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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Honestly I Love You


I am swirling around in circles like a leaf caught up in the wind, a part of me soaring high and still I'm drifting to the earth again. Flustered and a bit breathless as my heart races so. Why is it not easy to know which way to go? Is it that I am not worthy or that faith I have let me go or simply that I refused to accept the trials of rainbow snow? I saw in the season many shades and hues, where once there stood a willow tree now open to the sky of blue. I gazed deeply into the hills beyond the trees of gold to a place where my consciousness discovered the hidden joy a gift bestowed to two child like souls. Our presence was endearing, gracious in many ways, eased all fears and soothed the heart and to the moment laid claim. Some saw it as a goodbye and a goodbye it just might be, but there it opened in the hollow to a view of love as love would have it be. No sorrow of yesterday, no ache to erase, the benefits of patience far out way the emptiness that reigned the time which had long gone away. Clearly the heart has spoken and and the eternal bond awaits for the splendor of the moment is the beauty that never fades. Heaven gives its assurance that dreams can come true, as long as you can find the laughter in the warmth in all you do. For this day holds my promise and the promise is to you my dear that the precious gift of love is what we will forever share.

The mountains aren't majestic, the sky is barely blue. It takes the sharing of two hearts to paint the world in a different hue. The seasons are changing, and  the truth now reveals, the beauty of  life and how love really
 feels. The possibilities of love can make a dream come true, just as I am reaching out, I  feel you reaching too.
Honestly I love You

It was at the gates of happiness  hat a glimpse at truth revealed, despite the darkness of the night, love really does endure. No question or doubt when I admit to heavens high, that never had my heart felt the joy of love which rules from the soul to the mind. I acknowledge the emotions, I celebrate the day and enclosed within the autumn wind is the words I love you so. Honestly I love you, your patience and your pride, your warmth of heart that reaches beyond the mountains high.

He who holds love in is heart,
carries nothing but the truth of happiness.


The precious treasure of faith holds the
hope and light that shines through us all.

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xiahluver said...

Beautifully written.