Pictorial Prose

Pictorial Prose
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Monday, October 25, 2010

A Krazy calm that holds me in the night

Painting the skies blue...just by loving you. 

Sings>To close my eyes and sleep peacefully within
 your arms and feel the comfort of our rhythmic
 beating hearts.

The sun has set and the moon takes to the sky 
and I'm in the middle of a dream on the clouds
up high. 

My soul races to be there by your side if nothing
else but to whisper what I have always known
on the inside.

That you my darling mean so much to me and I 
couldn't live date without your memory. 

I feel the calm, 
I feel it deep inside, 
you took my heart and
you made my soul soar high. 

It is incredible the love I feel from you, 
amazingly wonderful it makes all my 
skies blue. 

The rain falling and no sun light in the 
sky but beyond the darkness you light
this world of my mine. 

Something is happening and I really 
can't explain, all I know for certain is 
that you my darling are to blame. 


Fluffs pillow, pulls blanket close, eyes closed, lips puckered and I kiss you goodnight my love. 

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