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Pictorial Prose
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Monday, October 11, 2010


Rarely does it matter how many mountains and rivers lay between us, with the closing of my eyes I can usually close the gap of space and time. Today is much different, my want and need for you far outweigh the power of the mind. My flesh trembles at the mere thought of you and the desire to feel the warmth of devotion and the love of your most gentle embrace.

When two souls come together the world takes on a glorious glow
 as the energy of two souls merge with  one another to  create
 a beauty which is unsurpassed.

I am a bit rattled today,
the thought of your arms
brings peace in itself.
It's not my imagination
  it is through the heart I see
the images of love which are cast like
 stars through my midnight dreams.

When the heart and soul are in agreement,
than we have walked through the gates of truth.

I find that allowing the passion of our beings a
place within my heart brings a comfort so
soothing that is leads us through life with
such a joy, one that cannot be denied.
It is when my feet are off the ground and
my heart races that I so realize that there
can only be one love...true love.
I closed my eyes and there in the darkness
the revelation that love is pure and exist
beyond all space and time and flourishes
both in the heavens and here upon earth.
When the curtains opened and your arms
were there to hold me ... indeed we had
met with the most supreme and glorious
of all emotions, for it is love that we
My heart no long teeters on the unknown for I am loved.
There is no first or last in the making of a miracle, for we are the treasure
 so precious that it equates with eternity to find its rightful place within the heart.
Being one with nature is the quintessential essence of our love.


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