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Pictorial Prose
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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Life's Possiblities

Good Night my Love, I can't keep my eyes open,  but my heart has been open  wide since the day you walked in.

 When standing in the center of a storm you are most vulnerable to the moment. There was a strong gust of wind today and as the wind blew it changed the old layout of the hollow. Leaves of gold now blanket the earth and the hills are taking on a more barren look. It is after the settling of the storm that we begin to see things much more clearer. I was perplexed as I  thought about  the different chapters of my life and whether I made the right choices. I honestly believe that our heart, soul and mind each interpret on a level unique to its own ability and of course our individual needs. I chose to break down the various faucets of my life and review and than to try and integrate them into one. My goal  to direct and incorporate all of my emotions through my being and in a positive way guide with love and passion. I believe the soul without hesitation speaks the truth and reveals in away that creates reality from our dreams. It  understands our mission on earth and in the heavens and if we listen we will clearly grasp our purpose in life. Greed and selfishness can be blinding to the soul and hinder us from journeying forward. The soul also travels without expectation for it is in one with the moment. Interaction precedes reaction thus leading us to comprehend the core of our journey. The heart wafts like a misguided butterfly without direction as it is the master of compromise. It is central to love and therefore declares its energy through the essence of compassion. It hears the truth of the soul and knows the correct direction  to follow yet it empathizes with everyone and everything in away that sheds its very own vulnerability. Yet without beauty and kindness of  the heart we are about empty soul lost of emotion. The mind is where the games are played, for it knows both the truth of the soul and the compassion within the heart. It teeters on accomplishing what is right for one or the other in attaining a firm footing on the foundation of truth. My soul sometime reckless and I know it to be so, it saw something wonderful and begged not to let it go.  My heart compelled to do what is right, whether that be for the heart and soul to stand up for it and fight. Simple measures are to comfort with your sweet gentle embrace, but I declare that will happen when I am standing in your arms and we are face to face.


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Anonymous said...

I would think that it would be me holding your hand the last moments of your life.For it was you that taught me the real meaning of love and life.We laughted we cryed the joy you brought into my life
This feeling I have for you I can't hide it comes from deep down inside for you are the love of my life................