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Thursday, April 22, 2010


I attended a luncheon yesterday and the speaker was our local morning radio host Doug Wilson. His speech was about that special someone. He said" it's rare and very few people will ever experience it". He said "you know when you are driving down the road and you're at the crest of the hill and you take that bump in the road a little to fast, and you feel that weeeee feeling" Now he described it a little different but we all knew what he was talking about it's the rush you feel that kind of goes right through you. Still listening to him as he continued to speak" It is the same feeling you have when you meet that special person and you get it every time you are with them." I sat there thinking well yes I can relate as I know all about that source of energy that is shared between two people. It indeed puts a fire in the eyes and causes the heart to beat rapidly, it is without judgment, loving and passionate. He finished speaking with a question most women ask and most men don't want to answer. " Do I look fat in this outfit? But he said that when you meet that person who causes the wee every time you see him or her, he or she doesn't see the few extra pounds because they know that they have met that special someone and what they see is the heart and soul of a person. " I thought that really goes both ways the person who has the ability to see that something special in another person and of course the person who can see it back..... ahh now we are talking fireworks! Fireworks is what happens when two souls that were always meant to come together and unite, they set off a chain of events which ignites the spirit and creates a powerful display.
It is true that most people will never ever find or experience the coming together of souls mates, most will settle with a partner that fills some needs and others will go through a slew of partners trying to find that special someone. When you have experienced it you'll know it and nothing will compare to the magic and power of love.
The more I thought about people searching for that person, much as the Greek Mythology describes, searching for the other half, I felt saddened that so many will never ever find that person who not completes them but becomes the ultimate connection. I realized that the soul mate has nothing to do with our earthly form nor with our experience here on earth. This coming together of spirits and the exchanging of energy is far more powerful than our walk upon the earth. You have to allow yourself to see deeper beyond the masque that so camouflages each person.
Of course it has been said "it's when your not looking that the most magnificent things begin to happen." Nothing can stop or prevent the merging of souls once they have met, they unite in away that forges beyond all the barriers placed before them. Undeniable trust, you don't ask for it, as a friend said "trust is earned. Trust in the magic of the ride, the bump in the road and the weeeeee that brings excitement and experiences beyond the common trials of earth.

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Thank-you for sharing this. What you say is true, an ultimate connection transcends all of that which we usually notice about a person. When we achieve this type of connection it is like none other and one which few have experienced and few can fully understand.