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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Magic Was Felt From The First Moment You Touched My Heart..the greatest love poem

One soul lives in darkness,
two souls share in the light.
My need of you and my want of you
is only measured by the joy that I feel in your presence.

It could be the hint of  darkness that Autumn
drapes upon the season, but more in likely it is
the distance of  our human form separated by rivers.
No one has run faster for my love has been in your arms
from the moment our souls collided and
 my feet have yet to move.

I heard this old song by Tommy Edwards "Let me take you dreaming" and I instantly thought of you and so I  curtsy take your hand and I whisper these words. " Let me take you dreaming". Hold my hand and run with me through each corner of your mind. Take the memories and replace them with the magic of our cloud.  The clouds are from the heavens sent down for you and I, with an invitation to dance in the heavens high. We can travel great distances, close the gap with our mind, if you simply allow me, I'll be in your arms for all time. My lips quiver at the thought of kissing you, it must be all the passion that allows our love to bloom. Let me take you to a place that is ternally yours and mine, where we can be one and erase all errors of time .No sorrow will there be, no heartache for you and I as peace is in the image that slips from my mind. Love is all we will find in this dream that cast your soul next to mine in a bond that is braided with forever twine. Yesterday is gone, and tomorrow can wait, for I am in this dream and your love is hows it made. Like magic falling down, only my giggle can be found.,enough to excite on the journey through our heart and mind.  I am here to share this moment with you and dream our souls together in the sunlit sky of blue.  In the field are the flowers in an array of yellow, white and blue, on the road to heaven where I am holding on to you. Hold my hand and and we will explore the heavens high with you and I together we surpassed the blue of the sky. The mountain are no longer here and there is nothing between you and I, so let me hold you close and whisper the words that make you mine. Your heart beats rapid as it entwined with mine and I am ever grateful for this most magical and dreamy time. Sounds of love sensual as can be, while our spirits merge into this one and mose everlasting dream.

From the stream to the river,
from the mountain to the sky,
from my heart to yours no
need for a reply.

The candles are lit and we
dance likes lovers do, close
in a gentle embrace in the
heavens blue.

Listen to my whispers I sent
them to you, they are all but
a few words, but darling I
love you.

 I have to remind myself of the old adage" no one said it would be easy" and that the sacrifice is diminished with time and it's not entirely fate nor chance as choice has been known to redirect and send us on a life long detour. As challegning as the moment we are capable of conquering and risng to our own majestic height.
Felicity... the more I have you, the more I want of you.

The Greatest love poem is the one written by the heart and scripted by the soul.


xiahluver said...

This is truly one of the best Love poems i have ever read. Wow. Very well thought and deep. Keep writing, i would like to read more.

Rachel C Miller said...

I am pleased that you enjoy reading the poetry. Thank you Rachel