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Pictorial Prose
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Friday, October 08, 2010

Forever Love

If we could cleanse the world of hate and greed, 
we will have solved all the problems of mankind. 
It is not like I haven't gazed up at the blue sky many times before, I have a great appreciation for the beauty of nature and our galactic surroundings. Life is much like math, the simplicity of it comes in steps and it is in keeping everything in context that we solve the most complicated problems. I find that love is central to our balance of well being, in general speaking, the love for life. Last night as I was driving down the road   I caught a glimpse of the bluest of sky peeking out between a silhouette of the well dressed autumn trees. The blue a semblance of our love and the magnitude of such energy and power. Closing the gap in distance, as our love is seen under  one sun, one moon and the stars. I felt the impact of the moment and I quivered at the sweetness of your touch which could be felt within. The day in truth was perfection at its best, for I am separate yet one with the world around me. Like a wheel in motion the day rolled on and our love responded in a way that triggered the passion within me. Call it a daydream or a fantasy of the moment but I believe I could honestly feel your lips ever so gently touch mine and the beat of your heart flowed through the mountains reminding me of the warmth of  our love. I gasped as our souls crossed barriers to entwine our beings in what will be and is our forever love.

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