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Pictorial Prose
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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Poetic Dream

This search led to my blog" we are not two souls but one soul with two beating hearts." I thought that was a pretty amazing way of looking at it. I do believe that we are interlocked like pieces of a puzzle and that each connection reveals the beauty of our full being. Knowing your next word before you speak, picking up on the voice and the change in vibration, understanding and accepting all that a person is and yes loving unconditionally in the most amazing way. Are we as the myth of the Gods  as describes one soul split into two and thus spending our life searching for our eternal half or simply two souls who compliment each other and thus merge into one?  I do think that life is like a combination lock and there are only so many ways to unlock and reveal our inner soul. The basic common ground begins with a comfort and becomes quite extraordinary in that the simplicity of love grows from the very simple foundation. Where there is trust, there is respect, where faith the gates of hope, where passion and internal energy, where love there is happiness, where there is a dream, there is a view of the subconscious desire. In my review of the past and the present I find that I am guided in away that only love will prevail.

I have loved and lived and rejoiced
that if today shall meet with the wind
than I shall celebrate the bounty of
such joy in this most remarkable
journey called life.

The truth is the voice of the soul, 
it is the heart that complicates it. 


Stars are shining, shining bright, down from heavens high and as I close my eyes to dream, I cross the great divide. Your arms were there waiting, your heart are open wide and in the darkness I feel your love by my side. Like dawn that scrambles to rise up from the dark, I have risen from the night to enter into your heart. 

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