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Pictorial Prose
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Friday, October 01, 2010

October 1

Shakes all traces of fear,
erases darkness and gloom,
reminds myself of the love,
that in my heart grew. 

Took me over the mountain,
sailed me down the stream,
whispered words of love,
to form sweet memories. 

Kisses me gently goodnight, 
holds me tight till morn,
reminds me daily of the love
like waves that rush to shore.

Wipes each tear but once,
heals and soothes where scorned,
Reminds me of the magic that
each day has in store.

Up early just couldn't fall back to sleep, I couldn't believe as I looked at the calendar that it was October 1st. Nothing stops time and I find that the adage that the " older you get the faster time goes" to be true. I thought of the one gift that is so priceless that we can literally take it with us. Emotional tears fall but I don' t believe them to be of sadness. 

When I feel an overwhelming need to get up 
and run ,it is into your arms my darling to 
embrace your precious love. 

I gathered all the gifts you have given through
the years, trust and faith, respect and happiness
are seen in each fallen tear. 

Surrounded by darkness as the sun has yet to
rise, I opened my heart as I closed my eyes. 

An image in a silhouette form, cast you and I 
above the autumn storms. 

I feel your love as it takes a hold of me and 
allows me to rest on the clouds in our dreams.

I don't have the answers, I surely don't know the why, but life has something in store and to that I can't deny. I have cried for the yesterdays that have never come to be and for the sorrow that grips deep down to take a hold of me. . 

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