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Tuesday, October 05, 2010

I Declare

Since the beginning of time Lovers had found ways of declaring their love. It could be a simple acknowledgement of their hunger for the other, such as speaking softly the words of love. Of course with visuals and words the use of art and poetry surfaced.The warm stirring of emotion which touches hearts and souls breathes like magic a flow of love in the wind. It is the yearning when distanced and the mad passion that creates the most magnificent displays of love. I myself have always been fond of the pleasure of touch, holding hands, a kiss and the power of the most gentle embrace. It isn't until we reach the plateau in which our hearts and souls no longer need to explore and our souls merge like butter under the sun. It is at that very moment when all thought is clouded and the world around you dissipates like morning dew on a hot summer day that you realize the truth of your love.

Breaking all sounds of silence,shouting from heavens high, the words of love released
to reveal my hearts desire and my souls request to entwine.I give to you my love to hold
you in the night, I give to you my heart to rest when all but darkness is in sight. I give
to you the treasure that will reveal unto you each day, the magic of our love which will never
fade away.

It is in the depths of silence that
your heart speaks the loudest.
I believe in the spirits 
which directed our souls 
and allowed our hearts to collide. 
One embrace can and does reveal all that is love.
It is through the tears of loneliness
that the light of your love shines through. 
One brief moment I thought to quit and I quivered as the chill raced through my being and there at that moment I felt your love not only warm my heart but guide my soul. 

Hold my hand I am frightened of the darkness...
My declaration of love is both the starry heavens and earth combined. 

Shouts from mountain,
sings from the heart,
whispers of the soul,
igniting a spark. 

Seeping in magic,
reveals the day,
you took my hand
and led me away. 

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