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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Loneliness, it is incredible how deeply ingrained the emptiness or feelings of solitude are in a person. Sometimes it is merely a lack of connection with those around you and other times it has more to do with physical circumstances or the isolation. I remember quite well the experience of being " alone in a crowded room. I also know what it feels like when a person finishes your sentence, knows you so well that they know your next step before you do. I call it a bonding of souls, in reality I believe this connection is formed not only on a social level, but deeper in a place without judgement.
When my daughter who at the time was just in her pre teens came to me one night, she said " Mom I feel so alone" I said well you are not alone, I am here! She said I know that you are here, it is just a feeling I have. It is not about a need for acceptance or a depressing thought, it is a place within the mind that wants to share who they are with those who know and appreciate who they are. Common ground with no barriers and a equality of thought and presence a merge of the soul with like souls.
I am not necessarily referring to the time that we need to be alone and recharge and grip the reality of our surroundings. I have learned the need to enjoy and appreciate the silence and the time to oneself and that has nothing at all to do with the feelings of loneliness. Sometimes it is merely knowing that in the bigger picture or in the scheme of things that you are not spiritually , intellectually or in a loving away standing ,one like a single flower in a forest.
Some believe that loneliness is a source of overwhelming negativity, which include extreme thoughts of as a rebellious teenager would say " no one understands me".
Each person needs are fine tuned to the individual, it is the basic law of " supply and demand" our need to give and to receive. I have always believe that it is pretty simplistic for all of our needs fall under the title of Love. Under love you easily find respect, passion, the warmth and magic of caring and the overwhelming desire to share in that happiness.
As we travel on the long treacherous journey we form like crystals created of different subtances, our experiences do not dictate who we are or who we shall become but they give us the raw tools to succeed in moving mountains and bridging large bodies of water. In doing so it becomes a sort of revelation as we strip the layers of our outer being and disclose a soul in need.

My heart reaps the harvest of my souls desire.

Knowing you are loved is powerful,
returning that love even more powerful.
...your queen!

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