Pictorial Prose

Pictorial Prose
Indulging my most lucid daydreams

Friday, March 31, 2006


I summoned to you, to ride the waters blue.
Feel the rush to your soul, the warmth lead on to you.

Not of fairytales retold or legends of old,
no dance of maidens in the breeze or a
belle that merrily sings.

The words timelessly engage, as souls
endlessly embrace. Crystal to lace, delicate
to strength.

A collection of memories, a seduction
upon the cloud of dreams. Close as
a gentle warm breeze or the spring
rains that tease.

Raindrops fallen from the sky,
winter to spring a goodbye.
Welcome a new day, one
might say it sounds cliche.

Love has found a way, to bring
joy to everyday. A giggle set
me in a spin, stirring from within
happiness for life.


I see no victory in broken hearts and broken souls.

Initials carved to a tree, a song that lovers sing.
Can't erase what's meant to be, Indelible
and free, remains a part of you and me.
A single blade of grass, a hawk on mountain high.
A tear of silence falls, where sadness made a call.
It is not easy to engage in the wanton of a love,
where rivers set the distance and the mountains there
peek of.
Nothing last forever, that is where fear is seeded from.
Betray me not these eyes of mine.
I know what I know, I see what I see and I feel what I feel.
I wish it were easy , I wish it were clear.
I wish I could remove all the uncertainty and fear.
I asked the Lord to allow me to feel the expression of love ...he sent me you!
I asked the Lord to show me the way and he built mountains!
In the depth of the ocean, in the celestial skies,
in the world of enchantment, there is only you and I.
I Dare
The mist of the moonlight chases the sun to set stage for a daring
stroll, beyond the field of dreams. In the shadow of the eve
is the dance of love, only to be seen by those who dare to believe.
He who walks with me, never walks alone.
For love is not singular, the joining of
two souls, entwine to bond
in this joy called Life.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Strange and Wonderful!

The hemlock frames the hollow green, the stance majestic so serene. Pools of water swirl at my feet, as I am caught in this mystery. Strange and wonderful is this tease, that echo’s laughter through the trees. Reflecting back to me the rays of sunshine lit a path to see, a journey hand and hand with you and me.

Take a little passion, add a little love, mix in trust and faith,
a dose a day for laughter puts a smile on your face.

As darkness fell, the moon replaced the sun with a luminous iridescence .
Enticed by the romantic allure of the night sky, I fell once more into a
slumberous trance. Enraptured by the moment the stars in the heavens
evoked emotions that once idled on the axle of fear, to pivot on the
inner spirit of love.
The days were short ,the nights were long
and the river frozen, with little song.
Farewell winter ,winter farewell.
The past released, we shall not dwell.
The crown of roses a halo make, the sound of silence to my soul awake.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Where love exist hate cannot flourish. I am at a loss for words that can express the disappointment with the human race . We are intelligent enough to advance into the technological age and yet we still remain primitive in our means to handle disagreements.

Where war exists , humans fail to know real love.

Love is respect, trust, caring and sharing.
Here lies mankind biggest defect, anger, revenge, hatred and jealousy... the sins for which the world suffers!

Woe the sorrow from these tears of mine, all the soldiers who have lost their lives. No reason or rhyme, makes sense of these heartless crimes. One by one you can hear the cries, like a field of flowers one by one that die.

If thy sow with greed, thy harvest will be lives.

If thy sow with peace , love shall flourish the world over.


Tuesday, March 28, 2006

The Joy of Touch!

I Shan’t forget thy heart thou brand,
seared to you my soul command.
The joy of touch, the song within
passion pure of love begins.

Fear not thy beauty is of gold
and grasp thy softness a gentle hold.
Whispers louder with every breath
to you my love my breast thou rest.


The tears I hold bear your touch, the mark of life for which I clutch.

I beseech thee, the crave within has announced how love begins.
Bridged in distance, spaced in time, yet closer then this drop of wine.
Tears of life the river fill, tears from strife a somber chill.
Pleasure seeking , ambitious soar to reach beyond the bolted door.
The quest to lead where yet explored, into the depth, the center core.
Weep not heart no loss of touch, the joy of life is not a crutch.


If ever there were a night to be held, hold me now.

If ever a song to be sung, sing it now.

If ever a love was born, cherish the treasure.

If ever a kiss ....


What are tears made of ?

untapped infusion of emotion.....

Red choo choo

Walking down the street and I had an attack,
the wind to my back and I started to laugh.
Memories of a day shared with you, the
teddy bear driver and the red choo choo.

Through your eyes, the world is mine.
Through your heart, we dance in time.
Navigate we procreate, shivers up and
down my spine.

Dreams so fine, to my soul design
a love vine to you entwined.
Navigate we procreate, the song
that sings to you and I.

Through your eyes , the world is mine.
Through your heart, we dance in time .

Sunrise in the valley, willow meets the stream
heaven with the song birds, a melody do sing.
River through the mountains, bumble bees in spring.
From the beginning my heart began to ping.
Taking flight ... focusing you in sight,
and everywhere I look I see you day and night.
The eternal band of wisdom, peace and joy ..begins not, ends not, for it is the ever encirled gem of friendship.

Monday, March 27, 2006

You and Me.....

You and me through the night we’re dancing,
Stars so bright and clouds of white enhancing.
A dream it must have been, as fantasy set in.
There they’ll find us oscillating with the wind.
You and me, dancing from within.

Waking to the sun lit morning, there I stood
all alone and mourning. The dance through
the night dissipate with the light and I
was falling, my heart was calling and there
I stood with the day, to recreate the joy
in my own way.


Sparkling frost with its glitter of crystal blankets the hills of the hollow like frosting on a cake. Mother natures bitter cold deceiving to the season of spring, could not halt the renewal of life. Where silence
embraced winter, the hills began to sing with such
reverent sounds of beauty, awakening
the spirit within.


Oscillating in emotion, I found myself strolling down a well
traveled path. Familiar to the surroundings and yet distant as if
today that which would ominate foresaw the unpredictable. Where once doubt had rooted ,now replaced with the seed of hope. The
unsettling restlessness met with a inner calm that
permeated from the soul,
to reckon with peace.
I shall not compromise, for that’s my sin.
My soul I gave from whence begin.
Heart thou not betray, love is felt in many ways !

Sunday, March 26, 2006


Souls in Flight

I sleep within your arms tonight, now silence feels so very right.
No whispers or songs to sing, the magic is in what life brings.

I sleep within your arms tonight, safe from sadness, fear and plight.
No memories of days gone by, hollow promises or tears in the eyes.

I sleep within your arms tonight, where distance and time have not a fight.
No mountains high or rivers deep can keep your arms from where I sleep.

I sleep within you arms tonight, hearts held close and souls in flight.

Look into my eyes and you will see,
the beauty is your reflection cast onto me.
Bedazzled by the sparkle, enchanted by the
charm. The emotion that attached itself
bonded us more then are to arm.


Engrossed in thought, I wondered through the early season of spring. The stony edged path that had said its goodbye, to seasons of the past, now welcomes tomorrow as if it were the first time the hills would come to life. The light sensitive flowers anxiously push forward through the thin blanket of snow, reminding us of mother natures indecisive behavior or life’s cruel reminder of our vulnerability, that teeters on the unexpected.

Reaching out to pull you ever near, oh my darling it’s that time of the year.
A vase filled with willow, marks the first days of spring, a heart with love,
marks the first day of dreams.

Je t'aime

No lonely glass of wine, no single walk through time.
When your with me, we scale the mountains high.
Just look inside to see, just what you mean to me.
Close your eyes and set sail across the sea.

Je t'aime

No need for melancholy of the night, close your eyes and in your arms hold me tight. The sounds of soft played music brought you near and I refuse to change the disk my dear.
The clouds made for you and I, puffs of cotton where we dance the night. Hold my hand and draw me close, listen to the whisper Je t'aime.


If passion made a play then dreams made the way,
to sing my love to you.
Hold onto the night , like a rollercoaster ride,
I 'm sharing gray skies and blue.

Stream bed dry and mountains high,
black birds flying in the sky.
A cats meow, a dogs bark, a
child running through the park.

Lonely woman, lonely man
reach on out and hold my hand.
Let us stroll through the
night you
and I

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Life and Death

Life and Death

I cannot write about death without writing about life. Two experiences, both passages in time. With the death of family and friends touching our lives, I found myself explaining death to my young children. Death as tragic as it seems is a passage of time. We are like the perennial flowers of the garden, we are seeded and nurtured and soon we begin to grow. As time passes we present our gift as a bloom, after years of blooming we set seed and watch in enjoyment as new flowers begin to grow. The young flowers mature and find their place within the garden,while the paternal plant dies back to allow the young plants to meet their full maturity. The rate with which each plant matures varies, as do we. The sorrow that we feel is not in the passing of a love one it is in our loss of new memories of a dear person who has touched our lives. It has been said that as long as one person remembers a person never truly dies, they live on in our memories, the love we feel for them , the stories we tell and the rejoicing of life. The sadness is not in those who have lived a short time on earth, it is in those who have remained on earth for long periods of time and have yet to live, to touch or be touched.

Death is not a end, but a start to a new beginning for in knowing you, I have lived. In touching you I have felt, in holding of your memories I continue to experience love.

To my dear friend the body passes on,
but the spirit forever remains in our hearts.

Just a little pep talk!

The LORD is my shepherd; I shall not want. He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me beside the still waters. He restoreth my soul: he leadeth me in the paths of righteousness.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Winter to Spring!

Germinate a seed of love and watch the blooms of joy root within....

Love is not of ownership or a possession that is to be,
more the beauty of your soul bonded close to me.
We can walk the valley, take flight with morning
doves and share the beauty of simplicity,
with that little thing called Love.
My plea, to feel the tenderness of that first moment for a lifetime!

My body lacked of touch, my soul felt so very much.
My heart could see, my mind believe.
You are standing here with me.

I Believe
I believe mountains were made to climb
and a river deep couldn’t separate you and I.
I believe blue birds were meant to sing in the
state that taught me the value of dreams.
I believe for every tomorrow awaits, a
miracle in life to give and not take.
I believe you and I are to be, in a
world created for you and me.

Blue heron fishing in the stream,
dragonflies emerge in colors of blue
and green.Waters clear and pebbles
can be seen, mind drifting and I
feel like sixteen.

Eyes sparkle and it's just silly me,
heart beating and childish may it seem.
Daydreaming a day with you and me.
Safeguard the tickle that you bring.
Clench tighter, as you vise to me. You’ll see
how wonderful life will be. One moment
and hour does it spring. Highlighting rainbows
in my dream.

Winter to spring , petals of locus fall
and the heart welcomes the love call.
A song bird sings, a mountain stream
brings to life, the sounds of nature
in a celebration of dreams.

Yesterdays gone , tomorrow awaits me
now. To myself I make a ceremonial vow.
Each new day , each challenge I meet.
Crumbled roads smoothed,
achievements a multi feat.

A path , the Lord did lay
A journey for me to express in my own way.
Where songs fill the air and mountains
flatten to a subtle prayer.

Celebrate with me , the season
my heart enthralled , as we journey
through a day with you by me.
Heavens surprise, with no room for

The beauty is shared with one who cares
Spellbound no sadness or fears with you.
I walk each day with you by my side.
a journey complimented by you and I.


My honey, maple chocolate twice baked cake
a celebration that you and I will make.
Springs announcements that we can shake
the winter doldrums , there’s a lot at stake.

I feel the sun in each moment shared ,
enough warmth to show your cared.
Dancing out there on thin air,
when I fall it's in your arms my dear.

I am gonna make you wish it so
or is it because I simply know.
We’re entertaining as the wind blows,
to love that continues to grow.



The season that in one day, reminds us where we have been, where we are and where we are going.
A blanket of snow melts with the morning sun to spur faith in the day, this moment called spring.

The crocus in a spring time bloom
a season that I fully consume.
Rebirth at twelve o clock noon
or if your prefer under the midnight

I can feel it and see it now, the joy
that made me smile . The beauty
of our holiday, makes each new day
and expression of emotion, like that
of the sunniest day in the month of
May and the passion in the hottest
day of summer.

Sometimes no songs need be sung nor music played, to dance above.
All you ever need to hear and see is the sound of your heart beat.

Sunrise , sunrise to my right, goodbye to the darkness of the night.
Sunrise , sunrise in the east, warms the heart and kills the beast.
Sunrise, sunrise bright aglow, light the way for loves grand show.
Loves Grand Show
An explosions of sensual, excitement that enraptures the soul.
What is this pitter patter in my heart?
Sounds of rain that flood my heart.
What is this song that fills the air?
Music to the soul or words to console .
What is the ticking of the clock?
Reminder of the past or a race to unlock.

I cannot cry for what is not , the lessons of time a message taught.
I cannot feel for what is dreams, or if it is what it seems.
I cannot hear the song of life , deafened by the sounds of strife.

Weep not the distance lay ,
our hearts are closer everyday.
I have loved and this you know,
because you warmed my heart just so.
Felt the breath of life at night, as I
dreamt your kiss that night.
To you I celebrate my love , with song ,dance and God above.
With the wind that blows , mountains , rivers ,sun and snow.
In my heart and in my soul, to my mind a constant flow.
To you I celebrate my love, with song , dance and God above.
With a monarch high in flight or a swallow in the night.
In my dreams day and night , in the world of such delight.
To you I celebrate my love , with song , dance and God above.
With the moments of tomorrow and goodbyes to that of sorrow.
In the joy of the day and the path where romance lay.
To you I celebrate my love, with song dance and God above.

Just a Little Tenderness

Just a little tenderness, imagine just a little kiss.
Head to heel delicate, handled with such finesse.

Dancing on the clouds in bliss, to the song titled
Happiness. My love for you is blessed, as in my

dreams we caress.

Restless is this soul of mine, lost in this place and time. Reaching, grasping from within, to find the place where life begins.
I existed and failed to live until I was touch from deep within.
What is strength?
To live with your choice or to dare to change it?

Monday, March 13, 2006


The stream bed swollen lay on bed of rock, leaf buds on the trees could almost talk.
The robin’s announcement unofficially spring , Catkins blooming on the willow tree.

Warm wind howling blows this way , the gift of your love is here to stay.
I knew what our souls unlocked, as time keeps score with a tic toc .

Sweet sounds of winter sing, to the hills it is almost spring.
The kiss of the gentle breeze, touched a part of me.

Spring... The birth of a season , the challenge to feel , The reminder that time surely does heal.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

If and Just

Opalescent beauty in the depth of the sea ,
clear yet clouded a single pearl I see.

The existence of the courts primaeval indeed
to sit in judgment and a fool to make of me.
Is my walk not fast enough , my reasoning
left unseen , or is it the values of others
that challenge me?
Fancy the skip through fields of dreams
and you can view just where
and what my eyes have seen.
The sorrow imbedded, the smiles that
deny , the memories of yesterday for
which I cannot hide.
If and Just
Looking through another’s eyes “if” weighs heavy in the arena of doubt. If your honest, If you knew, If you released me from the blues.
“Just” is the word of ignorance that slights the emotions of another .. what is easy for one person may not be easy for another. Just run, just stand, just believe. “Just” and “If” both have the connotation of judgment.
My version of If...
Looking through out my life If makes many an appearance.
If in youth I had the knowledge an experience that only time can give.
If my choices were of those that I could live.
If I could see tomorrows and build on yesterdays.
If my courage remained strong and through out my life wouldn’t sway.
If those that I entrusted with my life and my dreams
new the impact of their lack of faith.
If I knew the path would smooth the rubble away and lead to the belief a new chance await.
If only I had a crystal ball and I could see How many more times in life I’d fall
If I knew that you were here and you would hold my hand.
If I knew that you believed the words written in the sand.
If I understood the meaning of struggle in a day and why my soul flies restless in the sky’s of gray.
If two letters that span the many years . If I had met you sooner , If you understood If..................

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Behind the hidden Gates

The rolling hills, the winter fields and trees awaiting spring . Picturesque in silence until the falling rain.
The earth began to rumble , the trees began to sway and running through the fields of life this message they conveyed.
Life is ever changing and growth silently awaits, the blooms so revealing behind the hidden gates.

The sun is shining and the hills reveal a tune,
big announcement is spring is coming soon.
Trees in bud and flowers nudging through,
a celebration of a new day with you.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Queen Anne’s Lace and a Butterfly Race

Queen Anne’s Lace and a Butterfly race,
wings a flutter and I try to brace .
Caught up in a butterfly race, soaring
high an I’m keeping pace.

Over the mountain and beyond the dell,
the little butterfly waved a big farewell.
Flit and floating on a sunshine dream,
my heart beat picks up steam.

Vision clearer then could ever be, as I
glazed on down through the sycamore
trees. Flapping to the gentle breeze are
the wings of a butterfly just set free.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Imagine That!

Imagine waking every morning to your breath against my cheek and the caress of your body felt so tenderly. To the sounds of the song birds as they melody along with the music of our hearts palpitating awfully strong.
Imagine a love so beautiful and kind that seeks to share the answers revealed throughout the times. Imagine the compassion and the joy that comes along , bewitching the seduction rids life of all the wrong.
Imagine that the mornings and the nights have become one ,as the dance of life has simply just
Imagine there is no loneliness when love steps on board , a side by side journey for you and I to explore.
Close your eyes and vision , you will begin to see, that every step you’ve taken is right next to me.

If I could see tomorrow and taste your lips of sweet
rid myself of sorrow , I’d be walking in my sleep.
If I could scale the mountain to see beyond,I would
see that we are simply walking arm and arm.


I called out to the heavens , I called out to the stars,
I called out to my true love, for us never to depart.

To hold this one moment so close to our heart,
seeded from within the stars will we chart.

The heavens belong to you and I
and there's no limit to the moon and sky.

So listen close and this I will tell
the love that I feel has broken the shell.

Love is like a bouquet of roses , each petal reveals another beauty.

The stars were cast to wake your heart and make you understand . Love is not a competition sent to shake man. Your heart opened up to me, your arms now take command.

You don't needs hand to touch love, hold it in your heart. Nor eyes
to see the beauty of life , when you live it through your soul. Time's
bitter sweet path is not laden with sadness, but rejoices with hope
for tomorrow.

I was reaching out and you were reaching back!
Tonight when the sunsets and the darkness embraces the eve , love will enhance with its
beauty placing you once again in my arms. Sleep well for I am as close as the butterfly to a daisy.

Friday, March 03, 2006

Cara mia, ti voglio bene

Cara mia, ti voglio bene,
more then you will ever know.
Freeze the moment and hold
you near, as I whisper in your ear.

Cara mia , ti voglio bene,
more then you will ever know.
Your arms reaching to embrace
the love that we share.

Cara mia, ti voglio bene, beyond the
ends of time . Hold my hand and our
loved combined ,will make your heart
beat next to mine.


A mere wisp of flurry caught up in the winds fell
gently upon my face. The fragile cool crystal melted
quickly with the warmth that kissed my heart deep
from inside. A imminent chill piercing my soul
awakened the beauty of love, unlocking the
treasure hidden in the darkness. A exquisite
jewel that outshines the brightest of stars
fused into one and then burst with emotion.
The image cast burns fiercely in my mind,
as I view the eternal dance of souls.