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Pictorial Prose
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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Sweet Loves Kiss Upon MY Soul

When I was a small child I had this screen much like a colander that I used in the sand box. When you place the sand in the box and shook it back and forth, the larger pebbles and stone would separate and the soft fine sand would fall through leaving behind larger pieces. I lay here awake with my mind filled with distraction, life and experience and the moment seemed much like the screened colander. Sifting through the years, that which was meaningless, weak and had little impact on the current moment easily fell through but did not dissipate but mounted in a hill like formation. Tiny grains of sand which alone seemed to have little impact but gathered together became a heavy weighted burden. I looked at that which did not fall through that which remained, the larger pieced the power and impact of that which refused to fall through. It was obvious that as I again sifted through the memory filled experiences that you my darling had not fallen through but remained secure and unwavering in my heart. That which remained revealed all that you are, your strength of character, your warmth of heart and the faith and courage you have instilled bit by bit into my life. Though the grains of life that had fallen through were not comparative in size and smooth, easier to sift through and becoming heavier, they lacked any real substance upon the moment. I again peered at that which remained, unique and much larger in comparison , the real importance became clearer and as the grains of sand continued to fall, the real gem revealed itself. The gem that remained is the love that you give each and everyday, I gazed at the brilliance of its color and the glimmer of light which reflects from the many facets leading me down the path of tomorrow.

Sand, sand grains of sand,
mountain high, till the winds
command. Particles to tiny to
see touched my heart like
an emery.

Deep below the surface you'll
find,the true gift revealed through
time. Love and friendship
in a dream come true, there
has never been anyone like you.

Yesterday, today and tomorrow,
sifting through removes the sorrow.
What remains can now be seen
through my heart and memories.

What distance separates love unites!


I have never been more sure,
until I allowed your love to unlock...

The revelation unveiled so that we may see, when I stumbled who was there for me. Caught me falling , held me tight, loved me both day and night. It is obvious and very clear its not in passing the love we share. Took my heart and won't let and there the love continues to grow.

I once believed to hold your hand on the long journey would compliment the reality of our love, but that was until I felt the merging of our souls and realized that we were one love.

I am preparing for my travels tomorrow and it could be why I feel a tad bit hyper, but I think the thought of expansion, the future and my capabilities also play a part. So many things to do and at times I don't know where to begin. I find that writing is quite therapeutic and a necessary break in the day. Over packed, I think I have just one to many outfits included in the barrage of items I deemed necessary to take with me. I am not so sure why I am so excited about the trip, I have done this event three years in a row. This year I am not only attending as a vendor but also to experience, learn and achieve through a wide range of events and workshops.
My desk is conveniently located near the southern window where I find myself repeatedly glancing out of it, as I watch the sun break through the trees and the many birds stop by the feeder. I can feel the stress of the moment dissipate with each word I write, as if it were somehow a release or a step away from my current surroundings.
There are times where I realistically visualize the goal which precedes the original thought process of what is either temptation or destiny. I view a wide spectrum of events those which include my wants and desires and the opportunities that reveal themself in this ironic journey of life, one that at times seems long and yet short lived.
Taking a deep breath and imagines resting in your arms as I lean back to give you a kiss and finds the warm thoughts not only bring a smile to my face but becomes an infusion of love that fills my heart. The magic of the imagination is rewarding in that it can soothe, excite and bring to me a great reminder of how wonderful loving you actually is.
Again I look out the window and this time I am at peace for I know no matter what I do or where I go, I carry your love within me. The day quickly passing but nothing matters as much as acknowledging that love has indeed welcomed my spirit to enter into a realm where only tears of happiness fall. The words I love you though not spoken fills the air with a sense of joy that not only soothes and calms but removes the restlessness which once controled my soul. The smile that surfaces is priceless as it represents the magic of your love in me.

If the day should end and time come to a stand still... I have loved.

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