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Pictorial Prose
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Thursday, October 07, 2010

Follow Your Heart... smile when you think of me

>Smile when you think of me,
  smile when you begin to dream,
  smile when you gaze at the stars
  each night.

 I'll be smiling when I think of you,
 smiling when dreams come true,
 smiling when I gaze into the stars
 each night.

My sky is your sky,
my sun your sun bright,
my love is your love in the
dreams that comes true.

Smile when you think of me,
smile when you begin to dream,
smile when you gaze at the stars
each night.

Smile and I'll smile with you,
smile that is what lovers do,
smile when you gaze into
my eyes. Smile and I'll
smile with you.

Whispers> Smile when you
think of me, I'll smile when
I think of you, smile if you
love me true...smile if you
love me true.

Follow your heart and let it lead to me, follow the dreams and you will see. Like sunlight on a rainy day, blue skies in the mist of grey and rainbows that bring your love to me.

Follow your heart, don't stop now, close those gaps in the road, erase those miles. Like the seasons that come and go, I am the tree of oak that won't let you go.

Follow your heart, listen closely, the joy we share is the song my soul sings.
Collided in the heavens, sealed here on earth, the bond of our souls reuinited in giving love birth.

Follow your heart, over mountains and across the sea, follow it to the heavens and back to the earth and direct to me.   I know that the eyes will reveal the magic of life, the love that I feel.

Follow your heart, let the truth free, soar like a dove above the blue skies and dreams.  Rejoice said the heavens, embrace said my soul, follow me said the heart to where love flows like the stream.

Follow your heart, follow it to me, my arms awaiting open my soul surely believes. Every moment your with me,   each day we celebrate, the merging of our spirits, we owe it all to fate.

Follow your heart, let your soul travel here with me, let it see the world for the beauty you have brought to me. Like a summer day, the first snowflakes that come our way, like sweet embrace when we are standing face to face.

Follow your heart, the whispers will set you free to span the choices and pick the one that makes you believe. Believe in the moment, in the dreams that have yet to come true, in the day where our love will take the heavens blue.

      The week was filled with tears, 
       my thoughts were all of you, 
       or when my heart spoke, 
       the words were "I love you"

         Caught up in the dream, where
         I wish to hold your hand 
         and gaze into your eyes like 
         lovers in the sand. 

Sings >Follow your heart and 
make a dream come true, 
follow your heart it let it 
lead us under the blue.

Follow your heart and the 
truth reveal, just how
wonderful life can be when
you allow your soul to feel.

Follow your heart and listen
to where it leads, follow your
heart into my arms where you
were always meant to be.

Follow your heart and make 
those dreams come true, follow
your heart...follow it to me. 

It might be the early onset of winter, the darkness in the morning and the premature moonlight that ends the day.  I scanned the many years and the emotions that have passed through my soul. The drapes of darkness were removed by your faith and the clasp of your gentle touch as you reached for my hand and walked me through life. It is the unknown that causes such apprehension. Unsettling to the heart and soul until I felt the truth of love feed my spirit. 
Tugging at the strings of the heart
reveals the yearning and the void 
that remained for so long. 

The sunlight twinkles its rays come and go, it dances on the golden leaves that soon will let the tree go. The season cast an image of many colors and hues, from shades of green,gold and heart red just for you.

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