fade. I stood in disbelief of the magic in the air and 
the love that brought your soul with utmost speed here.

Two hearts, One Love

The Magic Was Felt From The First Moment You Touched My Heart..the greatest love poem

One soul lives in darkness,
two souls share in the light.
My need of you and my want of you
is only measured by the joy that I feel in your presence.

It could be the hint of  darkness that Autumn
drapes upon the season, but more in likely it is
the distance of  our human form separated by rivers.
No one has run faster for my love has been in your arms
from the moment our souls collided and
 my feet have yet to move.

I heard this old song by Tommy Edwards "Let me take you dreaming" and I instantly thought of you and so I  curtsy take your hand and I whisper these words. " Let me take you dreaming". Hold my hand and run with me through each corner of your mind. Take the memories and replace them with the magic of our cloud.  The clouds are from the heavens sent down for you and I, with an invitation to dance in the heavens high. We can travel great distances, close the gap with our mind, if you simply allow me, I'll be in your arms for all time. My lips quiver at the thought of kissing you, it must be all the passion that allows our love to bloom. Let me take you to a place that is ternally yours and mine, where we can be one and erase all errors of time .No sorrow will there be, no heartache for you and I as peace is in the image that slips from my mind. Love is all we will find in this dream that cast your soul next to mine in a bond that is braided with forever twine. Yesterday is gone, and tomorrow can wait, for I am in this dream and your love is hows it made. Like magic falling down, only my giggle can be found.,enough to excite on the journey through our heart and mind.  I am here to share this moment with you and dream our souls together in the sunlit sky of blue.  In the field are the flowers in an array of yellow, white and blue, on the road to heaven where I am holding on to you. Hold my hand and and we will explore the heavens high with you and I together we surpassed the blue of the sky. The mountain are no longer here and there is nothing between you and I, so let me hold you close and whisper the words that make you mine. Your heart beats rapid as it entwined with mine and I am ever grateful for this most magical and dreamy time. Sounds of love sensual as can be, while our spirits merge into this one and mose everlasting dream.

From the stream to the river,
from the mountain to the sky,
from my heart to yours no
need for a reply.

The candles are lit and we
dance likes lovers do, close
in a gentle embrace in the
heavens blue.

Listen to my whispers I sent
them to you, they are all but
a few words, but darling I
love you.

 I have to remind myself of the old adage" no one said it would be easy" and that the sacrifice is diminished with time and it's not entirely fate nor chance as choice has been known to redirect and send us on a life long detour. As challegning as the moment we are capable of conquering and risng to our own majestic height.
Felicity... the more I have you, the more I want of you.

The Greatest love poem is the one written by the heart and scripted by the soul.

Tommy Edwards - Baby Let Me Take You Dreaming - 1956 rare MGM single

Tommy Edwards - It's All In The Game

Monday, October 18, 2010

Upon Closing My Eyes...

I find I can feel the magic of your love.

Spring like blossoms on the first of May,
a shower of memories in the heart remain.
Cast in dreams your love and mine in a
warm embrace that stands still time.

Taste the pleasure like honey sweet,
from soul to soul our lips tender meet.
Seasons passing and a new day awaits,
on the journey through love ruled by fate.

There is no teacher to advance a soul,
what one discovers the heart unfolds.

Love is not given as a gift,
 it is heaven inspired with dreams of fire. 

When mountains turn to dust and a 
river bed lay dry...


"To thine own self be true" and the truth leads me unto your arms. 

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Once upon a time

In the world of " Once upon a time "
there is always a happy ending.

The heart skips a beat,
the soul races and
the dream begins.

Friday, October 15, 2010

The Final Chapter

I have always been one of those people who needed to know the end first.I still to this day  read magazines from the back to the front and the last chapter in a book and than work my way forward. Early on in life I was pretty certain I knew how my life would play out. You follow the rules of life, you keep within the comfort zone and you ride smooth like a train on steel roller coaster tracks, up and over the bumps of life and than coming into the finish rather smoothly. I am not quite sure exactly where in the context of lifes book that I realized that not everyone plays by the same rules. I imagine that the more contact I had with people, the more I understood that not everyone is on the same page and in the same chapter of their life. For many years there was a restlessness, one that I could not really explain. I had this vision and it was rather comfortable at the end you die in the arms of love, loving and being loved. It is the ultimate goal that people seek out next to happiness. Except that no one was holding me and I didn't feel loved. I thought that I was just extra needy and that I myself was not understood and than it seemed clear that I was trying to fit into another persons vision. As time went on the restlessness had deepened, almost as if the journey had a control of its own and I am just walking on its path. I tried to grasp what this uncertainty was and it occurred to me that  it wasn't just like the magazines and the book, I wasn't able to read the final chapter of my life and I had no idea where it was heading. Or maybe that is completely wrong and I have had a glimpse of the final chapter and I was saddened, that a lifetime of choices had led me on a massive detour. I again looked at life and I saw the limitations of the mind and the unlimited hunger of the soul and of course to confuse it all the needs of my heart. Certainly we all know of our limited time on earth and yet we don't know exactly where we are going and what we are going to achieve while we are here. I found that all to be a bit troubling, as I wished for a schematic that says exactly what road to take and what is at the end of the road. I guess in reality the outcome really matters very little if what we are to achieve is done so embracing love. I again ask myself " why is life so confusing ?" " What is the ultimate goal?" " and what and how do we achieve true happiness?" It might be the changing of the season which so documents another year that I find myself questioning the road I am on." Keeping life in context it's not about the end but how we live and what we give and how we feel about all that we have achieved in this short period of time on earth. Happiness in its pure unadulterated form is simply love. ~

In this chapter of life we dance and sing in the presence of love. ~ 

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Life's Possiblities

Good Night my Love, I can't keep my eyes open,  but my heart has been open  wide since the day you walked in.

 When standing in the center of a storm you are most vulnerable to the moment. There was a strong gust of wind today and as the wind blew it changed the old layout of the hollow. Leaves of gold now blanket the earth and the hills are taking on a more barren look. It is after the settling of the storm that we begin to see things much more clearer. I was perplexed as I  thought about  the different chapters of my life and whether I made the right choices. I honestly believe that our heart, soul and mind each interpret on a level unique to its own ability and of course our individual needs. I chose to break down the various faucets of my life and review and than to try and integrate them into one. My goal  to direct and incorporate all of my emotions through my being and in a positive way guide with love and passion. I believe the soul without hesitation speaks the truth and reveals in away that creates reality from our dreams. It  understands our mission on earth and in the heavens and if we listen we will clearly grasp our purpose in life. Greed and selfishness can be blinding to the soul and hinder us from journeying forward. The soul also travels without expectation for it is in one with the moment. Interaction precedes reaction thus leading us to comprehend the core of our journey. The heart wafts like a misguided butterfly without direction as it is the master of compromise. It is central to love and therefore declares its energy through the essence of compassion. It hears the truth of the soul and knows the correct direction  to follow yet it empathizes with everyone and everything in away that sheds its very own vulnerability. Yet without beauty and kindness of  the heart we are about empty soul lost of emotion. The mind is where the games are played, for it knows both the truth of the soul and the compassion within the heart. It teeters on accomplishing what is right for one or the other in attaining a firm footing on the foundation of truth. My soul sometime reckless and I know it to be so, it saw something wonderful and begged not to let it go.  My heart compelled to do what is right, whether that be for the heart and soul to stand up for it and fight. Simple measures are to comfort with your sweet gentle embrace, but I declare that will happen when I am standing in your arms and we are face to face.

Monday, October 11, 2010


Rarely does it matter how many mountains and rivers lay between us, with the closing of my eyes I can usually close the gap of space and time. Today is much different, my want and need for you far outweigh the power of the mind. My flesh trembles at the mere thought of you and the desire to feel the warmth of devotion and the love of your most gentle embrace.

When two souls come together the world takes on a glorious glow
 as the energy of two souls merge with  one another to  create
 a beauty which is unsurpassed.

I am a bit rattled today,
the thought of your arms
brings peace in itself.
It's not my imagination
  it is through the heart I see
the images of love which are cast like
 stars through my midnight dreams.

When the heart and soul are in agreement,
than we have walked through the gates of truth.

I find that allowing the passion of our beings a
place within my heart brings a comfort so
soothing that is leads us through life with
such a joy, one that cannot be denied.
It is when my feet are off the ground and
my heart races that I so realize that there
can only be one love...true love.
I closed my eyes and there in the darkness
the revelation that love is pure and exist
beyond all space and time and flourishes
both in the heavens and here upon earth.
When the curtains opened and your arms
were there to hold me ... indeed we had
met with the most supreme and glorious
of all emotions, for it is love that we
My heart no long teeters on the unknown for I am loved.
There is no first or last in the making of a miracle, for we are the treasure
 so precious that it equates with eternity to find its rightful place within the heart.
Being one with nature is the quintessential essence of our love.


Sunday, October 10, 2010


I don't wanna open up my eyes,
tightly closed they bring you to
my side.

Tingles the heart from the tenderness
of touch, as I can feel your love
like magic from above.

Remove the web and set my
soul free, allow me the pleasure
of living this dream.

Your the sunlight in the darkness,
the first that blooms in spring, you
are the best of me.

I don't wanna open up my eyes, I
just wanna hold in my heart for
all time.

Star beams bright, midnight sky of blue and
than there is the joy of  the love I have for

Friday, October 08, 2010

Forever Love

If we could cleanse the world of hate and greed, 
we will have solved all the problems of mankind. 
It is not like I haven't gazed up at the blue sky many times before, I have a great appreciation for the beauty of nature and our galactic surroundings. Life is much like math, the simplicity of it comes in steps and it is in keeping everything in context that we solve the most complicated problems. I find that love is central to our balance of well being, in general speaking, the love for life. Last night as I was driving down the road   I caught a glimpse of the bluest of sky peeking out between a silhouette of the well dressed autumn trees. The blue a semblance of our love and the magnitude of such energy and power. Closing the gap in distance, as our love is seen under  one sun, one moon and the stars. I felt the impact of the moment and I quivered at the sweetness of your touch which could be felt within. The day in truth was perfection at its best, for I am separate yet one with the world around me. Like a wheel in motion the day rolled on and our love responded in a way that triggered the passion within me. Call it a daydream or a fantasy of the moment but I believe I could honestly feel your lips ever so gently touch mine and the beat of your heart flowed through the mountains reminding me of the warmth of  our love. I gasped as our souls crossed barriers to entwine our beings in what will be and is our forever love.

Thursday, October 07, 2010

Magical Indeed

The beauty of love is seen when looking out through
 the heart in the most spectactular way.
Love is magical...it can cast a spell that infuses
the heart and soul with the simplicity of happiness.

Follow Your Heart... smile when you think of me

>Smile when you think of me,
  smile when you begin to dream,
  smile when you gaze at the stars
  each night.

 I'll be smiling when I think of you,
 smiling when dreams come true,
 smiling when I gaze into the stars
 each night.

My sky is your sky,
my sun your sun bright,
my love is your love in the
dreams that comes true.

Smile when you think of me,
smile when you begin to dream,
smile when you gaze at the stars
each night.

Smile and I'll smile with you,
smile that is what lovers do,
smile when you gaze into
my eyes. Smile and I'll
smile with you.

Whispers> Smile when you
think of me, I'll smile when
I think of you, smile if you
love me true...smile if you
love me true.

Follow your heart and let it lead to me, follow the dreams and you will see. Like sunlight on a rainy day, blue skies in the mist of grey and rainbows that bring your love to me.

Follow your heart, don't stop now, close those gaps in the road, erase those miles. Like the seasons that come and go, I am the tree of oak that won't let you go.

Follow your heart, listen closely, the joy we share is the song my soul sings.
Collided in the heavens, sealed here on earth, the bond of our souls reuinited in giving love birth.

Follow your heart, over mountains and across the sea, follow it to the heavens and back to the earth and direct to me.   I know that the eyes will reveal the magic of life, the love that I feel.

Follow your heart, let the truth free, soar like a dove above the blue skies and dreams.  Rejoice said the heavens, embrace said my soul, follow me said the heart to where love flows like the stream.

Follow your heart, follow it to me, my arms awaiting open my soul surely believes. Every moment your with me,   each day we celebrate, the merging of our spirits, we owe it all to fate.

Follow your heart, let your soul travel here with me, let it see the world for the beauty you have brought to me. Like a summer day, the first snowflakes that come our way, like sweet embrace when we are standing face to face.

Follow your heart, the whispers will set you free to span the choices and pick the one that makes you believe. Believe in the moment, in the dreams that have yet to come true, in the day where our love will take the heavens blue.

      The week was filled with tears, 
       my thoughts were all of you, 
       or when my heart spoke, 
       the words were "I love you"

         Caught up in the dream, where
         I wish to hold your hand 
         and gaze into your eyes like 
         lovers in the sand. 

Sings >Follow your heart and 
make a dream come true, 
follow your heart it let it 
lead us under the blue.

Follow your heart and the 
truth reveal, just how
wonderful life can be when
you allow your soul to feel.

Follow your heart and listen
to where it leads, follow your
heart into my arms where you
were always meant to be.

Follow your heart and make 
those dreams come true, follow
your heart...follow it to me. 

It might be the early onset of winter, the darkness in the morning and the premature moonlight that ends the day.  I scanned the many years and the emotions that have passed through my soul. The drapes of darkness were removed by your faith and the clasp of your gentle touch as you reached for my hand and walked me through life. It is the unknown that causes such apprehension. Unsettling to the heart and soul until I felt the truth of love feed my spirit. 
Tugging at the strings of the heart
reveals the yearning and the void 
that remained for so long. 

The sunlight twinkles its rays come and go, it dances on the golden leaves that soon will let the tree go. The season cast an image of many colors and hues, from shades of green,gold and heart red just for you.

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Our World

This is our world, yours and mine,
from earth to the heavens through
the blue of the sky.

Void of darkness, gloom and despair,
only warmth like the sunshine in our

Sliding on rainbows, free like a bird,
over rivers and mountains,the heart
and soul concur.

Love has surfaced and the joy is so
rare, which bonded our souls on
the happiness pier.

High above the water, safe and surreal,
the embrace of your love is all I

The treasure buried so deep in the
heart, until the gates were opened
to where the dreams all depart.

Created of a substance both
concrete and cotton, sturdy
like steel and soft with out
need for caution.

This is our world, where only
love can be found with the
magic of dreams from the
clouds on down.
I question the wind both calm and cool,
it tickles the heart and it plays with the soul.
Showers down love and yet keeps it at bay,
teasing the spirit in the most confusing of way.

I question the seasons as they come and go,
releasing the spirit and imprisoning it so.
What is the meaning and where does it
lead?both sow and nuture are needed
to seed.

My needs are simple,
my wants you must know,
are  for you to hold me tightly
and never let go.

Lips of sweetness like honey
on fire,melting madness drips
through the hour.

The feel of your flesh, a shoulder
to lean and a heart so big our
reflection can be seen.

My needs are simple, to share in
a way that makes each moment
special both night and day.

It is through my daughters eyes that I see
the questions my own soul failed to answer.

The heart leads with conscience,
 the soul leads by truth.

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

I Declare

Since the beginning of time Lovers had found ways of declaring their love. It could be a simple acknowledgement of their hunger for the other, such as speaking softly the words of love. Of course with visuals and words the use of art and poetry surfaced.The warm stirring of emotion which touches hearts and souls breathes like magic a flow of love in the wind. It is the yearning when distanced and the mad passion that creates the most magnificent displays of love. I myself have always been fond of the pleasure of touch, holding hands, a kiss and the power of the most gentle embrace. It isn't until we reach the plateau in which our hearts and souls no longer need to explore and our souls merge like butter under the sun. It is at that very moment when all thought is clouded and the world around you dissipates like morning dew on a hot summer day that you realize the truth of your love.

Breaking all sounds of silence,shouting from heavens high, the words of love released
to reveal my hearts desire and my souls request to entwine.I give to you my love to hold
you in the night, I give to you my heart to rest when all but darkness is in sight. I give
to you the treasure that will reveal unto you each day, the magic of our love which will never
fade away.

It is in the depths of silence that
your heart speaks the loudest.
I believe in the spirits 
which directed our souls 
and allowed our hearts to collide. 
One embrace can and does reveal all that is love.
It is through the tears of loneliness
that the light of your love shines through. 
One brief moment I thought to quit and I quivered as the chill raced through my being and there at that moment I felt your love not only warm my heart but guide my soul. 

Hold my hand I am frightened of the darkness...
My declaration of love is both the starry heavens and earth combined. 

Shouts from mountain,
sings from the heart,
whispers of the soul,
igniting a spark. 

Seeping in magic,
reveals the day,
you took my hand
and led me away. 

Monday, October 04, 2010

I love my time with you

Sing>I'm gonna roll on ever and give you a kiss, the joy of my life that I wouldn't miss.Showering and sharing my breakfast with you, there is nothing better than a day
for two.

The start of my day goes amazingly well, there is nothing more wonderful than
being under your spell. Riding to work and talking to you, It is what I live for
to spend my life with you.

Hitting the traffic is so divine, it means we get to share a little more time.Taking
the long way, circling a few, just to spend another moment with you.

I love sharing my time with you, I love everything we get to do, living and loving
under the blue, I can' t wait to go to sleep to dream of loving you.

The Seasons of Love

To watch the rain and feel your arms,
to kiss your lips and enjoy your charm,
to spend a moment under the gray or blue,
and close my eyes just loving you.

To feel your heart beat with flesh entwined,
to wake from the dreams and find you're mine,
to grasp the magic of my love for you as it
becomes more wonderful with all we do.


Knowledge is unique in that 
it reveals the little secretes of life. 
It is not what you see on the outside, it is the 
 gift on the inside that brings the
 most amount of joy. 
Passion... when the soul speaks and the heart
listens in the dance upon the heavens. 

Like raindrops falling,
like leaves that form upon the stream,
your love is in my heart for all eternity.

The wind blows, the seasons change,
and the sun bakes your love to my
soul in a magical way.

Autumn has us guessing, winter reveals
the faith, spring ignites the spirit as
summer fades away.

Dreams are cast both morning and
night, they reveal the treasures in
which your love has given sight.

Laughter and happiness, roses
and violets blue, create an image
that speaks of my love for you.

Autumn is the season that whispers
with the wind as it conjures a feeling
from deep down within.

To never experience is liking running with your feet sealed in concrete.
Pitter patter, pitter patter raining drops falling down,
Pitter patter, pitter patter, breaking silence as they
hit the ground.

Pitter patter, pitter patter, like tear drops upon my heart,
pitter patter, pitter patter, distanced my stars from afar.

Pitter patter, pitter patter, lost in the moment am I,
pitter patter, pitter patter, it is my heart that echos
with  a sigh.

The seasons of love reveal 
the power of believing . 

Friday, October 01, 2010

October 1

Shakes all traces of fear,
erases darkness and gloom,
reminds myself of the love,
that in my heart grew. 

Took me over the mountain,
sailed me down the stream,
whispered words of love,
to form sweet memories. 

Kisses me gently goodnight, 
holds me tight till morn,
reminds me daily of the love
like waves that rush to shore.

Wipes each tear but once,
heals and soothes where scorned,
Reminds me of the magic that
each day has in store.

Up early just couldn't fall back to sleep, I couldn't believe as I looked at the calendar that it was October 1st. Nothing stops time and I find that the adage that the " older you get the faster time goes" to be true. I thought of the one gift that is so priceless that we can literally take it with us. Emotional tears fall but I don' t believe them to be of sadness. 

When I feel an overwhelming need to get up 
and run ,it is into your arms my darling to 
embrace your precious love. 

I gathered all the gifts you have given through
the years, trust and faith, respect and happiness
are seen in each fallen tear. 

Surrounded by darkness as the sun has yet to
rise, I opened my heart as I closed my eyes. 

An image in a silhouette form, cast you and I 
above the autumn storms. 

I feel your love as it takes a hold of me and 
allows me to rest on the clouds in our dreams.

I don't have the answers, I surely don't know the why, but life has something in store and to that I can't deny. I have cried for the yesterdays that have never come to be and for the sorrow that grips deep down to take a hold of me. .