Pictorial Prose

Pictorial Prose
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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Sweet Loves Kiss Upon MY Soul

When I was a small child I had this screen much like a colander that I used in the sand box. When you place the sand in the box and shook it back and forth, the larger pebbles and stone would separate and the soft fine sand would fall through leaving behind larger pieces. I lay here awake with my mind filled with distraction, life and experience and the moment seemed much like the screened colander. Sifting through the years, that which was meaningless, weak and had little impact on the current moment easily fell through but did not dissipate but mounted in a hill like formation. Tiny grains of sand which alone seemed to have little impact but gathered together became a heavy weighted burden. I looked at that which did not fall through that which remained, the larger pieced the power and impact of that which refused to fall through. It was obvious that as I again sifted through the memory filled experiences that you my darling had not fallen through but remained secure and unwavering in my heart. That which remained revealed all that you are, your strength of character, your warmth of heart and the faith and courage you have instilled bit by bit into my life. Though the grains of life that had fallen through were not comparative in size and smooth, easier to sift through and becoming heavier, they lacked any real substance upon the moment. I again peered at that which remained, unique and much larger in comparison , the real importance became clearer and as the grains of sand continued to fall, the real gem revealed itself. The gem that remained is the love that you give each and everyday, I gazed at the brilliance of its color and the glimmer of light which reflects from the many facets leading me down the path of tomorrow.

Sand, sand grains of sand,
mountain high, till the winds
command. Particles to tiny to
see touched my heart like
an emery.

Deep below the surface you'll
find,the true gift revealed through
time. Love and friendship
in a dream come true, there
has never been anyone like you.

Yesterday, today and tomorrow,
sifting through removes the sorrow.
What remains can now be seen
through my heart and memories.

What distance separates love unites!


I have never been more sure,
until I allowed your love to unlock...

The revelation unveiled so that we may see, when I stumbled who was there for me. Caught me falling , held me tight, loved me both day and night. It is obvious and very clear its not in passing the love we share. Took my heart and won't let and there the love continues to grow.

I once believed to hold your hand on the long journey would compliment the reality of our love, but that was until I felt the merging of our souls and realized that we were one love.

I am preparing for my travels tomorrow and it could be why I feel a tad bit hyper, but I think the thought of expansion, the future and my capabilities also play a part. So many things to do and at times I don't know where to begin. I find that writing is quite therapeutic and a necessary break in the day. Over packed, I think I have just one to many outfits included in the barrage of items I deemed necessary to take with me. I am not so sure why I am so excited about the trip, I have done this event three years in a row. This year I am not only attending as a vendor but also to experience, learn and achieve through a wide range of events and workshops.
My desk is conveniently located near the southern window where I find myself repeatedly glancing out of it, as I watch the sun break through the trees and the many birds stop by the feeder. I can feel the stress of the moment dissipate with each word I write, as if it were somehow a release or a step away from my current surroundings.
There are times where I realistically visualize the goal which precedes the original thought process of what is either temptation or destiny. I view a wide spectrum of events those which include my wants and desires and the opportunities that reveal themself in this ironic journey of life, one that at times seems long and yet short lived.
Taking a deep breath and imagines resting in your arms as I lean back to give you a kiss and finds the warm thoughts not only bring a smile to my face but becomes an infusion of love that fills my heart. The magic of the imagination is rewarding in that it can soothe, excite and bring to me a great reminder of how wonderful loving you actually is.
Again I look out the window and this time I am at peace for I know no matter what I do or where I go, I carry your love within me. The day quickly passing but nothing matters as much as acknowledging that love has indeed welcomed my spirit to enter into a realm where only tears of happiness fall. The words I love you though not spoken fills the air with a sense of joy that not only soothes and calms but removes the restlessness which once controled my soul. The smile that surfaces is priceless as it represents the magic of your love in me.

If the day should end and time come to a stand still... I have loved.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

...of you my darling sweet

I never saw the sky as I saw it today,
a blanket of blue replaced any signs of gray.
The trees now dressed in varied shades of green
and I welcome the moment and the visuals of spring.


I woke up in the morning and it was no surprise,
it was you in my heart and you on my mind.
Pinch me if I dreaming, but I felt your tender
embrace, your heart against mine and in unison
they raced.

My hands caressing every inch of you, I couldn't
stop the feeling even if I wanted to. The kiss so
sweet, joy filled from your lips, left upon mine
the most wonderful morning kiss.

My fingers through your hair of shiny soft
like silk and I brushed it to the side and
whispered to you how much I care.

The morning was amazing and you my love
made it so, as you were cast the lead in the
dreams that won't let go.

I had wondered if this might have been a
page in the dream and I was afraid you
might disappear from me.

I whispered softly as I held the
images in my mind and thought of the
day our bodies would come together
like our souls that had so entwined.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Day and Night

Heaven inspired,
miraculous indeed,
the pirouette with love,
is more than a dream.

Wind tickler,
a moonlight surprise,
in your arms,
through all of the night.

One sweet concoction,
the taste divine,
a mixture of passion,
with your soul and mine.


Crisp clean sheets, an invitation to dream,
and the realization of what you mean to me.

I found the pillow talking, I felt my own
heart throbbing, I knew the moment led
me to you.

Images so sweet, your love definetly a
treat, the magic of springtime is in the

I'm laying here dreaming, visions of
love steaming, I'm laying here dreaming
of you.

I found the pillow talking, I felt my own
heart throbbing, I knew the moment
would lead me to you.

I'm looking out the window and here is what I see, I see your love in the hills and your love haunts me. I listening close and this is what I hear , I hear your love whisper, it whispers in detail, it speaks of wisdom and here's what it reveals " patience is a virtue, love you can't deny, happiness is the moment when love is side by side "I felt the chill racing inside of me, like the power of love and how it can cross mountains and the many seas. I'm looking out the window and here is what I see, I see your love in the hillls and your love it reached on out to me.
Where did the calm come from? What gave to me such peace? The answer was obvious, your love is all I need, it's my happiness and my dreams come true, the warmth of the moment is the magic of loving you. I dare not fight it, I let your love come through and everyday I feel that love from you and every day I feel that love from you.

I finally understood, I now completely comprehend, placing restraints upon our love would bring it to and end. No special request, you are all that I need, just knowing that you love me makes my heart sing. My world is brighter and brighter with each day, just knowing that you're here in my heart to stay and that you'll never go away.

Wakened to the image that most joyously pleased and it all seemed so real as I reached to feel you love reaching back to me. The night quite magical more than any night could be, as we danced under star lit skies, your soul merged one to one within the dream. Wondrous the experience to feel your warm embrace, but what made it so very special was the dance face to face. The piercing of your eyes that reach deep inside and brought to the surface the joy of love from the depth of heart soul and mind. One shoulder strap had fallen and you gently removed it so and there I stood before you, both heart and soul exposed. The image breath taking as all that now can be seen is the love of you my darling, standing one with me.
Standing in the greenhouse the floral now in bloom, the Mandevilla twining and the madness appeared under the fullness of the moon. Distant the body and yet with it I concur that the dreams of love had seared to my heart an indelible a burn. Desperate to understand the meaning of the day when the heart feels the absence and yet the love never fades away.

I find I am chasing the flowers of the season as they merely document a day without a reason. Tomorrow soon will be in passing and I wonder where I'll be and if it were the moment than why does the soul now bleed? Entangled in a mess as it binds one to the ground and deafens like the darkness where emptiness is found.
I cannot give my heart, for it is my heart you have and it was yours from the day you wiped away the tears and wove your love like fabric weaved in a plaid. I cannot bare my soul, as it has always been entwined with yours and it only took a moment to see what life had in store. I cannot exchange the laughter, for it is the gift you gave and when darkness drapes the moment and distance is at the core, I hold to your sweet memory of my love whom I adore.


It is not repetition each word that I write,
it is my promise to record the love
that holds me day and night.

If I Should Run

If I should run, run faster!
so that I'll find you waiting there.
If I should sing, sing louder! that
from a distance I will hear.
If I should dream, dream with me!
in hopes you'll hold me dear.
If I should want, want more!
the tenderness of touch.
If I should find the key, unlock
my heart at will! and allow our
love to be set free to reach
beyond the hills.

Sings>Oh! my love, I'm waiting for you, for your sweet kiss under the heavens so blue. Peaceful the moment as I watch the sunrise and I encounter the dreams of you by myside. Good morning my love, good morning to you, I'm here and I'm waiting, waiting for you.

You're my kiss, my kiss of sunshine, the warmth of the moment, the embrace so fine. I holding you tight, I'm not letting go, I'm with you my darling and I'll state it so. The green on the mountains, the trillium bloom have nothing my love, have nothing on you.

Oh! my love, I'm waiting for you, for your sweet kiss under the heavens so blue. Peaceful the moment as I watch the sunrise and I encounter the dreams of you by myside. Good morning my love, good morning to you, I'm here and I'm waiting, waiting for you.

My heart is open and I welcome you in and there I'll hold you and I'll lives will start again. No imagination necessary, the moment is real and if you close your eyes, you'll more passionately feel. My love for you, most certaintly true, its the magic of life that brought me to you.

Oh! my love, I'm waiting for you, for your sweet kiss under the heavens so blue. Peaceful the moment as I watch the sunrise and I encounter the dreams of you by myside. Good morning my love, good morning to you, I'm here and I and I'm waiting, waiting for you.

Sings>If I could whisper words of love,
I whisper in your ear and here is what
you would hear, , I'd whisper I love you!
I'd whisper I love dear.

If I could tell you how much I care,
how I need you here, I'd whisper
of love honey sweet, I'd whisper
I love you and if I had you that
close, I'd whisper need you so.

As far back as I can remember life has always been about survival, how do we make it through a day? Where it will lead us? Can we do it and should we? In a relationship or friendship people look at the possibility of a commitment. The commitment normally means that decisions will be made jointly and that each person will consider the other persons feelings, emotional well being and build on the foundation of trust. From there we will launch into the future and create a collage of memories.
The day dimly lit as the clouds block any rays of the sun from breaking through and the rain leaves signs of dampness that chills deep down in the bones. Quickly I glance out the window and I can see the rain overflowing from the spout. Aloof from my necessary role of the day, I found myself some how distant from my surroundings and the world in general. I couldn't quite shake the darkness of the moment and as I tried to talk myself into better functioning through the day, I realized commitment didn't have to be shared with a partner. There are many choices that we confront each day and those choices will reflect upon our being and alter the path of the ever winding journey.
I again thought about life's commitments, to love and to share in that love, to document it so those who follow will know the advantages of allowing the joy and excitement of love into their life. Independence entered my thoughts, many would wonder what independence actually would mean in a form of self commitment. As I have worked to gain my independence, I understood the importance of responsibility to self and through my choices, thoughts and actions the daily outcome. Unsettled or wobbly there are visuals that are implemented into our thought process that some how weakens the train of thought, misdirecting it and somehow has us looking for the easy way out. The want of laughter, the days of joy, a love of life that doesn't toy. Though the destination still unsure, the love of life I do implore, with honesty the guide, our purpose in life revealed in time. Sure I want you by my side, I can't imagine a lonely long ride, to share and love to self be true, yes I love you, Yes I do!


Love infused in the most magical of way,
brings laughter and happiness
for forever plus a day.
Like a song bird in migration a surprise to eyes to see,
as your love from the heavens to the heart is magical indeed.
The rivers hold the secrets and through the water flows and there I see my yesterdays and the tomorrows that await, by simpling excepting that our love was simply born by FATE.
My wants and needs are simple and time will soon reveal,
that waking to a morning kiss can cause a heart to heal.
There are simple pleasures and for that I am thankful so ,
like the breeze through my bedroom window and
your love that in my heart grows.
There is no greater love than an unselfish act of kindness...

Saturday, April 24, 2010

...it is I

The Stream rages through the mountains and a rainbow paints a hue of every color in the sky as your love through my heart is a joy I can't deny. The trillium blanket the hills and a blue is hidden beyond the clouds and it all seems quite amazing as I gaze like an a angel looking down. Sweet sounds are captured by the magic of the soul, while the words of love are empowered which bring to me your hold. The water simply rushes like a gazelle as she races through the fields, breaking all the barrier and releasing what time has yet to spill. I knew it from the beginning and I simply know it now and when the day is over I know what love is all about. It conjures up the dreams where I can hold you close and whispers like the rain as through my heart it flows. When all seems impossible and the restlessness abound, that's when I think of you and know what I have found.
The world within a Kaleidoscope and shattered pieces do I see and through each turn a vision of how wonderful love can be. It is the kiss in the morning, the magic in the day, the images each night that never fade away. It is the faith of each beginning, the hour that has me hungering so and the dreams that have me begging for more and more of the love that simply won't let go.

I cannot whisper soft enough, nor shout loud enough my dear, so when the rain is falling, each drop holds sentiments of how much I care. With each pitter-patter, with all my love I so inspire in hope that happiness will infuse into your soul and give to you the power. Allow the chill to remind you and the clouds to blanket in the night and when you close your eyes my love, remember it is I who holds you tight.

I thought inquisitively, what is it I am missing? What sign did I fail to see? When suddenly my soul responded " allow your heart to set you free." I followed the path and it redirected me and led me through the gates of truth to view a sight that seldom see. I saw it in the sunrise and again when moon now braced the light less sky and when I looked into your heart I saw the love that through my spirit entwines.
It is takes a certain kind of strength
to engage soul to soul in an eternal bond.
Love is not repetitious it grows and blooms
more beautifully with each moment.
Passion, when desire meets with love
and embraces the magic.
Heaven is laying in the arms of love...

Thursday, April 22, 2010


I attended a luncheon yesterday and the speaker was our local morning radio host Doug Wilson. His speech was about that special someone. He said" it's rare and very few people will ever experience it". He said "you know when you are driving down the road and you're at the crest of the hill and you take that bump in the road a little to fast, and you feel that weeeee feeling" Now he described it a little different but we all knew what he was talking about it's the rush you feel that kind of goes right through you. Still listening to him as he continued to speak" It is the same feeling you have when you meet that special person and you get it every time you are with them." I sat there thinking well yes I can relate as I know all about that source of energy that is shared between two people. It indeed puts a fire in the eyes and causes the heart to beat rapidly, it is without judgment, loving and passionate. He finished speaking with a question most women ask and most men don't want to answer. " Do I look fat in this outfit? But he said that when you meet that person who causes the wee every time you see him or her, he or she doesn't see the few extra pounds because they know that they have met that special someone and what they see is the heart and soul of a person. " I thought that really goes both ways the person who has the ability to see that something special in another person and of course the person who can see it back..... ahh now we are talking fireworks! Fireworks is what happens when two souls that were always meant to come together and unite, they set off a chain of events which ignites the spirit and creates a powerful display.
It is true that most people will never ever find or experience the coming together of souls mates, most will settle with a partner that fills some needs and others will go through a slew of partners trying to find that special someone. When you have experienced it you'll know it and nothing will compare to the magic and power of love.
The more I thought about people searching for that person, much as the Greek Mythology describes, searching for the other half, I felt saddened that so many will never ever find that person who not completes them but becomes the ultimate connection. I realized that the soul mate has nothing to do with our earthly form nor with our experience here on earth. This coming together of spirits and the exchanging of energy is far more powerful than our walk upon the earth. You have to allow yourself to see deeper beyond the masque that so camouflages each person.
Of course it has been said "it's when your not looking that the most magnificent things begin to happen." Nothing can stop or prevent the merging of souls once they have met, they unite in away that forges beyond all the barriers placed before them. Undeniable trust, you don't ask for it, as a friend said "trust is earned. Trust in the magic of the ride, the bump in the road and the weeeeee that brings excitement and experiences beyond the common trials of earth.

May I have this Dance?

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Treasure of Love is Never Old

I have found myself more than once rereading my own words and trying to hold on to the positive thoughts and experiences. I sometimes look at it as reminders and other times I find that I am analyzing times past and the present and forming my own conjecture. Flipping through the many pages it was as if I was getting another glimpse of the journey. Some believe that dreams are foolish and in nature a waste of time. I thought of my dreams, both day dreams and the ones I wake up in the middle of the night are beautiful and my favorite are those that seem to break through the barriers of darkness to infuse the sweetness of loves embrace.
The year has been positive in nature, I think good things have come out of the past several months. In one sense there is a loneliness that has yet to be filled and the hunger for it brings tears from deep within my soul and yet I know the pleasure of a realm that few will ever understand. As if the pages of the book of life are moving faster and faster and the chapters and characters changing at the utmost speed.
A script, a part in a play, as if most of the time I am standing upon the stage, the character in an unwritten play and as I step down, I find myself sinking in a pit like that of quick sand. Two separate worlds one where I flourish another which has all the entrapment of a spiders web. Troubled I reach out to find who is standing with their heart open and their rms reaching out.
Sometimes I find it bizarre that people some how connect and feel a kinship that has them welcoming me, reaching out with a warm embrace and sharing their most inner thoughts and emotions. Yet the day will end and we will part and loneliness will find its start. The sun will set, the room will darken and and another morn we'll await as time records both night and day. I feel the emotions sorrow and despair and sometimes it's laughter with joy through the air. When all is said and the time will end, who will remember and what will transcend?
So I find I'm here alone, I'm in my room with nowhere to go. Pillow fluffed, blanket close and I read the words of love with eyes closed. Inconspicuous still I find, they are written by the soul and mind, scripted in the heart like gold, the treasure of love is never old. Over and over the words of dreams, hope and faith and mystical things, I can feel you in my heart, somethings even time can't part. Love is magical, a breath of life and in my heart it feels so right.
There is still so much to do and yet I am tired, can I see it through? Tomorrow will come, it never waits, and has much to give but it always takes. The stage of life and again I'll step and prepare to take, happiness, peace and loves design and create a scenery of heaven high. Heartache, sorrow, pain and despair, I refuse to let any of it near. I close my eyes and off to sleep, and the words of love shall write my dreams.When the night is underway only goodness is allowed to stay. Light the darkness, warm the night, I'm in the arms of love tonight.
Trouble spirits go away you are not welcome here to stay, I have mastered the path of fear and only souls of love can enter here. Can you see it, do you know why the path before us is undefined? Faith has paved it, love enhanced and happiness imbedded not by chance. Hold my hand and follow me, I promise you the best of dreams. We will do it, I know we can, love is precious and in demand.

Beyond the Clouds in the Sky

We're gonna make it, I know this to be true, the river flowing down stream, will send all my love to you. You're gonna know it, just the same way I do and when I feel your arms, you'll be feeling my love too. We're gonna surface beyond the clouds in the sky and when I send my kisses, they'll warm your spirit like warm sunshine. We're gonna make it, I know this to be true, the river flowing down stream, will send all my love to you.
From the heavens a friend both loyal and true, sent down to journey under skies of blue. From the wind a song, magnificent indeed and when it reached my heart, I quickly believed. From the heavens a friend both loyal and true, sent down to journey under skies of blue. From the sun a warmth, from your heart a dream come true, for when I looked up to the heavens, I felt your love come shining through.

Monday, April 19, 2010


Dreaming, I can't stop dreaming, dreaming of your sweet smile. Wake up, I don't wanna wake up, afraid to find you're not around. Dreaming, I can't stop dreaming, dreaming of your sweet smile.
Loving, I can't stop loving, loving from across the miles. My heart, you have touched my heart, my soul knows what it has found. Loving, I can't stop loving, loving from across the miles.
Singing, I can't stop singing, singing to you my friend. Words, there are no words, no words to be found. Still I"m singing, I can't stop singing, singing to you my friend.
Dreaming, I can't stop dreaming, dreaming of your sweet smile... dreaming of your sweet smile!

Mission Impossible... so close that your heart stumbles over it
and so far that you reach out to find that your not sure if it ever was even there.
Because I do not choose to waddle in the negativity
does not represent denial, the strength is gained by
the power of love and it is through love that the
path indeed becomes clearer.

The dagger pierces from many aside where sorrow and fear on the waves ride high. Threats and turmoil, silly old fool, for nothing can break on my heart loves hold. Charmed by the images tender and sweet with my eyes closes a wondrous treat. Fingers to lips, tracing the smile of the dreams of love of a kiss that can wow. Magical, mysterious beautiful indeed to wake in the morning to a lovers creed. No separation, through the heart you will see, the conquest is love and it brought you to me.


Saturday, April 17, 2010

Forever Beside Me

There is no past,
no trail following me,
for you are the moment
and my soul is surely free.

Love wears no disguise and
I can surely see, through my
heart the dreams brought
you to me.

Happiness is with me and
my thoughts no longer gray,
reality has surfaced to bring
new light to the day.

I will feel no sorrow for truth
spokely freely and told me who
shall stand forever beside me.

Friday, April 16, 2010

We So Deserve

Analysis, interpretation, revelation, as I chart the path of my own destiny, I question the direction and where it leads. In a very warm and enlightening conversation yesterday we discussed the short period of time we are placed on earth and what it is we are to achieve and what direction it is to take. As I listened to others reveal their own doubts, the journey they had so far taken I found myself deep in thought of my own destination, weaknesses and strengths and the signs that reveal themselves a long the way. I have always thought that in my particular case the journey was not predestined and It gained or lost momentum along the way. There were many issues that surfaced in the last several days and as I confront them, I see both the open and closed doors that are placed in front of me.
In some instances knowing more complicates life, you step ahead of yourself and gaze back at where the decision process will lead. You view a multiple of outcomes, sometimes of a positive and of a negative nature. Life and the experiences are not like a switch that can turn it off and on. There were a few things that I had difficulty with, both of the situations signaled fear from within.

To live the life of love, to share in the happiness we so deserve, to believe that together, we can master each moment as it rolls into the hour. Like the many before us and those who have yet to journey on, I stand at the crossroads of life and wonder where it is I truly belong.


I am at the mercy of destiny,
it battles the reasoning for
each song, the road crumbling
on the journey, redirecting
the path of a road that's both
rocky and long.

It was a Nat King Cole song...sings> I believe for every drop of rain that falls a flower grows, I believe that somehere in the darkest night a candle glows.

Hope, faith, Peace and Harmony, I believe the Lord gave to me the power to write the words of love and inscript to life like flames of fire. I believe tomorrow will reveal the memories, the journey of a life and the reasoning behind it all. I look forward to the moment, I look for all that welcomes me and as I reach for your hand I am met with peace and harmony. Hope kept me waiting, faith simply revealed that happiness is merely the sum of our responsibilty to self.

Creams and lotions mixing and I thought I would take this time to write on the blog. It occured to me that I have spent a lifetime directing my energy into being what everyone wants. The time now is centered not necessarily on myself but on the correct the path. I had been on a detour for so long that I almost didn't recognize the signs that say turn here, stop now, pause, take a deep breath. As the sound of the mixer churns in the background, I feel an overwhelming joy in my accomplishments. I realized that everyone enjoys different things in life and for them that is fine, but I love making products, I love the creativity, I enjoy meeting people and I flourish on the weekly stage where I am the Queen bee. This is my journey and I hold the stern and I follow my heart and listen to my soul as I steer the ship through the storms of life. I am but a seed blowing in the wind and as I absorb the nutrients I am blessed with growth that takes me beyond my yesterdays.
Angels... you find them to appear in the most unusual times and places. Rarely do they come dressed with angel wings, but yet it is wings that they give. Soaring high, can't deny looking down who is by myside. Angels, angels removes the fear and places joy and love everywhere.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Loneliness, it is incredible how deeply ingrained the emptiness or feelings of solitude are in a person. Sometimes it is merely a lack of connection with those around you and other times it has more to do with physical circumstances or the isolation. I remember quite well the experience of being " alone in a crowded room. I also know what it feels like when a person finishes your sentence, knows you so well that they know your next step before you do. I call it a bonding of souls, in reality I believe this connection is formed not only on a social level, but deeper in a place without judgement.
When my daughter who at the time was just in her pre teens came to me one night, she said " Mom I feel so alone" I said well you are not alone, I am here! She said I know that you are here, it is just a feeling I have. It is not about a need for acceptance or a depressing thought, it is a place within the mind that wants to share who they are with those who know and appreciate who they are. Common ground with no barriers and a equality of thought and presence a merge of the soul with like souls.
I am not necessarily referring to the time that we need to be alone and recharge and grip the reality of our surroundings. I have learned the need to enjoy and appreciate the silence and the time to oneself and that has nothing at all to do with the feelings of loneliness. Sometimes it is merely knowing that in the bigger picture or in the scheme of things that you are not spiritually , intellectually or in a loving away standing ,one like a single flower in a forest.
Some believe that loneliness is a source of overwhelming negativity, which include extreme thoughts of as a rebellious teenager would say " no one understands me".
Each person needs are fine tuned to the individual, it is the basic law of " supply and demand" our need to give and to receive. I have always believe that it is pretty simplistic for all of our needs fall under the title of Love. Under love you easily find respect, passion, the warmth and magic of caring and the overwhelming desire to share in that happiness.
As we travel on the long treacherous journey we form like crystals created of different subtances, our experiences do not dictate who we are or who we shall become but they give us the raw tools to succeed in moving mountains and bridging large bodies of water. In doing so it becomes a sort of revelation as we strip the layers of our outer being and disclose a soul in need.

My heart reaps the harvest of my souls desire.

Knowing you are loved is powerful,
returning that love even more powerful.
...your queen!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Scattered Thoughts

Opportunity is the souls awareness of
the unraveling of life's mysteries.

Occasionally choice,
always survival,
inspirational dreams,
ignites a fire.

Even when I am standing still I feel my spirit race.

I am reminded why I began writing in the first place
and there I stumbled on both sorrow and happiness.
To share my heart through the written word,
acknowledges the reality of my love.

With every fallen tear the spirit
shivers with sorrow.

I am afraid to even imagine what is beyond
the bend in my current journey.
I am driving a little further than yesterday,
in a revelation of my own ability.

I will because I can...

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Good Night My Love

Where ever you are and whatever you are doing at this moment may you feel the magic of my love and join me in this dance upon the clouds. As I prepare to settle in for the evening my mind rushes to you and I think of how I would like to share a moment with you. SINGS > Hold me, hold me, put your arms around me baby and hold me, hold...Sometimes I think life is treating me pretty good but I don't think you get use to being alone and so fluffs pillow, closes eyes , puckers lips and sends you good night kiss.

The Interlocking of hearts...

The day but a walk on the tight rope of life,
gathering all my emotions and balancing them
from inside as I travel through the heart to
feel you with my mind.
Hand in hand,
pulls you close,
gives you a kiss
and lets you know.

Love is precious,
wonderful indeed,
it redirected the soul
and led you to me.

Graciously bows and
thanks you so, for
taking my hand and
not letting go.
I feel your love warm my heart,
like the rays of the sun that shines
down from the heavens.

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Blue, blue

If you can see into my heart and understand the plight of
my soul, hold my hand and journey as each day unfolds,
than you will have found your place walking side by side,
with the one who loves you beyond all recordings of time.
How blue is the sky? A blanket of faith, no clouds in the sky, so blue I can see beyond the dreams of the mind. To the smile on your face, the warmth of your embrace in the blue of the sky I see the love that was placed. I'm holding it close, I'm not letting go, as my heart and soul honestly know, that the blue of the sky becomes bluer each day, as you opened your heart and allowed me to stay. How blue is the sky? The blue of the sky has many shades and hues and as I reached for your love it became more bluer than blue.

Monday, April 05, 2010

Daffodils in Spring!

It's not repetition nor is it a dream,
the feelings I have for you are as real
as daffodils in spring.
I don't need to visualize our love,
it paints the hills in a glaze of gold,
the joy of our love a treasure to behold.
From the moment our souls united,
from the first day you took my hand,
from the moment you allowed our hearts
to magically take command.
It's not repetition nor is it a dream,
the feelings I have for you are as real
as daffodils in spring.
If I held the words back and refused to life reveal,
than sorrow would have draped the darkness and
our love lost like a ship at sea. The imprisonment
the punishement, the sadness a harsh reality of a
life without a soul and my heart without you next
to me.
If there shall be a greater love I have yet to see,
nor feel the thunder of sweet embrace
with someone other than thee.
Sings> I wanna wake up and feel your arms around me, I wanna wake up and know I'm where I was meant to be. To share the morning and kiss you each and every day, to love you and feel your love, in the most amazing way. La, la, la in your arms la, la, la your sweet charm, la, la, la my love and yours, la, la, la every morn.
I wanna wake up and listen to each beat of your heart, I wanna wake up and reach beyond the stars. To be there with you, to hold you day and night, to follow the dreams that put your love in my sight. La, la la in your arms, la, la, la your sweet charm, la, la, la my love and yours, la, la, la every morn.
Listen to the Rain
If you stop and listen, listen to the rain, each drop falling is calling out our names. It's not a common pit or patter, nor a thunderous roar, the rain gently falling, I call a lovers storm. It holds the secrets, a tear drop or two but if you dare to listen you'll hear my love for you.
If you stop and listen, listen to the wind, a melody it plays and a rhyme from deep within. It's rustles through the trees, it tops the mountains high, it blows from my heart to you, from across the blue sky.
If you stop and listen, listen to your heart, listen, each beat tells a story of the love that from the heavens fell. You know it's not a dream, you are following so well. Just listen to your heart, rumbling like waves against a shell, the sounds of love from heaven fell.
I'm particularly pleased,
I woke up this morning
from a lovely dream.
I saw your face and
I heard you say, I love
you baby forever and a day.
I'm as happy as happy can
ever be, I woke up this morning
to my heart racing.
The pleasure was utterly
divine, a kiss so sweet it
made me tremble in side.
I'm as delirious as any one
can be, I was dreaming of
love and I felt you reach on
out to me.
I woke up this morning and
to my surprise, I found I was
walking in a dream and you
were by myside.
Real is the love I feel for you, real is my emotions as my heart
whose waffles through the blue. Real is the moment, each day we
share, the love of a lifetime that brought you here.
Blissful moments, the day is ours, the dreams a gateway, the story controls the hour. The words are written and they reveal, so everyone will know exactly how we feel. I'll never be fully satisfied, till we take that walk and I hold your hand and we are side by side. Highly precious treasures, a wealth beyond the mind, a gift of love that made our souls entwine.

Thursday, April 01, 2010

The simplicity of the blue!

With the celebration of Easter we are reminded of the the great sacrifice and the spiritual beauty in which we have been granted the opportunity to live a full and happy life. What makes one stand out in a crowd? The willingness to open the heart, to stand apart from a crowd and pursue the dreams with honesty, devotion and love. It is with maturity that wisdom surfaces and applied to our everday life reveals in truth of the journey. The possiblities are endless as we find ourselves rejoicing in the miracle of the day.

Sings>It's those simple little pleasures that money just can't buy, kissing you each morning and watching the sunrise. My heart's the gift that I have to give to you, to see us through the gray skies and meet up with the blue. You know I get it, I know you get it too, no matter where we journey, I'll always be there for you.

It's those simple little pleasures that money just can't buy, sharing our hearts on this earth and in the heavens high. I recognized the magic from the first hello and like honey suckle there is no stopping where our love will go. You know I get it , I know you get it too, no matter where we journey, I'll aways be there for you.

It's those simple little pleasures that money just can't buy, to lay there in your arms and gaze at the star lit night.It gets better everday, with every moment we share, it's the love that's God has given and the love that brought you here. You know I get it, I know you get it too, no matter where we journey, I'll always be there for you.

It's those simple little pleasures that money just can't buy, where I'd do just about anything to see that sparkle in your eyes. We court the dreams, we take the day by storm and giving to one another our love is born. You know I get it, I know you get it too , not matter where we journey, I'll always be there for you.


When the sun rises each morn, a new day is born and all that will b,e is found through our dreams. Sunlight reflecting above the hills, I know what I feel, when your love reaches out to me. Da da da da dreams can come true, as long as I have you, I know what to do, sharing my life with you.

When the sun rises each morn, a new day is born and all that will be is found through our dreams. Your love held me in the dark of the night, such a delight as I reviewed loving you. Da da da da dreams can come true, as long as I have you, I know what to do, sharing my life with you.